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Have C3/customs kept your Rock Band experience alive? Tell us here!

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#21 corporalgregg

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Posted June 17, 2015 - 01:55 PM

I was up at 5am every week since the launch of RB1 buying DLC and for a very long time was putting videos on youtube of the new content. During that time and even before I was also messing around with Frets on Fire and the customs on that forum. Briefly, I had a JTAG'd 360 and could play a handful of customs in RB2. A small minority of customs notwithstanding, customs were really shitty until C3 came along. Harmonix ending weekly DLC was shitty and having you guys pick up the torch was a real thrill because I really respect the quality of the customs produced here and on these forums and it's extra awesome to be able to play bands you know will never become an official reality.

I've tried several times to do my own customs and I just do not have the patience or discipline to stick with it, so I have massive amounts of respect to the crazy, crazy people who do find that time and energy to make these charts a reality. I'm pretty down on RB4 with the confirmation that there won't be any online multiplayer at launch and, well, I'm not sure they'll ever get around to adding it in, so RB3 and customs are going to be keeping me going for a while yet or until my 360 is dead and my instruments rendered useless.

#22 espher


    Harmonies Hacker

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Posted June 17, 2015 - 02:22 PM

I've got a lot of e-mail from people saying they bought DLC because of RBHP, and that made me very, very happy.

C3 Author/Admin, Project Lead for the Rock Band: Harmonies Project

#23 Maulrock

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Posted June 17, 2015 - 11:24 PM

My wife says to me back in Oct of this year to look and see if anyone has done anything about adding new songs to Rock Band. Low and behold here is C3. I love music, more so than most people in my circle. I tried guitar in my early 20's and that wasn't happening. Where I lived, drums wasn't happening. (Even though I banged on everything I could with my hands when music was playing and drove everyone crazy!) Anyway, not to tell my total life story. Rock band was born and a friend said come over and lets try this. Been hooked on drums ever since. Never played a lick in my life, but I amazed myself along with all of my circle how quickly I picked it up. I played every chance I could without people killing me. With 850+ songs I tried to mix it up, but with DLC gone the main complaint I was getting was tired of hearing the same old songs over and over. Even with that much. So I found this beautiful goldmine and been creeping nearly every day since. But what makes my story slightly different than most is, I got tied of replacing my plastic drums that I would break constantly, and someone was giving away for free this 5 piece drum set. Yea setting it out on the curb! So I asked myself the question. Would it actually work? After adding a few pieces and a few weeks of training myself to hit it where I was supposed to, I was there and there is no turning back to any plastic or electronic drum set. I did go through plenty of sticks and a few skins until I got used to the whole idea of using an actual drum set with rock band, but I am here to tell you all, it can be done! Some songs like Killing in the Name of from Rage sound bang on perfect, and some songs I need to play a few times to hit the right things by ear.
I cannot begin to give enough THANK YOU'S to everyone involved with C3 and the work they do for us, and ALL of the other custom makers out there. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Now I can honestly say I can play anything from Jimmy Hendrix, RUSH, Metallica, Godsmack, Disturbed, TOOL, and anything in between on nothing attached to Rock Band. (too many to list lol) You just have to crank that **** loud to hear it!

So I would say that C3 and all the custom makers for sure has enhanced my Rock Band experience. I will look into Rock Band 4 but no promises. Depends if I can do the same thing with it.

#24 Uncle Biff

Uncle Biff
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Posted June 18, 2015 - 12:09 AM

I had got rockband 2 for christmas a few years ago after seeing the amazing amount of songs that could be bought and played in the game. Needless to say i played the game religiously and even imported rockband 1 and searched high and low for a lego rockband export key so i could get "Every little thing she does is magic" and "Word up!"

After spending lots of money and countless hours mastering the game and playing every song, I had discovered many bands that I hadn't really heard before and now absolutely love! Rockband opened up my ears to a new world of music that had been hidden from me for quite a while.

Then I heard about rockband 3. Bought it the day it came out and thought that the inclusion of synth was perfect and the idea of pro instruments really sold it. Imported everything across to rockband 3. 1,2 and lego. I searched through the rockband store and the newer network store and spent lots of money AGAIN on what i thought was the greatest music game of all time. 5 starred everything on rockand 3s disc on pro drums and even made me and my friends as custom characters in the game. Hilarious! The hours I have invested in the franchise is scary.

Even though I had spent the most part of my gaming experience on rockband the last few years I slowly felt myself getting bored of it. The time had passed and it was time to move on to other games. I had heard about making my own songs in the game but I have an apple mac and i guess i never really thought i could get customs or where to even look and besides like i said, I was getting bored with the game. I had moved on to next gen and there was nothing keeping me on the xbox 360 and i let it gather dust for quite some time on my shelf.

Then not that long ago. Me and one of my friends started going on guitar hero and challenging each other. He had played rockband and GH as much as I had and I finally had someone who was as good as me who could play locally at my house. I knew that harmonix had stopped releasing dlc but somehow i found rosanna by toto on the store and I had wanted that song on the game for years and somehow I hadnt noticed it there for purchase. AMAZING! Bought it and then a load of other songs my friend had bought and recommended. We had discovered rockband again!

