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Hello fellow kids



I have over 100 songs in progess in the 'vault' but this list is to mark which songs are my priorities.


Currently I am charting vocals & keys with SomeOldGuys. You can read more about it here.


Songs in progress:


The Go-Go's "Head Over Heels"

Elvis Costello "Watching the Detectives"

The Sheepdogs -= Discography =-

The Chats "Temperature" "Pub Feed" "Bus Money"

Badfinger "Come and Get It"

Flight of the Conchords "Leggy Blonde"



I should probably fix a few things.


Fixes incoming:


Thin Lizzy "Jailbreak" (Playstation stems issue)

DVDA "Freedom Isn't Free" (guitar chart)

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Hello fellow kids     I have over 100 songs in progess in the 'vault' but this list is to mark which songs are my priorities.   Currently I am charting vocals & keys with

-Added Canada 150 Pack #3 to the database, 15 songs with 5 collaborators. Thanks to MrBurpler, mrcoupdetat, mortarion42, Spindoctor, and Dash Riprock for their contributions!   -Started "American Dre

Thanks Ronnie I'm happy to say that Kloporte is helping me with these and they are pretty close to done. Here's a small preview of the last one in progress.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJPUB

Great to see you are working on customs as well.

A lot of unknown songs for me but it'll be interesting to play them regardless. I'm also really curious how some parts of Popular will translate to Rock Band. Looking forward to it :)


Good luck with your list.

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I would love to do more Ween! Anything in particular ? Voodoo Lady really needs to be done. I will give PG and Mollusk another listen and see if anything grabs me. I'm really loving White Pepper's "Exactly Where I'm At" these days.

There are surprisingly a lot of Ween fans on this board. I have yet to meet one in real life.

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Added: Devo, Ween, Misfits, Eagles of Death Metal.

I'm glad I waited until I had a few songs ready, I think that makes more sense just because posting/publishing this stuff correctly takes quite some time as well. Other than that things are going great, I'm figuring out more and more stuff and each new song I start gets done that much more efficiently. Also I am grabbing some of the official harmonix files from my xbox, ripping into those in Reaper to see how the pro's do it. Is that normal? It's highly illuminating.

I need to focus more on dryvox lipsynchs and venues, I'm just doing the bare basics on those fronts.

"Poets" (Tragically Hip) "Transdermal Celebration" (Ween) and "Piss up a Rope" (Ween) are currently in testing. I've tempo mapped everything in the first section above and most have vocals & harmonies.

I'm collaborating on Ween's "Buckingham Green" "Mutilated Lips" and "The Blarney Stone" with Samyaza, "Tinfoil" with Froogmart & theway123, some Tragically Hip with Crazy Canuck.

I would love to do more collaborating with people in this fine community, so far this has been really fun learning song authoring.

Finally, I am working on one more update before the end of 2016.

Thanks for the comments friends, I really appreciate them.

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Thanks Farottone.

Negguy - I'll PM you when they are ready so you won't miss them. I just added "Hundredth Meridian" - Crazy Canuck did the drums and I found a Frets on Fire chart of guitar and bass, merged them. Easy peasy.

I am trying hard to get one or two or three of them out for Christmas :) Should be no problem at the rate I'm going.

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Removed: Devo - Jocko Homo
Removed: Devo - Satisfaction

Well this was a terrible idea, the songs alternates between three time signatures and while I feel it's by no means impossible to tempo map, I need some more practice. I'll revisit these in a few months when I'm looking for new ideas.


EODM - I Love you all the time
Ramones - Sheena is a Punk Rocker

Another author has notified me that they are working on these, so I will collaborate with them on their projects instead.

I have added four songs by Tenacious D, however I will keep them somewhat secret until they are ready. Three from the first album and one from their last. I am actually getting a lot of work done on my customs, so expect to see some soon.

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I've released 3 out of 4 of the Tenacious D songs I'm working on. The last one is quite challenging to author and will take another few weeks of testing.

Three Ween songs are next up. Buckingham Green, Mutilated Lips, Transdermal Celebration.

Once those are out, I promise to go back and fix all the reported issues with everything I've released to date, most of which are already done but untested. Sorry the fixes take so long, I'm trying to be as careful as possible and not introduce new issues as I go.

At that point I will return to working on Tragically Hip and a few other surprises. I will admit that around Dec 10th I stopped work on the Hip to focus on "easier" material, particularly charting the guitar was giving me headaches. Now that I have 14 songs out I feel a bit more confident and have a plan in mind to get them playable. Most of them are 3/4 done but its that last 1/4 that is a real bitch.

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Thanks! I'll put a few more hours of work in on it and then I will take you up on that.


If you're wondering why I removed my WIP list of songs, fear not, I'm still working on all of them.

About a year ago and a half ago, Harmonix started announcing the month's artists ahead of time and then a few months ago switched to straight up listing the full details (artist and song) on the first of the month. For me this took all of the fun out of weekly DLC completely. There's no surprises anymore (well there's one).

So I'm going to try things differently for a while and keep the songs and artists under wraps. I might even try announcing things ahead of time as hints or graphics and videos, as other authors do - the great authors of C3.

I will say this, its Canada's 150th birthday, and we will celebrate with music.

Please feel free to make requests, especially those of a collaborative nature. Cheers

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I added some fixes...

Ween - Freedom of '76 (dryvox)

Ween - The Mollusk (dryvox)

Ween - Mister Richard Smoker (dryvox)

Tenacious D - Roadie (bass sync in the last 1/3 of the song was off by a bit, dryvox)

Ramones - Judy is a Punk (I forgot the animation markers, dryvox)

The last two fixes I am doing are for Wolfmother-Dimension (multitrack upgrade) and XTC - Making Plans for Nigel (drum track rewrite).

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-Added the first Canada 150 Concert Pack

This pack makes 31 songs that I've contributed to the community in 114 days (I started this adventure on Nov. 1st 2016) which surpasses the goal I set for myself when I started, which was to make 20 songs before I gave up completely! LOL hahaha that's not gonna happen, don't worry.

-Up next is an April Fools pack with a few 'fun' themed songs.

-Dash Riprock has generously authored Pro-Keys for "Elvis Costello - Alison" so expect that upgrade soon.

-There will be more Canada 150 concerts with the final one on Canada Day July 1 2017. A new concert poster will be unveiled in about two weeks time.

-I am doing many collaborations with some very talented authors, more on those soon.

I'm very happy to be a contributor in this community. Thanks for all the encouragement.

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  • 2 weeks later...


According to mediafire, I've had over 5000 downloads of my files. (The only things on there are customs). I've only ever had one complaint about my authoring (on my second song, Devo's Mongoloid), and maybe five or six people commented asking me to change/fix things. I still have a few old customs to fix up eventually, I haven't forgotten.

- Added LCD Soundsystem to the Database.

- Canada 150 Pack #2 is 95% done! One last song to finish and then another round of testing. Out on March 30, 2017.

- SPECIAL GUEST ADDED: Vancouver band "Pluto" joined the pack. Now contains songs from SEVEN different bands!

- Started a song by TV On the Radio

- Started a song by Pentagram

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