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Ben's Tips & Tricks (REAPER)

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Posted July 7, 2016 - 03:15 PM



I've just posted (sorry about that!) about a little drum trick (that's incomplete) here whereby I tried using actual drum sounds in place of ReaSynth to hear if your drum chart is accurate (not appropriate for many charting scenarios but a cool little gimmick nonetheless).


In this post, I want to document some of my other really simple REAPER nik naks (so I'm not posting any more threads) that can help you clean up your charting space, hear your song more clearly or let you visualise harmony notes.


Plus, I want to get into writing some tutorials, and this way I can practice my guidance skills.


Let's begin.


1. Hide Collapsed Tracks


A cool really easy function some people new to Reaper might not know is that you can hide tracks in folders, which will reduce clutter in your mixer drastically (depending on how many folders you have). To do:






RIGHT CLICK on the black area above the MASTER volume control


then UN-TICK "Show tracks that are not in folders"



2. Show Harmony Notes While in the PART VOCALS (or HARM1) MIDI Editor Using "Media Item Lane"


This is handy if you want to see and quickly switch between Harmony parts while charting vocals.





LEFT CLICK on the icon at the top.


LEFT CLICK on the eye icons for HARM1 and HARM2 as desired to view the harmony notes in the same MIDI Editor.


LEFT CLICK on the lock icons for HARM1 and HARM2 as desired to edit the harmony notes and swap to track.



3. Transpose PART VOCALS ReaSynth up one octave for better hearing


I think the quickest and easiest way to do this (I've found so far - but I may be mistaken) is the following method:




LEFT CLICK on the PART VOCALS FX to bring up the FX for the track.


Set Extra sine mix to 1.00 (can be adjusted to suit preference - 0.00 resets the synth to it's original pitch)


Set Extra sine tune to 1200 cent


Turn down the volume of your PART VOCALS track a bit (about 3 decibels) just in case, because higher pitched synth noises tend to sound louder and I'm not gonna be responsible for any speaker damage :P


This same trick can be applied to the PART REAL KEYS track too, although it's not advised as when charting Pro Keys, we are trying to match the notes played on the Keyboard as closely as possible.




I have more (including colormapping notes etc.) but I will update this post later and as I discover more useful tips :)

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