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I recently started to get custom songs on rock band 3, and i'm having so much fun.

Once I set it all up, I remembered I had to install title update 4. So I did.

The problem: I can't use title update 4 if my xbox is connected to the internet. Like I would install it, and then if I open rock band 3, it gets deleted and replaced with title update 5 (unusable for customs). The only fix I have is disconnecting it from the internet, but I want to play the game and use online play at the same time. If I want to do online play or go to the music store, I have to go to the hassle of taking out the usb drive, going to settings, putting in my extremely long wifi password, etc.

Is there a fix for this?

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Use one profile not connected to xbox live, just create one avatar without sign in to xbox live or connect your microsoft account, the TU5 message didn't appears and TU4 works fine, online play is not avaliable for C3 customs, Tip: put TU5 on other flash drive to not conflict with TU4, and make sure that has only the non-xbox live profile on.

i hope solve your problem.

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