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There's more coming. You won't be disappointed. I bet you can imagine that they take a considerably greater amount of time and effort to chart when compared to something like "Human Fly".   That b

Maple syrup yucky!!! Send chocolatey sauce What kind of smokes?

OK, so suggestions. Buckle up. I would play the heck out of any of these.


Holy crap does our country have some great music or what?


Some of the ones on your list are already in progress by our Canadian Rock Supergroup led by MrPrez. I won't tell you which ones though. ;)


Sit tight, because...


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OK, so suggestions. Buckle up. I would play the heck out of any of these.


Man am I glad I asked for suggestions! That's a huge huge list of great songs. And some of these are already in progress. I'm going to go over this list carefully. Thanks for taking the time to write all that out for everyone. There really needs to be some Stompin' Tom.


Great comments, and as long as you guys are enjoying the customs I can't see myself stopping.


The next pack is well underway, and even better than last time, there are seven different authors contributing their talents. More details coming soon. Keep the suggestions coming.

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If you're looking for classic Canadian content for your nest pack, consider a BTO spotlight with opening acts such as Neil Young, Crowbar (Oh What a Feeling), Lighthouse (Sunny Days or One Fine Morning), Payolas (Eyes of a Stranger), ugh, so many great choices.


If you're looking for fresh new stuff, check out July Talk, Strumbellas, Mother Mother, Arkells, Sam Roberts Band, Metric, and The Zolas.


Thanks for your awesome packs. These are some of the all time best packs. Thanks for all the Hip, BNL and Sloan!

Great suggestions too, forgot all about Crowbar. :) That's great.

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OK, so suggestions. Buckle up. I would play the heck out of any of these.



54-40 Baby Ran, I Go Blind, One Day In Your Life, One Gun, Ocean Pearl, Blame Your Parents, She La, Nice to Luv You, Blame Your Parents

Arcade Fire Sprawl II, Neighborhood #3 (Power Out), Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

Ashley MacIsaac Sleepy Maggie

Big Sugar Better Get Used to It, The Scene, Turn the Lights On, Diggin' a Hole

Big Wreck The Oaf, Blown Wide Open, Albatross, Hey Mama, Wolves, That Song

Blue Rodeo Lost Together, Try, Diamond Mine

BNL If I Had $1000000, Brian Wilson

Bruce Cockburn Lovers in a Dangerous Time, If I Had a Rocket Launcher

BTO Takin' Care of Business, Hey You

Colin James Just Came Back to Say Goodbye

Cowboy Junkies Misguided Angel; Sweet Jane

Crash Test Dummies Superman’s Song

David Wilcox The Bearcat, Hot Hot Papa

Doug and the Slugs Makin' it Work

Dream Warriors My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style

Gandharvas First Day of Spring, Downtime, Coffee Song

Gordon Lightfoot Canadian Railroad Trilogy, Summer Side of Life, Black Day in July

Gowan Criminal Mind, Strange Animal

Grapes of Wrath O Lucky Man, All the Things I Wasn't

Great Big Sea Mari-Mac, Ordinary Day

Guess Who Laughing, Shakin' All Over

Headstones Unsound, Tweeter and the Monkey Man, It's All Over, When Something Stands for Nothing, Cemetery, Swinging, Picture Frame of Rage, Change My Ways, Long Way to Neverland, Smile and Wave, Settle

Honeymoon Suite New Girl Now

Hot Hot Heat Talk to Me Dance With Me, Middle of Nowhere

I Mother Earth So Gently We Go, One More Astronaut, Not Quite Sonic

Jeff Healey See the Light

Joni Mitchell Free Man in Paris

Junkhouse Praying for the Rain, Gimme the Love, Out of My Head, Shine, Big Brown Turtle, Jesus Sings the Blues

KD Lang Constant Craving

Kim Mitchell Lager and Ale, Patio Lanterns

Lee Aaron Whatcha Do To My Body

Leonard Cohen Everybody Knows; the Future; First We Take Manhattan

Lowest of the Low Salesmen Cheats and Liars; Eternal Fatalist; Bleed a Little While Tonight

Martha and the Muffins Echo Beach

Max Webster Let Go the Line, Paradise Skies, Hangover, High Class in Borrowed Shoes, A Million Vacations, Here Among the Cats

