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RWBY Volume 3 Soundtrack

RWBY Volume 3 Soundtrack anime cartoon

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#1 Nettacki

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Posted September 25, 2016 - 05:24 AM

I want someone, anyone, to chart the songs to the RWBY Volume 3 soundtrack. I know there's one or two guys that did songs from the first 2 Volumes, but neither of them seem to be very active anymore. I just hope someone out there will be interested enough to chart some of them, especially with Volume 4 coming out soon. 


Most of the songs are pretty fun to play on all instruments, especially on Guitar and Drums. Some even have amazing Keys and Bass parts. And of course, there's the Vocals, which may be fairly challenging especially in a song as layered as Divide. 


For reference, here are all the original songs in RWBY Volume 3:


1.  When It Falls
2.  I'm the One
3.  It's My Turn
4.  Not Fall in Love With You
5.  Neon
6.  Mirror Mirror Part II
7.  Divide
8.  Cold


Most of these have multitracks available via ArgylePlaid's 8Tracks app, if people are interested in getting them.

#2 Ultimate_MANG0

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Posted September 25, 2016 - 08:30 AM

Very tempting seeing as the multitracks will make it easier for me. I'll add them to my WIP list but no I have ni Idea when I'll be able to get to work on them. Anyone who is willing to help let me know :)


#3 sailingwhisper

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Posted September 25, 2016 - 03:21 PM

There are some tracks from volumes 1 and 2 (i haven't listened to 3 yet) that I would LOVE to do. I don't own an iPhone or iPad, but if any does and is willing to get the multitracks for me on a few songs, let me know.

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