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Have C3/customs kept your Rock Band experience alive? Tell us here!

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#61 DenVaktare

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Posted July 19, 2015 - 11:55 PM

Hmm, where to start? I'd almost assert that my Rock Band experience wasn't even really alive until C3/customs came along! I mean I'd been hooked since the very first Guitar Hero came out, and drove hours for the midnight release of Rock Band. I've purchased near a thousand songs over the years and have loved playing them, but this weight always hung over the official weekly releases. A mere one of fifty favorite songs ever made it into the game, and I would never blame Harmonix for that, they did an absolute hell of a job with licensing! :excited: But it was always in the back of my head that I wouldn't ever get to play Tool, Slave to the System, [Insert 80 other band names here].

I stumbled onto this site months after official releases ended and was absolutely blown away. New QOTSA, tons of Metallica, Animals as Leaders, and more?!?!? "It's going to suck when I wake up from this..." I remember thinking. I honestly could not believe it and pretty much still can't! Then I attempted authoring... I got my butt kicked initially but kept coming back for more until I started to get the hang of it. Authoring has been amazing. Through it, I've learned a ton about music I didn't know (and there's still a ton I have no clue about. :D ). I've also learned things I wouldn't have bothered with if I hadn't stumbled upon this site, like building a Schmitt Trigger for double bass pedals on the stock kit. And with every new song I author, I am able to think of a mistake I made in a previous one. (Eventually I'll get to not sucking! :D )

So a huge thank you to every author that's ever authored, to those who spent hours and hours creating programs and tools making it even possible to author, to every one kind enough to leave comments, and to everyone who enjoys playing these excellent customs. The community is incredible.

You bet your sweet ass I'll be buying Rock Band 4 to support Harmonix (and anything else I can do), but Rock Band 3 was still meant to be king of the hill. And when C3 came along? Let's just say that the crown will now remain unchallenged...

#62 Storm360

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    United Kingdom

Posted July 20, 2015 - 01:25 AM

So, I was originally one of the RB hardcores, I have all DLC, played since the European Launch etc, and continued to play the game for years, I was originally around the start of customs etc, and built quite a collection until TU5 came out, then, American Pie came out, and as DLC dried up, so did my interest, at this point, I pretty much completely quit playing completely up until I decided to try 100% some of my older games on PS3, I had started playing Rock Band 2 until the platinum trophy came along, then remembered about the whole customs scene and did some research, I ended up here, I've played consistently for a few hours a day since then, I haven't really bought any DLC or so outside of the new releases and some RBN (because of course, theres nothing else to buy), but I will pick up RB4 to support Harmonix, however i'm not planning on playing it, I'm a drummer and I have no interest on playing on the stock kit anymore

#63 pfb

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Posted July 20, 2015 - 07:09 AM

just seeing songs that i never would imagine being available on rock band; i make it a point visiting this site everyday for the latest customs; and being a big fan of rock band - i have to twist my sister's arm to give a xbox one for xmas (although my 360 is just 7 months old) one so i can play RB4 too and won't be late for the party again; i hope to see you C3 guys soon when the game becomes available

#64 jeffro

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Posted July 22, 2015 - 12:15 AM

1 bajillion % yes!

Not just for us, but for so many of our friends too. Can't thank you all enough!

Now how about some more 90s, a little James Taylor and some good ol' classic country for when we've had too much whiskey? :excited:

Forever your fans!

#65 iPodwithnomusic

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Posted July 22, 2015 - 10:14 PM

C3 is the only reason I still play Rock Band! I'm a huge Linkin Park fan and the small pool of songs officially available isn't enough to keep me playing regularly. Through C3 I have been able to find custom Linkin Park songs, and I have been able to make a ton of my own!

Makes Linkin Park customs. Click to see my thread!

