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Collab Offer: I'll Chart Yo' Vox (Maybe), plus: Songs I Might Be Startin' Chartin'

collab WIP vox

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#1 nineteenforever

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Posted June 23, 2016 - 12:09 AM

-------------{OLD POST}-------------


Charting is no longer a priority - but I'll be back to clean up this posts and fulfil my other obligations. Expect my activity on the forums to be a bit sporadic from now on.


CURRENT STATUS: Not accepting further collaborations until next week/when I finish the newly acquired offers. You may still PM me to be added to the "list" but this notice means delays. Thanks.
Basically, in the near future I'm looking to (potentially) help out some poor souls with their vocal charting. I think it's something many people struggle with but I have actually been enjoying it thus far.
In case I get a flood of requests though, I'll be addressing requests on a case-by-case basis, so unless your chart is not of a good quality, of a song I don't like/not my taste or insanely complicated, lengthy or annoying then you might as well hit me up, probably do no harm to ask.
Also if you are willing to help me out in return on a chart then I'm obviously more inclined to help you. I'm keen to do a chart-for-chart arrangement, where I'll chart vocals/etc. for a song for you, and you can chart an instrument for me. :)
I Will Help With:
Pro Keys
Practice Events and Count-Ins
I Require Help With:
Guitar & Drums + Bass sometimes (not the best at them at all. Moreso Guitar)
NOTE: This post is merely to inform and garner interest, If I don't end up overwhelmed with other things to do (real-world, C3, or otherwise)/too many requests, then it's a go. I'm new to the forums and pretty much just trying to mingle and let people know I might be able to help. See my profile or PM me for more details regarding this whole collab malarkey.
MY CUSTOMS --------------------------------------------------
Ok, this post was also to help me define where I should focus my next charting efforts, so here is a list of Artists/Singles that suit my tastes (I like a bit of Pop, Pop-punk and a lot of British Bands) and I'm already looking to chart, so if any authors also have these on their radar (not yet started) then I've probably already PMed you, haha  :)
Any (players?) want to see some of these in RockBand then post below.
Any authors want to collab on these particular customs then PM me..
Roughly in priority order:
Colour = Progress (Red to Amber to Green | Pink = Might Remove)
Amber letter = Part in Progress
Red letter = Need Help 
Green Letter = Part Completed
SONG/ARTIST ---------------------------------------------------

Jump In The Pool - Friendly Fires                               ( D B G K Vocal "Outline" done
Honey - Swim Deep                                                      ( D B G K V ) Vocal "Outline" done, Pro Keys Expert Complete
Epic Holiday - Angels & Airwaves                               ( D B G K V )
Painkiller - Turin Brakes

A Ton Of Love - Editors (Editors need some love)               

Take A Picture (Original Recording) - Filter 

Babylon - David Gray 
When Love Takes Over - Kelly Rowland 
Say You Don't Want It - One Night Only 
Supernova - Mr Hudson ft Kanye West
Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club
Stereo LoveEdward Maya
Porcelain - Moby
Middledistancerunner - Chicane
Swim - Cape Cub (might do FlicFlac Remix, might not do any)
Kaleidoscope - Blink-182
Overload - Angels & Airwaves (Love AvA got more coming)
Love Generation - Bob Sinclair (PMed Ultimate_MANG0) Already completed by Ultimate_MANG0


ARTISTS     ---------------------------------------------------
(I Wanna See Some) Stone Roses (PMed BansheeFlyer about his WIP's)


UPDATE: Got "Waterfall" Stems courtesy of OMCB Mixing (Thank You!)
Angels & Airwaves
Some more I probably forgot.




This Girl - Kungs (Remix)

Beat Organ - 16-bit Lolitas







(Not uploading yet - first draft completed and just trying out the visualiser)


All customs will only be released Full Band, complete with reductions, Practice Sections and maybe Animations or Custom Venues.
Anyway I hope this post gave people a feel of my tastes, I hope they aren't too niche for you guys here in "Rock" Band world (there is a LOT of Metal here).
I combed the forums and database to see if any of these were listed but I'm sure I've still probably made some mistakes too, so sorry about that.
Over time I also will (hopefully) get a better feel for charting and the forums in general and improve the formatting etc. etc. but for now this is me, these are my proposed charts, if something is on here that excites then post below and I'll consider bumping it up the queue.

#2 HappyPlumz

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Posted June 23, 2016 - 07:37 AM

Hey there, how exactly do you find the vocal key when charting vocals? I tried using c_tuner but it's too confusing. Also I need help with charting vocals to some songs aha

#3 bsbloom

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Posted June 23, 2016 - 12:38 PM

I'm interested in Angels and Airwaves.  Don't know the group, but just checked out some stuff, and liked what I heard. 


I, personally, need good source material before I chart a song, and this group has generated tons of quality tabs. 

#4 nineteenforever

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Posted June 23, 2016 - 03:36 PM

Haha careful with Angels & Airwaves, I got stuck listening to solely their stuff for a long time. It's sorta like much more gentle Blink-182 stuff, I really liked it, glad you did too! Awesome, Collectively in C3 the whole Blink discography has nearly been charted (up to Dogs Eating Dogs), but I think Angels & Airwaves have been underrepresented (Tom DeLonge led both bands). I'm trying to get "Epic Holiday" in the works and we'll go from there, I'll update this list with specifically some of the songs I like and I'd recommend giving them a listen.

And HappyPlumz (lol) my personal method for charting vocals is mainly by ear. I don't chart any really insanely complex songs so that works. I also don't really find the key, but after doing some phrases it becomes evident which notes are going to be used throughout the song, and I've had no troubles doing it that way so far.

Sorry I couldn't help more but I'm on mobile atm haha, I am seriously considering putting out some tutorials though because I love teaching others and it'd certainly help shed workload. Heres a few tips though:

On some really obscure notes it helps to use a guitar tuner (or anything of the sort) and hold the note you hear in the song, with your own voice if you can. Or I sing a song in slow motion so it has a chance to go from like A, to G# to F# and bam I've got the notes for that phrase.

If you think the songs are ones I'd like then you can PM me them and get back to you.

#5 PopGoesRockBand

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Posted June 23, 2016 - 11:08 PM

I have a TV theme, need very basic Vocals, pm me we can colab, its literally like 8 words.

#6 murlatok

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Posted March 2, 2018 - 01:23 PM

Just found this thread, and i guess there's no light at the end of release tunnel for these songs, but i have a tempo-mapped expert-only guitar chart for 'A Ton of Love' by Editors. If anyone wants to turn it into something bigger, feel free to PM me, so i can send you files over.

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