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My Requests - Some Difficult Tunes

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I'm new to these forums, so forgive me if the title/post is wrong.

If any of these have already been charted/requested, I'll remove/link to post if required.


These are songs I would love to be able to play in Rock Band 3 as customs, or at the very least, Phase Shift. I play Expert on every normal instrument (Basic Keys, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, pro drums expert), so I can help test sections.




Song #1: Actual Proof - Herbie Hancock


Youtube Link:


Genre: Jazz Funk

Instruments: Bass, Drums, Keys

Length: 9:43 (Proper Ending)


Song #2: There - Rocket Juice and the Moon


Youtube Link:


Genre: Funk

Instruments: Bass, Drums, Keys, (Guitar could be second keys). Vocals are barely worth it.

Length: 4:44 (Fade Out)


Song #3: Frankenstein - Francis Dunnery


Youtube Link:


Genre: Prog Rock?

Instruments: FULL BAND: Bass, Drums, Keys, Guitar (Incredible Solo (4:45 on youtube link)), Vocals (Harmonies possible)

Length: 7:03 (Fade Out)


Song #4: Why Can't We Be Friends - Smash Mouth

Side Note: If you can speed this up to X1.1 speed that would make it more enjoyable. I don't know if this is allowed or not


Youtube Link:

Genre: Ska

Instruments: Bass, Drums, Keys, Guitar, Vocals (Harmonies possible)

Length: Full Version = 3:13, X1.1 Speed = 2:42 (ish)


Thank you in advance.

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