#66 mcatrn

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Posted July 28, 2015 - 03:21 PM

I've shared some of my story before, so I'll just say this: in my mind, there's no way we'd be purchasing RB4 if it wasn't for C3. My wife and I joined the Rock Band party late, blasted through RB1, 2, and 3, bought a ton of DLC and purchased Lego and Blitz just to get more content. It was fun for a few months, and we always looked forward to the weekly DLC releases from Harmonix. When those ended, I thought our Rock Band experience would, too. There's only so many times you can play the same songs over and over again. Our weekly RB party started taking place every other week, then monthly at best.

When we found this community, it was like rediscovering Rock Band all over again. Songs and artists we had always pined for were suddenly at our fingertips. We were introduced to new artists and new songs. Through RBHP old favorites became new. We even ended up downloading a bunch more DLC that we had passed up before because it didn't have harmonies (I mean, honestly, how can you expect us to sing I Know What I Am without two parts?). Oh, and we bought new equipment because, you know, new stuff is awesome.

Without this place would've put down the mics and the axe (this is a slang term young people use for "guitar") long ago with no guarantees we ever would have picked them up again. Now I've got RB4 on preorder. We are going to miss the weekly releases here but it's tough to imagine that the community will dissolve since it still has so much to offer. I fear change but am excited for the future. Thanks for everything.

#67 Khaos52

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Posted July 31, 2015 - 12:44 PM

My son brought Guitar Hero over on Thansgiving with the one red guitar. We played that for 8 straight hours passing the guitar around. I ordered the game that day with the 2 Guitars from the web site and have never looked back. I'm probably one of the oldest players. I'm 63 now and have every game, over 10 working guitars, the Eon Drum set, keys. everything. When Rockband 3 closed I kept on playing. Picking up old DLC that I didn't buy. I had checked out the customs several years ago, but the directions were to much of a pain to follow. Last week I saw a Babymetal song on Reddit and started looking at Customs again. I have played every night for at least 2 hours (I'm old, remember) and downloaded almost all of the songs on file here. I now look forward to every Friday. I still play with my family, but expert is now out of the question. Quick question though...how many songs can you put on a flash drive ?? Thank you!

#68 FujiSkunk

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Posted July 31, 2015 - 06:48 PM

We need more older players! I'm 41 and so just on this side of "older". :)

Quick question though...how many songs can you put on a flash drive ?? Thank you!

You're limited only by the size of the flash drive and the game's limit of 2,952 songs (1,000 songs on the Wii). If you're on the XBox 360, there is a bug in one of the more popular XBox file management programs, PartyBuffalo, where it won't add the 256th file to a directory with 255 files, but if you're on the latest XBox system software and you use the RB2USB utility in the C3 CON Tools package, then you'll never have to touch PartyBuffalo.

If you're asking instead how many files tend to fit on a flash drive, of course that again depends on the size of the flash drive, but generally most customs are in the 5MB to 10MB range, while official DLC and multi-stem customs tend to be in the 50MB-ish range. For a 32GB flash drive, that could translate to around 4,000 typical customs or 600 multi-stem customs.

#69 Mtyness

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Posted August 1, 2015 - 06:04 PM

Pretty similar to anyone else,Rock Band took a break on DLC,saw some Cool Customs on Youtube,found this forum.It brought back the spark of playing Rock Band after a year of putting it away.A lot of fun and New Customs to play,plus a good amount of personal favorites from a genre I thought I never see in a RB game(Anime/J-Rock/J-Metal,etc.) I didn't really go back to the normal Rock Band since the Custom Songs were way more fun and had a much better variety of Music to choose from the folks that made them.I do have a One and will be ready for RB4 when it gets release, but if they drop the ball with this one,I'll gladly go back to the Customs.

#70 Damage Inc.

