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MB's Customs: Rush; Two more off Vapor Trails (The Original and Re-Mixes)

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I'd love to try and play these but I also know your drums charts include ghost notes that are way beyond my capabilities to follow. Can I ask you how did you make your drums reductions? Sound Chaser has the CAT symbol but not the other 2 songs, which I then suppose are manually done. What is your typical strategy when reducing to Hard?

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King Crimson - The rest of Larks' The rest of the Larks' Tongues in Aspic album is now here! One of the best albums ever made is now available for all to enjoy. An update to "Easy Money" is slowl

I have a version that's just needs keys at this point. When that's done and instruments are reviewed soon, it will be released.

The Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton



The "epic" off of their third album. This song sees lots of different sections and is maybe a bit more structured of a Mars Volta song. This song isn't as balls to the wall as other song in there discography (or even off this album) but it still features some great drumming by their best drummer Jon Theodore, some great vocal passages and guitar riffs and licks that just make ya go "MMMMM". I also want to point out some really cool use of post-session editing (or whatever it's called) with the guitar track before the first verse. The idea to start the passage in mono and slowly separate the three note guitar pattern between the left and right channel is so cool and inventive- I wish more bands would do things like that.

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King Crimson - Lament



The second track off of SABB. One of two songs off the record that was completely recorded in the studio. All the other tracks were recorded on the road and then overdubs done in the studio.

Lament is a great track that has one of the best endings for any song. I absolutely love the way all the band members just stop playing on a dime- it's great! I'll never forget the first time i hear this song and being completely blindsided by the ending of the track.

It's King Crimson, there are no bad King Crimson songs, pick it up!

Once again AJFOne23 come in clutch with a great venue!

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King Crimson - Easy Money



Just makin' easy money!


The opening track to side b of the legendary album that essentially re-invented the band. The only real composed parts are the very beginning and end of the track. This track is basically just a blueprint for improvisation. I'd highly recommend the box-sets that document the band during this time period ("Starless" and "The Road To Red"). It has every single soundboard recording of the band during this time. It's a crazy amount of content.


This song is really fun on all instruments, even if it's not the most challenging song in the world. Drums have some fun para-diddle fills and the guitar part has some fun arpeggios and what-not. It's a great challenging song without being frustratingly hard to play... at least in-game. It's another classic song from a classic band!

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King Crimson - Doctor Diamond (Live)



Just in time for the Corona virus! YAY!

Funny thought this song actually isn't about viruses, the character of "Doctor Diamond" seems to be more of a grim-reaper-type-train-conductor.


This long lost King Crimson track, only ever performed live, and never recorded in the studio. I didn't really find out about this track until the band started doing their 50th anniversary special tracks. It's honestly a pretty straight forward tune which is pretty rare for King Crimson. I'd compare it with "Lament" and "The Great Deceiver", all three and all really good songs, but less complicated (I'd say) then something like "Lizard" for example.


Being a live only I had to decide on which version to use, and to make a long story short I found that the April 2nd show had the best balance of audio quality, performance, and a proper intro. See the band would sometimes do straight improv into the song - which as a listener I love - but I didn't think it really worked well with "Rock Band" the game, so I picked a version that had just a straight forward intro. Now those with sharp eyes might notice that the Mainz show version (which is the version found on Spotify and the like) is the artwork used for this custom, and yeah you're right, it's the only cover for Doctor Diamond I could find!


Now the song itself has a great syncopated violin and guitar pattern / arpeggio and Bill is firing hard with a drum pattern that sound kinda similar to the one Neil Peart is famous for. I doubt there is a connection, just a fun observation. This leads into the verses which are spoken so fast I'm pretty sure he's mumbling the first couple words. The verses go into an instrumental section which has a steady quarter note pulse but holy crap is it hard to count where the one is (something like a couple bars of 6/4, and a couple bars of 5/4, then 4/4, rinse, repeat). We get a mellow verse with a buildup to the outro and in typical King Crimson fashion (cough *Lament* cough) they just all stop playing.


