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Some missing 90s great jams would be:


54-40 - Ocean Pearl

Gandharvas - The First Day of Spring

Cornershop - Brimful of Asha Berkeley


More great Canadian tunes off of:

Our Lady Peace - Clumsy album

I Mother Earth - Scenery and Fish album


Rando request:

Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere


I'm willing to help chart drums ;)

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Hello fellow kids     I have over 100 songs in progess in the 'vault' but this list is to mark which songs are my priorities.   Currently I am charting vocals & keys with

-Added Canada 150 Pack #3 to the database, 15 songs with 5 collaborators. Thanks to MrBurpler, mrcoupdetat, mortarion42, Spindoctor, and Dash Riprock for their contributions!   -Started "American Dre

Thanks Ronnie I'm happy to say that Kloporte is helping me with these and they are pretty close to done. Here's a small preview of the last one in progress.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJPUB

I started working on a 54-40 song today - not that one, but "Nice to Luv You". Pretty sure that one will be with the Canada Day stuff too.


I was listening to Gandharvas not long ago and thought that "Downtime" would be a good place to start. The US version of "Downtime" has a slightly different intro, guitar solo and outro and was mixed by a more competent engineer.

"First Day of Spring" is a great song too, but a much harder song to chart from an authoring perspective. The other problem I had was, they don't appear to be available on digital marketplaces at the moment so I am not sure where I can get HQ audio (youtube extraction is good enough to work with, its better than nothing).

If all else fails, the lead singer Paul Jago owns and operates a music store not far from me, I could always ask him where to find it :)

Appreciate the offer, if you are interesting in charting you might want to join the authoring discord. PM me for an invite.

Thanks for the support!

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White Stripes "A Martyr For My Love For You"

Space "The Female of the Species"



The fourth annual event, "Canada 153" on July 1st is a go, I have assembled a team of crack charters to provide the best in Canadian content, to assist in your Canada Day celebrations.

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Thanks Prez - always look forward to your Canadian content !


Has the Glorious Sons or Monster Truck ever crossed your mind ?



Happy to report that Monster Truck will appear courtesy of SomeOldGuys as a part of their upcoming Canada Pack #0000001. No ETA unfortunately as we are all professionals with families and we like to work at our own pace.

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