Metric Help I'm Alive

Moist Push, Tangerine, Silver

Neil Young Cortez the Killer, Down By the River, Cowgirl in the Sand, Tonight's the Night, Powderfinger, After the Gold Rush, Helpless, Old Man, Needle and the Damage Done

Northern Pikes Teenland, Things I Do For Money, She Ain't Pretty

Odds It Falls Apart, Heterosexual Man, Truth Untold, Eat My Brain, Someone Who’s Cool, I Would Be Your Man, Jack Hammer

Our Lady Peace Birdman, Naveed, 4 AM, Innocent, Clumsy

Payola$ Eyes of a Stranger

Platinum Blonde It Doesn't Really Matter, Standing in the Dark, Not In Love, Crying Over You

Pure Anna is a Speed Freak, Denial

Red Rider Life is a Highway, Boy Inside the Man

Rheostatics Record Body Count

Ronnie Hawkins, Who Do You Love?

Rusty, Misogyny

Rymes with Orange, She Forgot to Laugh

Sam Roberts, Brother Down

Skydiggers, I Will Give You Everything

Sloan, (deep breath) Underwhelmed, The NS, Sensory Deprivation, Losing California, Unkind, Laying So Low, Sinking Ships, She Says What She Means, Who Taught You to Live Like That, Everything You've Done Wrong, Anyone Who's Anyone, 400 Metres, I'm Not a Kid Anymore, Down in the Basement, If It Feels Good Do It, Pick It Up and Dial It, I Am the Cancer, Take It In, Penpals, People of the Sky, Snowsuit Sound, Before I Do

Spirit of the West, Home for a Rest, Political

Spoons, Romantic Traffic

Steppenwolf, Magic Carpet Ride

Stompin' Tom Connors, Bud the Spud, The Good Old Hockey Game, Sudbury Saturday Night

Strange Advance, We Run

Tea Party, Sister Awake, The River, Fire in the Head, Save Me, The Bazaar, Psychopomp

Teenage Head, Let's Shake

The Band, Cripple Creek, Shape I'm In, Don't Do It, Stage Fright, Dixie, Ophelia, Rag Mama Rag, Life is a Carnival, and a non-live Chest Fever

TPOH, I'm An Adult Now, Cigarette Dangles, Hard to Laugh, Killed By Love, She's So Young, Beautiful White, Two Girls in One, Young and in Love

Tom Cochrane, Boy Inside the Man

Tragically Hip, EVERY DAMN THING, but especially Fire In the Hole, So Hard Done By, Nautical Disaster, Scared, Looking for a Place to Happen, Courage, Locked in the Trunk of a Car, Fully Completely, Wheat Kings, Gus the Polar Bear from Central Park, Vaccination Scar, The Dire Wolf, In a World Possessed By the Human Mind, What Blue, Here In the Dark, Tired as Fuck, Hot Mic, Ocean Next, Machine, Music @ Work, Tiger the Lion, Freak Turbulence, Sharks, At Transformation, Man Machine Poem, Something On, Bobcaygeon, Thompson Girl, Membership, Escape is at Hand for the Travellin' Man, Emperor Penguin, New Orleans is Sinking (studio and live Killerwhaletank versions), Twist My Arm, Cordelia, Long Time Running, Three Pistols, Bring It All Back, Fiddlers Green, Small Town Bringdown, Last American Exit, Highway Girl (live and Double Suicide live versions), Gift Shop, Springtime in Vienna, Ahead by a Century, Flamenco, Don't Wake Daddy, 38 Years Old, Boots or Hearts, Trickle Down, The Depression Suite, Love is a First, Yer Not the Ocean, In View, Lonely End of the Rink, The Drop Off, Family Band, World Container, No Threat, The Darkest One

Treble Charger, Red

Trews, Tired of Waiting, Not Ready to Go, Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me

Watchmen, Stereo, Boneyard Tree, Wiser, All Uncovered


You have no idea how many of these are on my to do list. You'll see a fair bit of them eventually.


EDIT: I know, my word is basically useless, but I can assure you, my previous statement is Trew.


