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Help with Magma error? (note outside of lyric phrase)

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Whenever I try to build this song in Magma, it gives me an error saying that certain notes are outside of any lyric phrases, when I'm pretty sure they aren't.



Magma is saying that all four notes in the screenshot are outside of any lyric phrase, but it doesn't look like they are.


I'm not at all an expert in making customs, so I might just be looking over something simple, but I'm really at a loss here.


If it helps at all, here's the exact error message:



Note at 26:4:000 in track HARM3 is outside of any lyric phrase

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H3 does not have phrase markers. Check again RBN docs for authoring harmonies phrases. ;)


Thank you, it's working now! This is my first time trying to chart harmonies. I didn't look at the RBN docs since I just assumed that charting harmonies worked the same way as charting main vocals. I appreciate the help. :)

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