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Figured I could share this ("Blown Away" custom draft video)

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#1 RyanHYK

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Posted March 29, 2016 - 08:24 PM

*It's occured to me this would probably fit better with the Custom Song Discussion forum. Any mod who could move it there, that'd be helpful*


So, a while back, when we were releasing regular content, I had attempted to make a custom for Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away" for this site. I never got happy with the guitar chart, and it just sorta died out. Story of a lot of abandoned customs for me, really. Now that Harmonix has gotten to making DLC again and made the song available to the masses, I thought I would share this video of my first draft of "Blown Away". At the time, Lyra decided to record videos of the custom so we wouldn't have to open up so many things to observe the charts, and this video was lucky enough to get that treatment. Also, I'm not gonna give this chart out, so don't bother asking.



As of this post, I've only seen HMX's guitar chart in its entirety and only seen little bits of the drums and bass. My own thoughts on the differences.


Guitar: We've pretty much come to expect other instruments drafted to guitar at this point, but I'm a bit miffed that they're doing so while the guitar is still present. At least with "What You Need", you can use that freestyle solo tech. I friggin' did the hard stuff! I think they're adapting it to Carrie fans more than Rock Band players. I liked that we sorta had the same idea on how the first verse and chorus went, though that ending was plain guess work on me.


Drums: Ah, quarter kick beat. You should be so obvious with modern music, yet when there's a snare involved and it's not dance music, you elude me. Also, what the hell was I hearing with all those hat hits? Was there some dude with one of those rattles you see in Latin bands just shaking to the beat? Not sure how I feel about charting that myself now.


Bass: Haven't seen enough of it to give an opinion on, since it's the end that really drives it.


Vocals: There's a few oopsies in the video, though I had the hardest time pinning down my HARM3 (which I like to call "Ghost Carrie"). Though since a video doesn't exist of the song played on vocals (yet), I got nothing to add.


Keys: The chorus I adapted from a MIDI for a part I don't even know if it's in the song or not. It fills out the chorus and that's the only reason it exists. Plucks, piano, and glockenspiel is pretty much all there is here.


So, what does anyone else think.

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#2 anglebracket

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Posted March 30, 2016 - 02:26 PM

honestly? this is automatically better than the RB4 version because of the pro keys part.


even putting that aside, regardless of some differences (those weird, possibly nonexistent hi-hats) this looks all-around more fun than RB4's, or at least on par with it. nice work.

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