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Banshee's Customs - 8/30/19: C3X Finale/Encore Hits!

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Posted August 30, 2019 - 06:58 PM

New customs incoming!




One of those "Oh, that song" moments, "Destination Unknown" was released in 1982 on Spring Session M, an anagram of the band's name. The song saw moderate success, peaking at #42 of the Bilboard Hot 100 where it sat for 13 weeks.


This song was released for the C3X Tour 1 Finale. The song's inspiring lyrical content consists of uncertainty about the future, not knowing what lies ahead but willing to keep on whatever that may be - something I felt fitting for the tour's finale. An easy song to listen to and easier to play, the only real tricky parts are some drum fills by the talented but horribly underutilized Terry Bozzio. It makes an excellent warmup or party song!




The departure of Scott Weiland and Chester Bennington left Stone Temple Pilots without a singer. The remaining members sought out a new singer, attracting over 15,000 applicants until they settled on Jeff Gutt, The X-Factor contestant and singer for nu-metal band Dry Cell. Many including myself have happily accepted Gutt as the new singer, sounding enough like Weiland to keep the STP sound going but also different enough to allow the band to grow differently. The band was back and with the Gutts to release a new album.


Stone Temple Pilots was the second self titled album, decidedly so as the band's rebirth after Scott and Chester. "Meadow" was one of the many songs off the album that paid tribute to STP's past vocalists, particularly Weiland. In fact, "Weiland" in Dutch means "meadow".


The powerful chorus, a rocking bass,  and upbeat tempo give the album more of a hard rock sound than the grunge STP's been known for but "Meadow" still carries the signature sound that propelled the band into fame. It's a lot of fun to play on every instrument, a great warmup song or for parties.


Did I also mention I absolutely love this album art?

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