Damage Inc.
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Posted August 1, 2015 - 06:18 PM

It's always been alive, after purchasing about 80% of dlc I was crushed when they announced they were done. ( still refuse to play american pie but I own it). Then I came across your guys nifty website and it caused me to obsess even more. But there was one problem, I'm have a 3 year olds grasp of computers so I would fantasize about one day playing your songs. Then the crap hit the fan! You guys announced that you were stopping to, TOTAL PANIC!!!! Thankfully my neighbor figured out how to download songs and taught me how to do it as well. I Cant thank everyone who charts songs enough. But we need more hair metal!!!! And how come nobody has done children of bodom Hate Crew Death Roll yet. Couple more requests Phantom, Rocker, and Slick (men without shame), Aldo Nova (monkey on you back) Billy Thorpe ( children of the sun), and Loverboy (turn me loose, kid is hot tonight, lucky ones, when its over, take me to the top) , Berlin, Steelheart (angel eyes), Firehouse, and of course gimme some Y&T!!! Thanks again everybody! Rock out with your cock out and ladies jam out with you clam out.

#71 prewow

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Posted August 1, 2015 - 09:29 PM

C3 and its community are the reason i have kept playing rock band, i first discovered RB customs just before official dlc came to a halt, and remember trojan nemo posting about "the rapture" i expected it to be big, but not as big as what c3 has now become, and honestly i cant thank every single author, tester and contributor enough for keeping my favorite game alive. so thanks to all you have kept me rocking long into the night many many times :)

#72 Mystical Potato

Mystical Potato
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Posted August 3, 2015 - 06:51 PM

Would like to take opportunity to say that without C3 they're would have been songs that would not have come properly due to licensing, yes C3 has enhanced my Rockband experience as it gave me the opportunity to play songs I would not have been able to.

I would like finally to thank the authors for taking the time to release songs on a weekly basis and it is very much appreciated.
Charles Blake.

#73 TheThief

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Posted August 5, 2015 - 08:54 PM

Between offical c3 releases and great user generated content, rock band keeps rocking at our house. . . Even more than it did when rock band was all the hype. The sound quality, excellent charts, and animations, make every song fit right in next to official hmx content. Plus c3 customs have introduced me to bands I probably wouldn't have gotten to know. Sometimes it feels like an interactive version of something like pandora. Thanks to everyone who contributes.

#74 Gtafan421

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Posted August 7, 2015 - 08:55 PM

Absolutely. I think if it weren't for customs, I'd probably have stopped playing the game a long time ago. The DLC kept it alive too, but I could only afford so much DLC at a time, and typically my game budget for DLC is not very much, and if I have a DLC budget at all, its going to go to either Rock Band or a full digital game. With Rock Band 4 coming closer to release every day, I look back at the day when I discovered C3 and I smile a bit, as cheesy as that is, its true. C3 has added over a hundred more hours worth of play to my Rock Band 3 from the official weekly releases alone. Despite me not having been active lately because of work (haven't been playing any games lately period), I still play Rock Band when I can, and most times I'm playing customs.
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#75 vandorb12

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Posted August 11, 2015 - 08:01 AM

C3 has kept my interest up in rhythm gaming. After RB3 DLC went dark for my Wii, I flocked back to Phase Shift to create some content for their project. As development started to decrease, so did my love of mashing 5 button instruments.

Then I found out about how people started putting customs on their XBOX. Not only did this help spark more interest in ripping (I know it's a touchy subject), but it also sparked a grand migrating to convert all 5 button games to a very well established platform that anybody with a computer and some time could do... ROCK BAND 3!

Although I'm a Wii user, this really got me exited. I was able to convert some C3 songs to Phase Shift and enjoyed some brand new high quality charts from artists I enjoy mashing buttons to. When the figured out Wii customs, I waited impatiently for a usable tutorial so I could have some of the fun the big boy consoles had for quite some time.

Now that I figured out how to put customs on my Wii, I have a pretty good feeling that this might revive a monthly Rock Band party at my place. Thanks C3.

#76 MeestaShane

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Posted August 15, 2015 - 04:17 AM

Has it kept my experience alive? A bit, though I was still playing often by the time I heard about C3. What it did do is refresh the experience for many of my friends. My RB now goes on the road a lot, and I don't mind -- people get shocked just to see how much good stuff is on there.

And the songs... yes, they have made me go back and see what Harmonix has in their RB catalog and has prompted me to purchase a few CDs even. Thanks for keeping this around.

