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MB's Customs - King Crimson's RED!

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#141 AJFOne23

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Posted June 19, 2018 - 09:59 PM


#142 MrBurpler

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Posted June 24, 2018 - 12:37 AM

So according to my calculations, "The Prophet" is either my 50th, or my 51st custom (depending on if you count "All These Things I've Done").

I'm not including my WIP releases and other projects (MGMT). Only half way there to 100!

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#143 MrBurpler

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Posted July 11, 2018 - 09:30 PM

The Mars Volta - The Rest of De-Loused 

Cicatriz ESP



The monster! Cicatriz! This monster of a song features a great groove and a really challenging drum part to play (both in-game and irl). this song features some great guitar work, some great performances all around. The vocals are top notch (as usual). There are great jams and solo that take up the middle of the track.


Personally i enjoy the live version of this track from their live album. The live version stretched this monster to a body-aching 30+ minutes! It's great! It's pure improvisation! And it something I wish more bands would do. I love the idea of taking a song, and using it as a blueprint for a live jam session. Tack down their live album, it's totally worth it!


Now this is legacy only, the long guitar solo is actually two solos played over top each other (with some fancy panning and stuff on the final mix). If you track the "demo" version of this song, you can hear the different solos being panned hard left and hard right. As a result, this custom is legacy only, the keys track is just the normal guitar part but with the second solo, instead of the first.


Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt



The last track off the best album of the 2000s (and maybe of this millennium so far?). This track has a great bass groove and guitar lick during the begging verses. the track continues into a Improvisation section that leads into the second chorus. It's after the second chorus where things get interesting.


the middle of the track features alternating bars of 11/8 and 8/8 (or 19/8) with changing tempos and stuff, before the band come back in. this section, of like 8 bars or so, features some of the best drumming ever! Especially in terms of "sounding like you're gonna miss the beat but you don't". I could not imagine playing this song live, I've play-tested this song a crap tonne of times, and I still can't get this section in real life. Jon Theodore, you truly are a master of your craft.


This leads to the only bass solo on the record, and a guitar solo which becomes a sort of a jam (the scabdates version of this track has s really cool interlude here). The chorus comes roaring back in, and we get the outro. This is the most intense thing, the whole album has been building up to this moment, and it's pure musical extacy. And just like that, the song's over.

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#144 MrBurpler

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Posted August 16, 2018 - 11:25 PM

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Karn Evil 9: 2nd Impression



Part 2/3. What to say about this epic piece of composition. This is an instrumental section of the song, featuring some mind-blowing piano playing from the late great Keith Emerson (RIP) and great bass playing by the wonderful Greg Lake (RIP).
This song is essentially one long piano solo which also has guitar and bass underneath it, which - while being the rhythm section - almost seem to be playing an entirely different song with specific moments of synchronicity between the three instruments. It balances the improve approach of jazz musicians, while also have highly orchestrated and specific hits. Carl Palmer's playing is really a great example of this. The drums bounce between orchestral style playing (that is to say, not "keeping the beat") to straight forward rock beats that ground Keith and Greg's playing to a foundation.
There's a lovely little video on youtube of the three of them learning this song during the "Brain Salad Surgery" sessions. It's really cool and gives some insight into how the song came together (and those accents... so British).
Pro-Keys is Expert-only, and a special thank-you to AJFOne23 for providing me with the 5.1 tracks for this custom.

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Posted October 12, 2018 - 10:37 PM

C3X - Arcade Fire!


Write-up by yaniv297, Full Arcade Fire post here.


Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

Custom by MrBurpler
Vocals by yaniv297

In episode three of our Neighbourhood series (#4 is on the album too, but wouldn’t be a great RB fit so isn’t charted here), this time we tell the story of an unfortunate power shortage in our town. “Power Out” is an epic, powerful and relentless track - and an absolute showstopper live. It kicks up firing on all cylinders, with a driving disco beat (drummers, prepare to work on that one!) and firing guitars, while later bass takes the lead in a fuzzy riff. Vocalist Win Butler absolutely spits out the stressful lyrics - “What’s the plan??” he screams as he describes as he goes out to “pick a fight with anyone”, before screaming in an iconic moment “Nothing’s hid from us kids!”.