This song was once lost, but it's back! and now officially a rock band custom!


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The King Crimson Collection Pt. 3/4 The "rest" of Red (side 1), and New Wave KC



This song has its origins all the way back in 1972 when Jamie Muir was still in the band. The riffs originating from improv back at that time, it wasn't until 2 years later when they were actually used in a proper song. Other fun tidbits are the 13/8 section in "Starless" used to be in "Fracture". This makes the King Crimson boxsets from this era so fascinating because you get hear different parts of the song in different contexts. According to wikipedia this is also the last King Crimson recording to feature Robert Fripp on acoustic guitar, and wasn't played live until 2017.




RED nightmare. The story of a bad dream essentially. With the lyrics describing a terrible flight with the thought of a possible plane crash, when the worst comes our character wakes up to find that he had just fallen asleep on the greyhound bus. What's also interesting about this song is that the lyrics were not written with aid from Richard Palmer-James - a founding member of Supertramp. In fact this is the only King Crimson song from the "Wetton-era" to not have a Palmer-James credit for the lyrics (including "Doctor Diamond, which King Crimson never did record in the studio).




A killer tune of the record, "Frame by Frame" features one of the coolest used of two guitar i have ever heard. Ok so the guitar part is 7/8 leading into - and including - the verses. However instead of just playing straight 7/8 the whole time Robert Fripp decided, "hey, what if every other bar i drop a note so I'm essentially playing on bar of 7/8, then a bar of 6/8, or 13/8" So there would be on guitar part playing in 7/8, and the other playing in 13/8. And they did. And it's awesome. And it is such a simple thing to do however it creates such, synchronized dysfunction and it makes it that much more satisfying when the two guitar parts line up again. this technique is littered throughout the whole album, and I think it's amazing. This song (and record) is easily one of my favorite guitar tracks to listen to (not to mention Bill Bruford, and Tony Levin who kill it in the rhythm section).




Arpeggios, Arpeggios for days. This song is crazy convoluted mess of time signatures, but because good ol' Billy kept a 4/4 pulse we never know. That isn't to suggest that he's actually playing in 4/4 no no, he's actually playing in 17/16, with a 4/4 bass drum pattern to "give it a dance feel" (and he's kinda right). What are the other guys doing? playing anything from 5/8 to 7/8 dropping a note every other bar so they go out of sync but keep playing until they sync up again, ya know- simple stuff. Not only does mess of signatures and arpeggios insanely hard to play, but it also gives the song a sort of hypnotic feel, like you're in a trance. Just watch out for that ending, because it truly will "snap you out of the trance".


Venues for the "Red" tracks are provided by AJFOne23.

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Black Sabbath - N.I.B





Do I need to do a write-up for this track? You all know it, it's a classic at this point. I do wanna say how straight up blues this tracks feels, and it kinda reminds me of Led Zepplin or something (but heavier).


This custom does feature the bass solo at the beginning of the track, and the guitar solo is double tracked, so the chart follows the solo that you can "hear the best".


The "Original Version" amendment does not appear in-game.


Venues provided by: AJFOne23

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The King Crimson Collection Pt. 5 "Starless"



Starless (And Bible Black)

One of the BEST King Crimson songs ever composed, and it has a very fascinating story.


This song was initially supposed to show up on their previous album "Starless And Bible Black" But apparently Robert Fripp and Bill Bruford didn't like the tune that much, so they ended up calling one of their improv pieces that for the record. They would perform the song in early 1974 with various lyrical changes and such, until finally when the "Red" sessions came about all the members came to a consensus.


The early live versions of the song actually have David Cross playing the lead melody on violin with Fripp playing the mellotron for that section. There was no saxophone, and the guitar part didn't come in until the buildup section after the verses. The saxophone solo that's in the studio version was also performed on the violin during those shows. The 13/8 section in the latter half of the song was actually written/performed even earlier with some early versions of "Fracture" having that same 13/8 section in it.


