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MrPrez's Customs: Thread-surrection

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There's more coming. You won't be disappointed. I bet you can imagine that they take a considerably greater amount of time and effort to chart when compared to something like "Human Fly".   That b

Maple syrup yucky!!! Send chocolatey sauce What kind of smokes?

Music by Canadians, not in game you say?


Bryan Adams - Everything I Do (I do it for you) - considering its such a massive hit, how has not been released as custom or official is beyond me!

Sum 41 - Pieces - One of my all time favourites by them, love the band love this track.

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Thanks for all the great suggestions, I'm constantly amazed that there are STILL Bryan Adams songs not in the database. Feels like I've sung all of them. But no, there's always more.


I keep letting this happen to me, I get a few songs ready for a pack and then right before I'm finished I feel like starting another one to add to it. Here I go again.






How to tempo map any song by LCD Soundsystem:


Step one: Look up the song's bpm on songbpm.

Step two: Set the base bpm in reaper.

Step three: put a tempo marker at 3:1





thanks patrick
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More Our Lady Peace would be great!


I agree with NeedDreamer, Clumsy, One Man Army and Thief by them would be excellent.


For sure. I agree with both of you, they are definitely on my to-do list. Great suggestion. My only concern is the drums will be quite challenging to author, I think the rest of the instruments won't be too bad. Thanks guys.

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Also, congrats, because after trying to get into the Hip for years, playing your customs in Rock Band finally did the trick. Thanks!



Great to hear, because they have a massive library and I'm just getting started with making Hip customs :)


I am really excited about the next pack, there will be something for everyone.

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Really hoping Load Me Up is among the Matthew Good, but considering we have no customs by him I'm excited for whatever is offered.


Stay Tuned!


Canada 150 #4 Pack Update:


  • I'll start uploading these tonight just after midnight PST.
  • This is the BIG ONE, seventeen songs.
  • At the last minute I was contacted by two more authors who wanted to contribute, one was able to and the other will join us for the next pack.
  • Those authors are the TheWay123 and OMCB
  • One of our authors is not even Canadian! My little project is now international.


I'll be making a small announcement next week about my future charting plans, a brand new collaboration project. Canada 150 Customs will continue for the rest of the year in a bi-monthly basis. If you are thinking about joining us, please do! Every author gets free maple syrup and some smokes.


See you in a few hours!

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I would like to thank my co-authors.


Spindoctor, mortarion42, Dash Riprock, Crazy Canuck and TheWay123


I hope everyone enjoys this pack and has a safe and happy Canada Day celebration.


Today we are ALL Canadians! Rock on my friends. :rock: See you soon.

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