Somehow, the song reaches it’s emotional climax when taking a step back to a melodic chorus, “when the power’s out in the heart of man”, before exploding into full on rock and roll madness again. A classic moment in Arcade Fire’s discography.


Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) 


Custom by MrBurpler
Vocals and keys by yaniv297

“Sprawl II” is a key track, and possibly the best track, in “The Subrubs”. Soundwise, it’s quite an unusual departure from Arcade Fire’s usual indie rock sound, taking a strong synthpop direction, and vocally led by the great Régine Chassagne. “Sprawl II” is a hugely emotional tune, discussing suburban life, and the difficulties of growing up in it. It became an instant fan favorite, a necessity on every Arcade Fire show, and widely regarded as one of Arcade Fire’s best songs.

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#146 MrBurpler

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Posted November 5, 2018 - 05:05 PM

Adult Diversion got a big update, basically a new custom.


New visualizer:


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#147 rcale

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Posted November 5, 2018 - 07:49 PM

Oooooh. Thanks!

#148 MrBurpler

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Posted March 15, 2019 - 07:36 PM

The Mars Volta - Tremulant (EP)

Cut That City

The first track off their debut EP. Cut That City features a great high energy into which alternates between 9/8 and 10/8. The part is pretty easy to listen to but very hard to play along with. There are bootlegs of this song from about 2001 where the band is just playing this section as fast as they can and it just.... ppfffssstt that's hard.


This song is realativly short when compared to other Volta tracks, however even off their first track you can hear the sparks of what would appear on other tracks; time signature changes that would be found in Cygnus, Jon Theodore's drum-roll-crash-accents that would appear on Drunkship of Lanterns, even Omar's playing during the guitar break is like an early version of the guitar break in Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt. It's a track that dosn't get enough attention, if you like The Mars Volta you'll like this track.





Gonna be honest. This is my least favorite track from "early volta", the verses bore me, the chorus bores me. Cedric does sing in Spanish so that's cool (and if i made any errors with the vocal phrasing for that part let me know). The song does pick up a bit near the end where it crescendos back into a Post-verse section which does cap off the song quite nicely. Of the three tracks that are off this EP, this one is defiantly the weakest for me, the one I'm most likely to skip. However saying that, it's still better then most (of not all) rock music that it produced today.


The Scabdates version of this song it a lot better. It's played a bit faster so the verses and chorus have a bit more energy, and it was recorded during the 04/05 tour so there is a great saxophone section in the middle that they added (because they had a sax player with them when they recorded it).


Eunuch Provocateur



Eunuch Provocateur.



This song is great! So freaking awesome, I have nothing but good things to say about this song. The guitar, drums, and bass part all are fun and complement each other musically. The vocals complement the energy of the guitar playing. Everything about this song just screams high energy volta. Then in typical volta fashion, the volume, speed, intensity, the band, they all stop. 100 to 0. It's so perfect and it just makes you wanna listen to the song again, and again, and again.


Every instrument if fun to play on this track, and the vocals are even fun too. There's something for everyone on this song, if you must only pick on track off their debut EP, pick this one. It's one of my favorite Volta songs.


These tracks are upgrades from sideshows customs. A while ago I spoke to him about updating various Mars Volta Tracks. All credits for the original drum-only custom go to sideshow and ItalianStal1ion. I initially sent my guitar/bass charts to him, but I re-worked some parts and he gave me permission to release the new versions on my own.


The New Things:

  • Drum/Guitar/Bass fixes
  • Vocal Chart
  • Custom Venue

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#149 MrBurpler

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Posted April 11, 2019 - 09:36 PM

Procol Harum - Conquistador (Live)



The live version recorded with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra back in 1972. This song features haunting lyrics that paint a, not-so-good-look on the future. A great song for the keys and has a very fun drum chart. Arpeggios from the bass and guitar keep the chorus thumping and the orchestra adds that extra bit of sound to fill out the room (or headphones). 


The artwork for this album is really cool as well, being a cartoonist rendition of the actual stage. And after seeing the setup of the stage you can picture the concert in your brain as the album plays. Everything has good separation but also works as a gear to make the song come together.