It's a fascinating story about this song, It's kind of crazy to think of a King Crimson WITHOUT this in their repertoire, but that seemed to have been a real possibility. It's a great example of tension and release. That build up is so subtle yet near the end it's so satisfying. The reincorporation of the main melody at the end of the song just ties it all into a perfect little 12 minute bow. It's on of the few songs where 12 minutes feels like 2. It's a King Crimson classic, and it's now finally a full band custom!


Special thanks to AJFOne23 for the glorious venue

And to NSW1-6 for helping me with the guitar and bass parts

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Rush and Robbie Robertson! A Canadian 2-fer to Celebrate Canada Day! EH?!?

Happy Canada Day everyone! And to celebrate, I wanted to share two customs from our boys up north here! I really enjoy these songs (for very different reasons) and I hope you do too! So let's get started!



Famous for being a member of "The Band", this song is one of the more well-known from his solo career.


If I had to describe this song in one word, the word I would use is "sexy", and while I'm not sure if I can fully explain myself- let me try.

I guess a good place to start with his voice, Robbie Robertson doesn't do that much actual singing on this track as all the verses are just him talking. Apparently they tried to have him sing the verses but it didn't turn out too good, lucky for us- the sing is better for it! His voice super smooth during the chorus and the bridge yet during the verses is sounds a bit more harsh, like it has a bit more edge to it. And the lyrical content describes this, verbal-dance i'll call it, between him and this woman in the song. I can't quite put my finger on it, and I haven't dived deep into the meaning behind the lyrics, but there does seem to be some, "sexual tension" lets say.


And this of course is supported by the instrumentation, let's start with the drums. the use of hit-hat and ride bell, and putting the beat accents not only on the 8th notes (as supposed to the 2 and 4 like in a typical rock/pop song), not all the accents are on the snare. In fact there's a rotation of snare, low-tom, hi-tom. It's very creative drumming which helps to build this tension without it getting in the way on the song.

Rounding out the rhythm section is the bass part played by Tony Levin (King Crimson fans might recognize that name). His bass playing is just super smooth, not flashy, it just "slides" right into place exactly where it needs to be, with little flourishes to keep it interesting.

Finally there's the keyboard part which is mainly a dotted 1/4 note pattern. The dotted pattern works because it makes the song feel a lot slower then it actual is, letting you hear the other instruments and giving it a relaxed feeling.


This song -while not being too challenging- is fun on all instruments, and a song I'm little surprised took so long to be made.




Arguably the most cathartic Rush song... at least in relation to Neil Peart, the song is about that feeling of processing difficult and troubling emotions- Neil described is best with an analogy that went something like:


"When a baby is restless you rock it too sleep, you take it for a drive to calm the baby down"


It's like the adult version of that. Neil describes it better then I could (I mean he did write the lyrics) and the documentary "Beyond the Lighted Stage" goes into more detail about that aspect of his life. I guess I'll leave it there.


As with many songs off Vapor Trails, They only played it on the Vapor Trails tour, which is a shame, I really like a lot of those songs from Vapor Trails. Luckily for their R40 Tour they brought back some songs and even played "How It Is"- a song never before played live. Sadly, Ghost Rider wasn't included, but at least it made it on Rush In Rio!


I want to thank ejthedj for providing me the RPP for the remixed version, which made charting this a whole lot easier! Thank you!


The "Original Mix" amendment doesn't appear in-game


That's all for now! Have a great Canada Day eh! Enjoy your Molson Canadian while grilling up some burgers and hot dogs! (and playing these customs of course!) there's plently more down the pipe, with King Crimson, Rush updates, Genesis and ELP in the future!

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Great Robbie Robertson song! Thank you!


Aha! It's the only solo song I know, but I felt it should have been in Rock Band for a while now!


Also I have recently discovered how to make chart previews, so I'll be updating the customs page with that (I'm not gonna mark em as updated, but keep an eye on the thread to see when previews get added.