#77 TrojanNemo


    The Programmer

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Posted August 15, 2015 - 04:35 AM

I would like to know how those of you finding out about C3 now (i.e. 2 years+ in) are hearing about it. I have an idea that the HMX forums are a bit more lax when customs are mentioned than they used to back in the days, and I think that may have something to do with it. But I have no proof of that.

#78 Ultimate_MANG0

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Posted August 15, 2015 - 09:10 AM

I would like to know how those of you finding out about C3 now (i.e. 2 years+ in) are hearing about it. I have an idea that the HMX forums are a bit more lax when customs are mentioned than they used to back in the days, and I think that may have something to do with it. But I have no proof of that.

I had seen a few videos on youtube of some customs, but always thought it was done through modding the xbox and such. After some digging I found this site :)


#79 Damage Inc.

Damage Inc.
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Posted August 24, 2015 - 03:38 AM

Even though ive bought 90% of dlc, I still felt a little empty inside because I know that even with all the gh and rockband games and their dlc, that its just the tip of the iceberg. Then I found out about you people, and by you people I mean everybody and their beautiful brain that has help make the vision a reality. You guys have just about perfected the whole video game/ partyokee idea. Then it gets better, you guys are sharing your knowledge so that just about anybody ( I use that term loosely) can create and keep the vision going. THANK YOU!!!!! to everyone, I have gotten many hours of enjoyment out of the second life you breathed into my 360. I know charting isnt easy but has anyone thought about a lead guitar, a rhythm guitar, and bass chart? CHEERS & THANKS.
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#80 Mr Wally

Mr Wally
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Posted August 27, 2015 - 09:04 AM

Right then, as the end of days seems to now be approached I guess this is the best time as any to do this, to be honest this is kind of hard to do.

After the DLC dried up, me and my friends still played Rock Band but I could sense the end was coming with no DLC it was just a matter of time before we couldn't be bothered to get the stuff out...

So I searched endlessly on Rock Band forums / Rock Band Aide and other sites just trying to find some information that possibly new DLC was coming or Rock Band 4 was in development, there was nothing... Then around the end of 2013, there was thread on the official Rock Band forums on how people keep the game fresh, on this thread someone mentioned customs "what's this customs thing?" I thought.

A few google searches and I came across a YouTube video of someone playing customs, this was awesome however I soon realised this probably relied on a modded 360, then a bit more searching I saw C3's how to play customs on a 360 guide. Did it and it worked! My mind was blown, literally the first week my friends came round after discovering this, this was like Rock Band 4 to us, having all these new songs and convenience of stuff like having to no longer change discs when I wanted to play Beatles Rock Band allowing us to import these now to Rock Band was/is beyond awesome.

I tried doing customs and failed (ask funky, thanks for your help) lol, but with C3 going I may give it another shot, but from trying customs myself I see the effort it takes to make them and I couldn't have any more respect for the authors because of this, sure there are a few customs that aren't my cup of tea, but thats my problem and I will always respect peoples efforts.

Friday releases were a highlight again, so many great songs released, too many to list and a special shout out also to songs that probably wouldn't see the light of day, even if HMX was still doing DLC, Black Lace - Superman for example, this song took me back to my childhood going to a local social club with my parents, I find it hard to believe this was have got done via official means.

THANK YOU for on the top of my head: Guns n Roses - November Rain, Led Zepplin - Stairway to Heaven, Madonna - Like a Prayer, Genesis - Land of Confusion, Toto - Africa, Cranberries - Zombie and there is literally so many, many, many more!

And also a big shout out to the guys on "The Other Customs" thread, especially the guys who do FB customs. Whether still active today or not.

So there we go, from a simple google search, here we are almost 2 years later. Seriously to all the authors THANK YOU not just from me, from my wife and from every single person who has played a custom when I bring Rock Band to a party. You kept this going longer than I ever thought would have hoped and whilst RB4 won't straight away replace Rock Band 3 party wise (as it all about the songs then) I will still be buying RB4 on release and see what the future holds.

All the best and I hope we can continue C3.

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