Now I'm pretty sure the only reason I'm aware of this song is because of a Canadian radio law that states about 30% (something like that?) of a radio stations songs have to be Canadian. So we tend to hear a lot more Rush, The Band, Tragically Hip, then our red white and blue counterparts. Since this song features the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra I imagine that qualified the song to fit as part of that 30%. And seeing as how the band is British you get hit two birds with one stone with this track!


In fact, I know this version of the song more then the studio version!


Check it out! It's a great tune (and cheap on vinyl too!)

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#150 MrBurpler

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Posted April 26, 2019 - 11:56 PM

The King Crimson Collection Pt1 - Lizard (Album)

Indoor Games



The follow up after Cirkus. How do you follow up such a great song?


By playing "Indoor Games"


The cryptic lyrics hint at some more... PG-13 rated things going on in the... bedroom, if you choose to read it that way. It's the main reason I have it listed as SR, however as a young-wee-lad I never noticed the connection. MEH!


It's a fun song and has some great guitar work and drumming and piano playing and everything you've come to expect from a King Crimson tune. There isn't a dull instrument on this track, and the jam section is in 7/8 so ain't that something!



Happy Family



Meet the family...


I've heard that this song is about the four member of the Beatles and what they did after that band. After hearing that it's kinda easy to see why. Now the lyrics are very cryptic and you can easily brush it off, however it's still there if you wanna look into it.


The keys part is really the main instrument on this track, with Keith Tippett at it with his crazy antics that I just cannot get enough of. A great flute solo that leads to the last verse when the song just sorta stops. Jazzy guitar playing, a solid bass line and some great drumming make this track one that all instruments will be fun on.




Lady of the Dancing Water



A nice little piece that separates the craziness that underpins the rest of the album. Lady of the Dancing Water isn't a flashy song, It doesn't over stay it's welcome, It acts as a sort of "calm before the storm" before you flip the side and play the title track.


Some quaint guitar work, and pretty flutes, with some trombone that ass nice bass without being a gut punch that would ruin the feel of the song.


My least favorite track on the record, however it really is a pretty tune and flows into "Lizard' really well.






The titular track. Featuring Jon Anderson of "Yes" fame on the open section of the track. The song is a 20 minute epic tale of Prince Rupert and his battle for... something. Fighting a lizard? I don't know. The Bolero section and subsequent instrumental passages just burst with various instrumentation and variety that with every listen you can find a new instrument in the mix. I was really hard trying to funnel all those instruments to just one keys, guitar and bass track.


Keith Tippett really does shine on this track, especially in the bolero section. The way he'll throw in a bunch of chords in such a quick fashion that both fit in the key of the song but sound so disjointed and off-center that it's something I'll never get tired of listening to.


Andy McCulloch is the drummer and he really shines during the "battle" section during the second part of the track. He's keeping the beat but throwing in fill and coming back in on the 2nd beat not the first and he's like a master a using rests in his fills. His style of drumming is something that I wish a lot more drummer would try as it's so much more interesting to listen to.


Thank you to AJFOne23 for doing the venues and helping to make these customs as good as possible!

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#151 AJFOne23

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Posted April 27, 2019 - 09:17 PM

Thank you for including me in this epic project. It's no small feat to tackle this album and you did an amazing job. Everyone should grab these after thoroughly warming up your button mashers.

#152 rezavakili

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Posted April 28, 2019 - 02:18 AM

I grabbed them all. Long live classic prog. Thank you.

#153 FujiSkunk

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Posted May 2, 2019 - 04:32 PM

It's been a good week for prog this week.  Thank you for these!

#154 MrBurpler

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Posted June 8, 2019 - 12:55 AM

The King Crimson Collection Pt2 - Larks' Tongues in Aspic



One of the best instrumentals by the legendary King Crimson! Where do you start with a song like this, It's the first album to feature Bill Burford on drums, and he lays on it. It's heavy playing, but in Bill's signature style, the distinct "pop" of his snare drum, the way he effortlessly transitions from one section of the song to the next. Now this track does have Jamie Muir on percussion and I tried to add as much of his contribution as i could with out sacrificing play-ability of the track.