First up are the Canada Day customs:

* Ghost Rider

* Somewhere Down The Crazy River



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Chart previews added for:


Tool - "Jimmy"

Black Sabbath - "N.I.B. (Original Version)"

The Mars Volta - "Tetragrammaton"

King Crimson - "Doctor Diamond"

Genesis - "Harold the Barrel"

Procol Harum - "Conquistador (Live)"

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Ooo, this song rocks, like, really rocks. This might be the heaviest song that Rush has made since... Bastille Day? This song proved that even in 2002, about 26 years after their first record, they hadn't lost their edge.


A very special thanks to ejthedj for providing me the Remix rpp which made creating this custom A LOT easier!






One of the hit singles from the Vapor Trails album. It was played live until only the R30 tour, sadly being dropped and never made a return to stage.


A very special thanks to DoNotPassGo for providing me the Remix rpp which made creating this custom A LOT easier!






Pt. of the "Fear" trilogy ;)


The lyrical content focus on the reaction that someone has when faced within a moment of danger, and the fight or flight response. It's a nice addition to the "Fear" collection, and also fits the theme of the record really well.


A very special thanks to ejthedj for providing me the Remix rpp which made creating this custom A LOT easier!

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A bonus track I should have added to the triple pack from the other day, the second track off of Vapor Trails....



Original Mix:






A bonus track to the Rush-Triple-Threat pack, This is the second song off their first album of the 21st century, and like the rest of this album it's really good. Highlights of this song are defiantly the bridge, where Geddy slap-dat-bass like it owes him money! He rocks it so hard I figured it deserved a solo marker, and there is a guitar solo that gets unearthed for the remix version!

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The only pop hit that King Crimson ever had, "Cat Food" still features odd times and has a more jazzy feel to it. One of the members of the band even commented how difficult it was for people to try and "dance" to it (the verse has a bar of 3/8 thrown in there). The keyboard part is absolutely absurd and is deffinatly the standout in terms of difficulty. Drums and guitar are challenging and while the bass part might be the easiest, it is still fun to play.

Venue for the following custom provided by:






The impossible guitar song. In a recent(ish) blog post Robert Fripp describes his experience relearning the song for the latest incarnation of King Crimson, and describes at "impossible to play". And it's hard not to agree; the amount of precision that is required to play the middle section (and at that tempo) is something I couldn't imagine. Bill Bruford doesn't disappoint with the drum part, creating something challenging and fun to play. Bass and keys are a bit easier, but are also fun instruments to play with this song.

Bass, Keys, Venue:



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A simple cute Genesis tune that rounds out the whole record. Featuring duet vocals with Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, the song features three separate guitar tracks, plus some overdubs. I did my best to cover the various guitar and overdubs to just three parts. The bass is playing a guitar here as a result, and the keys fill in the other guitars and the overdubs.


This song isn't the most memorable, or that challenging, but it completes the album now, but I now we can say that the whole Nursery Cryme is playable in full band! So enjoy!

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The best cover of all time? Well, if it's not, it's only second to Jimi Hendrix's "All Along The Watch Tower". This Yes cover takes a 3-minute Simon and Garfunkel tune about traveling america and turns it into a 10+ minute jam song- it takes 3 minutes for the Yes version to get to the first verse- with the live version clocking in upwards of 17 minutes around the time they recorded this in the studio. Now this track was never featured on a studio album by them. It was released on "The New Age Of Atlantic", a compilation album by Atlantic Records with acts the record company was signed to at the time including; Led Zeppelin, Buffalo Spingfeild, Gordon Haskell, and The J. Geils Band to name a few. Yes' cover of "America" is the only material on that compilation to have not been released previously (and since it's the earliest release of the song that's why I decided to use the metadata from that version). It would take another 4 years, when the Yes compilation "Yesterdays" came out in 1975, for it to get released on an actual "Yes" title. The band still plays "America", having performed it on the last tour.


Preview Video (early build, edits/fixes have been made)


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  • MrBurpler changed the title to MB's Customs: Rush; Two more off Vapor Trails (The Original and Re-Mixes)

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