(Loading other puns, please wait)

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A lot of people have mentioned that they are also fans of Sealab 2021 and I thought it would be fun to do this song as a goof for April Fools. Unfortunately I got called away that day and missed the chance to upload it. Better late than never.

There is a special message from Captain Murphy at the end.

This is my 50th finished custom! 5 months. 10 songs/month, 2/week. Sounds about right. Not including all my collaborations in that total either, there's been quite a few of those too.

Back when Harmonix put out the Thin Lizzy Pack, I downloaded it in great anticipation and was disappointed to see and hear the live versions of these classic songs. Not that they're terrible. They played the songs at a much faster tempo, so that's not great. Phil Lynott didn't really try that hard on the vocals. The drums are extremely difficult (for me at least).

I'm happy to bring you the studio version, the one everyone knows, with all the issues I didn't like fixed. Please enjoy this one. I made a start on Thin Lizzy's "The Rocker" but have put that one on the back burner, Jailbreak might be the only one of theirs that I will do.

(I did check with an admin before starting this song, studio versions of live songs are allowed.)

Until next time :)

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Holy crap does our country have some great music or what?


Some of the ones on your list are already in progress by our Canadian Rock Supergroup led by MrPrez. I won't tell you which ones though. ;)


Sit tight, because...



Thanks for all your effort, miracle workers. Maybe one day when I'm not brainfried at the end of the day from work + kids, I can join your tribe. For now, I reap the rewards and repay with praise.


Oh, and another chunk of suggestions, because holy crap how did I forget Canada's Pixies?


Eric's Trip: Viewmaster, Feeling Around, Smother, Follow, and Blinded because I really want to see how people chart that ... thing ... Julie does with her voice at the end of the bridge.



Also, thanks for the Thin Lizzy, Prez. That was a solid "wait, what, that hasn't been done yet?" pick.

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Thanks again everyone.

A generous author just sent me the stems for Jailbreak! And another one suggested some guitar chart changes and moving what I have already done to the keyboard as the rhythm part. I'm on board with those changes, so expect an update in a couple weeks. I like to take my time with updates in case there are any more issues to fix, then I'm not posting update after update. I prefer just one update.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sweet baby Jesus on Fire!! Back from my short vacation, with some customs featuring Puscifer!

If you're wondering "Who or what is Puscifer" it's Maynard from Tool's side band. If you are a fan of Tool and haven't heard this song before, well then say hello to your new favourite song!




Milla as in the actress Milla Jovovich who is an occasional singer with Puscifer.


Enjoy! I am not going to do any more Puscifer for the time being. Next will be a three pack from Richard Cheese. I'll have news on Canada 150 Pack #3 next week.

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'Richard Cheese'???.......for real??

I haven't heard of him before but his name....I don't know whether to gag or bust up or both! :D


I'm not familiar with Puscifier or the afore mentioned artist but I will give it a listen. Thanks for your efforts!

Looking forward to Canada 150 #3 :rock:


(Just did a wiki on R. Cheese. This sounds like fun!) :cool:

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Thanks for these Mr. Prez.

Appreciate your hard work & kindness of sharing it with us.


I really hope at some point Maynard gets back with Tool members. :P


Just check it out Funk Man, if you like Tool you'll enjoy Puscifer !

Tool is currently working on their new album


Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk

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As a casual fan of Tool, they've been working on the new album for years and years. However according to Metacritic, there is a new album by A Perfect Circle coming out in 2017 so I highly doubt we'll also see one from Tool.

Also new Queens of the Stone Age, Alt-J, LCD Soundsystem and Modest Mouse. Lots to look forward to.


'Richard Cheese'???.......for real??


(Just did a wiki on R. Cheese. This sounds like fun!) :cool:

Everything is better with cheese, even Rock Band.

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Me again with a brand new artist in Rock Band, Richard Cheese! Richard Cheese is a lounge singer in Las Vegas who does amazing lounge versions of popular songs. Check these out!

If you've seen 2004's Dawn of the Dead remake, then you've heard this first song, it was featured during one of the better zombie-kill montages.

Should I do more Richard Cheese (hint: YES I AM)? Leave me a comment with your song choices.

UP NEXT: Indie Rock 4-Pack with Alt-J, LCD Soundsystem and TV On The Radio

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