The guitar sound on this is incredible, it's heavy without being muddy and washed out, and it has that attack that really get's you in the groove of the song even tho there's hardly a bar of 4/4 in it at all. Guitars provide the clean and heavy top end which leaves the bass guitar to really fill in the bottom and just be nice a phat. John Wetton's bass sound fills in those low frequencies perfectly. Everything is just so clear, no instrument overshadows the next.


Finally we have the violin part by David Cross which really adds to the more mellow sections of the songs then gets out of the way when the main riff comes in full throttle! But then the bridge sections come in, with the meanest most aggressive playing of a violin I have ever heard. That violin solo almost makes the whole song, I have never heard anything like it, full in-your-face aggressive, like angry playing. I could only imagine being in the studio when they were recording that.


This song a perfect example of building tension and releasing it, It's a perfect example of KC at (possibly) their heaviest, I have nothing but good things to say about this track.


A special thank you to AJFOne23 for providing the venue that really rockets this custom into the stratosphere.

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#155 MrBurpler

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Posted July 1, 2019 - 03:22 PM

The Rush Canada Day Celebration - RUSH'S FIRST SINGLE!

Rush - Not Fade Away



Happy Canada Day everyone! And to celebrate, We got the first Moon records track, and the first RUSH song ever to be released. Not fade away is a cover of the Buddy Holly song of the same name and honestly, there isn't much going on. It's a pretty basic cover, there are no real Rush-isms that appear on even songs like Finding my way (a track that came out a year later). This does a pretty sweet guitar solo near the end that really gives Alex a chance to shine.


Now good luck finding this song, it was only pressed to vinyl back in 1973, never got a reissue of any kind and I was only aware of it for about a couple years ago. It currently sits at about $1000 if you wish to buy it off Discogs, but otherwise you'll have to get from a bootleg of some sort. It's interesting how this single has been more-or-less forgotten.


A special thank you to Cringe Lord and Rocker1999 for doing DIY stems for this track.



Rush - You Can't Fight It



This song is the B-side to the single and is in my opinion the better of the two songs. It's basically an extended guitar solo with some cheesy lyrics about "common and dance, don't fight it". It does sound a lot more Rush then the cover track. Comparing this stuff to records like 2112 (which came out 3 years later) it's incredible to hear where the band came from. I honestly listen to this and not fade away more as historical pieces then something I would put on to listen to.


Standout tracks are the guitar part since it is just a really long solo, the drums shine a little bit but nothing to spectacular, and the bass part on here. Geddy Lee does not sound like himself on this record and it's either because he was very young and not that good, or the studio/record company was trying to emulate a Bad Company / Foreigner / generic 70s rock band (not to dump on those two bands but you get my point).

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#156 DenVaktare

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Posted July 6, 2019 - 12:21 AM

Huge huge thanks, Mr. Burpler! One can never have too many Rush songs!

#157 MrBurpler

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Posted July 12, 2019 - 08:52 PM

The King Crimson Kollection Pt3 - Red



And the rivers ran RED... and were as KING CRIMSON.

Now rocking as a power trio with the last three albums costing the group a member. Buy the time this record came out King Crimson had only John Wetton on bass, Bill Bruford on drums and the master Robert Fripp leading the charge with David cross still making an appearance on the album, performing with them on tour, but having lost his official member status buy the time the record came out.


This album (and song), is sighted as an early form of heavy music. With the loud in-your-face guitars, the bottomless bass that almost just sounds like pure sub-woofer noise, and Bill's most "basic" playing within the king crimson catalog, it's not hard to see that connection with the band. In fact, I heard that this song (and album) is what influenced Kurt Cobain and helped lead to the sound of Nirvana. When I think of older heavy music, I think of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Red by King Crimson.


Now unlike Larks' Tongues in Aspic Pt.2 this is an upgrade from the original Meander/Sideshow/oscarj08 chart. All tracks have some edits to them, with the bass and drums getting the most. There was also enough room where, although there isn't a keys part on the song I thought it would be fun to add it and I had the means to do so.


Once again a very special thank you to AJFOne23 for providing a spectacular venue for our eyes to feast on!

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