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Epic Fun Requests! (Updated 10/14)

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I will full-review any songs created on this post in return! (* = top wish list)


Escape the Fate:

*There's no Sympathy for the Dead

The Ransom

Dragging Dead Bodies up Really Steep Hills


Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliche

*My Apocalypse (add drums, bass, vox)

As You're Falling Down



Falling in Reverse:

*(Several exist, but have major sync issues & no vox)

Stay Away

Chemical Prisoner



I See Stars:

Electric Forest

*Mystery Wall

*Summer Died in Connersville

Gnars Attacks

*End of the World Party

The Common Hours


Enter Shikari:

*Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour

Okay, Time for Plan B




Capture the Crown - You Call that a Knife?!...

Capture the Crown - Ladies and Gentlemen...

*Silverstein - Always and Never

*Alesana- The Thespian

*Senses Fail - Bite to Break Skin

Senses Fail - All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

*The Browning - Tragedy of Perfection

The Browning - Bloodlust

*Palisades - High & Low

*Underoath - It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door

August Burns Red - Blackwood

August Burns Red - Consumer

Abandon All Ships - Take One Last Breath

Asking Alexandria - Closure

For All Those Sleeping - I'm Not Dead Yet

For All Those Sleeping - Never Leave Northfield

For All Those Sleeping - Life on Fire

For All Those Sleeping - Favorite Liars

For All Those Sleeping - Outbreak of Heartache

ANY Flynt Flossy/Turquoise Jeep songs

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I would really like to chart a lot from This War is Ours from Escape the Fate. I know there were FBs of those songs on FoF but I haven't been able to get them so I may rechart them.

That would be awesome. I'm more partial to the Ronnie days of ETF (and now Falling in Reverse) but thats a pretty solid album as well.

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