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NSW1-6's Customs (10/11/2020 - Journey Majestic)

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This thread will be probably the only place I will post new charts, and I may contribute to other projects on the forum. Currently Released: BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Bells & Whistles / Conversion: Sides

I PM'd you the files to take a look see. Tempus Fugit is a really great song. Chris Squire's bass part is awesome on this tune. Will be happy to see it full band someday.

This is only scratching the surface of what's to come later.     You're very welcome.    

I have been waiting for ages for a U2 pack like this. Thank you very very very much. You have made an old U2 fan very happy. :dance: :excited: :dance: :excited:


You're welcome, glad to know there are more of us out there. It's not the end of it though, more to come in the future!




Magnificent, thank you!


You're welcome :)

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In honor of Alex,

Iron Maiden - Reach Out


This song originally came from "The Entire Population of Hackney" side-project initiated by band members Nicko McBrain and Adrian Smith. It was written by Dave Colwell, a friend of Adrian who would go on to fill spots for bands like FM (the UK one) and Bad Company. Though the song recived barely any play aside from the two concert performances of the supergroup and appearing as a B-side to "Wasted Years", it still is an interesting piece. Featuring Adrian himself on lead vocals. (with Bruce on backup, HERESY!)

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Here we have another C3thon release. MOAR U2!


U2 - Even Better Than the Real Thing


Audio sample


U2 - Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix)


Audio sample


Audio Source: Original CDs


OD/Practice Sections: TomGuy

Last Minute Assistance on EBTTRT: Fat Ha1p3rt



Truth be told, the releases were supposed to be a much larger quantity, but more details regarding that tomorrow.

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Got some stuff coming very soon, but for now


Video Previews for Running to Stand Still and One Tree Hill have been added, courtesy of MrPrezident.


Drum animations for Running to Stand Still have been fixed. Get the new version if you're tired of your drummer doing their best Christ pose during the song.


My main page will be cleaned up in due time as well.

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You could call this a late New Year's gift. I have blown the whole month working various bits and pieces and only have this to show for it, sadly. Welp, this one has been several months in the making, and after C3thon I finally got off my bum to start working on this again. Enjoy the full album!! It's definitely my favorite from this group.

End of January 2018: Iron Maiden - Somewhere In Time album pack
Audio Source Lineage: 1986 Analog Master -> 1998 Remastered CD -> EAC v.99 -> WAV
Original Guitar/Drum Chart: Puppetz
Drum Fixes/Vocals/OD/Compilation: Sideshow
An opening epic to introduce the album concept with a chase through time and one great rocker to boot. The band here show off a permanently renewed interest in lengthy pieces (though not as long as Rime), which would become a mainstay for time to come.
Iron Maiden - Wasted Years AHAHA. Nice try, but this is RB2 DLC.
Clean Up/OD/Compilation: Sideshow
A leftover track from my unreleased contributions to the FoF Forum's Drum Project 7, this one I really dragged my feet on, since it's probably the most tedious chart in the pack. Almost on par with Alexander for most vocals in a single song on this album, and one of the hardest guitar riffs.
Original Guitar Chart: Puppetz
Clean up/OD/Compilation: Sideshow
A live favorite and audience participation song, this is a full-band upgrade to a chart I did for FoF Forum's Drum Project 5. Possibly my favorite off the album (before or after Alexander) discussing a potential out-of-body experience and exploring the supernatural realms (of Heaven?), though we never hear the resolution to the narrator's plight.
Original Guitar Chart: Puppetz
Clean up/OD/Compilation: Sideshow
A tribute to the book of the same name, this rip-roaring track might leave your drummer with a broken pedal. But stay the course and you'll cross the finish line of one of the album's more exhausting tracks.
Drums/Vocals/OD/Compilation: Sideshow
Keys: Bansheeflyer
Here we have the other single from the album, a leftover track from my unreleased contributions to the FoF Forum's Drum Project 7, which only existed as a tempo map originally. Rather similar in story to Metallica's Trapped Under Ice, this explores someone being encased in ice during an expedition (a la Yes' South Side of the Sky) and rediscovered a century after the fact. The lyrics seem to imply that our narrator is still frozen solid.
Based on a chart provided by ManicPixieGirl
Drums/Vocals/OD/Compilation: Sideshow
To me, one of the lower points of the album. Keeping in line with the album concepts of time and space, this song confronts one of the more frightening tricks of the fallible mind, deja-vu.
Original Guitar Chart: Puppetz
Clean up/OD/Compilation: Sideshow
If there were a model to combine dry history lessons into a rocking epic piece, this would have to be the blueprint. Describing the victories of the "god amongst mortal men" Alexander the Great of Macedonia, this is the pinnacle of epic-rocking on the album, and potentially the best track.
(Please note "Original Guitar Chart" means that I redid the tempo map [except on CSIT] but used Puppetz' guitar track with light/heavy revisions)
For Sideshow and I, this concludes most of our collaboration efforts on Iron Maiden. We will be going on hiatus from this band, but may return with some more tracks along the way. I do have plans for work on Piece of Mind, Fear of the Dark and The Final Frontier in the future with other collaborators. In the meantime, I will be releasing a different variety to come.
UP THE IRONS!! :rock:
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