Now VERY recently, as in last month I went away to the countryside and i have a lot of music on my iphone but i was in the mood for RUSH. An awesome band whose first song I had ever heard was on rockband 2 (the trees). While away I got addicted to the song superconductor. Im not sure why but i guess after hearing the entire discography of a band I branch out to lesser known songs. I couldn't leave it alone and while sat away in the middle of nowhere I searched youtube for the music video etc and found a video of superconductor being played on rockband 3. It was a custom song! After doing a bit of research I found your website and you guys had uploaded that song not that long ago.

When I got back to my house I slowly but surely got customs working on my xbox and I have never had more fun on rockband! Since discovering all your customs and the customs of other users I had to join up and actually thank every single person who has added customs to this game. I have downloaded songs i NEVER would have thought would be on here. Count of tuscany, the theme to return of the living dead, tommy the cat, sorry you're not a winner, in the air tonight, the save room theme from resident evil 1 and about 15 songs from 311 I thought no one would bother charting (but somebody did and I TRULY appreciate it) :)

I search these forums practically every day looking for songs I've missed and while I will be getting rockband 4, I dont think I'll stop playing and downloading customs.
Thank you all.

#25 PopGoesRockBand

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Posted June 18, 2015 - 12:16 AM

I started off with a copy of Guitar hero 3 with a 360 Controller! LOL :D
but my cusin and member here, Blaize Vincent got me into rockband 1 + 2 and my friend charles had it for the Wii (the first game) i never thought much of rockband, but eventually i got Rockband 2 and oh my god that game got me into so many new music and artists, then i showed a lot of my friends and had a heck load of parties, my friend mark then got it on PS3 and played Rockband 2 like crazy, then time went and went and my friends mark and blaize lost interest and he even picked up The X Factor game over Rockband 3!.

I brought Rockband 3 and showed him the real game he should have brought i got the game Rockband 3 day 1 and had to wait for the keyboard.
Rockband Customs didn't get Mark back into it as he didnt want to mod his PS3, but he does respect rockband customs, and loves a lot of the Customs.
Apart from me and Charles (mystical potato) noone else really plays rockband anymore, believe me i have tried.
I'm hoping Rockband 4 is going to be good, i will be buying it but im not going to be at launch, too many features left out for me and the wrong direction. the old saying is "if it aint broke don't fix it"



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Posted June 18, 2015 - 12:58 AM

My first experience of Rock Band was RB1 on the PS2, bought the full band kit and absolutely loved it. Then Harmonix started releasing DLC so I bought a PS3 - luckily my old instruments were compatible - happy days. However I couldn't wait for the Pal release of RB1 so I imported a US copy, no region lock a PS3 so again happy days however the DLC was region locked so set up a US PSN account and fake address and then spent a small fortune over the next 6 years buying US psn cards from ebay to buy all the DLC that was released bar for a few packs.

Used to have regular RB nights with friends and played RB2 to death even got the platinum - yes spent over 6 hours drumming for the bladder of steel trophy! Imported US RB3 on release. Bought keys and mustang guitar but never had the patience or inclination to learn these properly, but my pro drumming was really improving so got an DM6 Alesis - I was in the big league! Then Harmonix pulled the plug on DLC - I needed counselling, what was I gonna do on a Tuesday evening!

Fast forward 3 months - saw a trailer for the rapture on score hero and felt a tingle in my stomach - holy shit new songs, only problem I needed an xbox and controllers. Picked up a new 360 and a second hand guitar hero controller - needed to test these customs out before purchasing more kit. At this point C3 had released 3 or 4 weeks of content which included all the GH converts, I was truly amazed how good these charts were, so very close to official DLC. Picked up another 3 guitars, an xbox ion brain, keys and another mustang - no idea why I still cant play them and I was off again.

Started to get grips with some of the incredible homebrew software, thanks Nemo, and acquired all the official DLC. Applied all the upgrades from the harmonies project, thanks espher, and started building custom packs. I now have two hard drives of content - one for party songs and songs I like and another for metal and for songs that are less well known in the UK. I never go online so I'm not bothered about using USB sticks. I'm currently swapping songs between the two drives, fine tuning my set up to satisfy my RB OCD!

The standard of the custom content has risen ten fold over the last 2 years and the support for new authors has been tremendous. I'm now picking up songs from the other customs forum as the quality there is right up to almost C3 standards. I'd love to author myself but unfortunately my 18 month old son has other ideas!

There is no doubt I wouldn't be still playing RB3 if it wasn't for C3, you guys rock. I just wanna say thank you to everybody in the community for what you have done. C3 has created a monster - I'm sure customs on RB3 are going to continue way past RB4's release. Yes I will be buying RB4, I've got a PS4 so it will be another US import or digital download and I will be dusting down my PS3 instruments, however Harmonix are going to have to pull out all the stops or I'll be returning very quickly to my custom setup. Thanks for reading this waffle now back to the game ....

#27 Guido

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Posted June 18, 2015 - 10:19 PM

When I first found this site like many others who have commented before me it was a revelation.Having tired of the standard Rockband tracks and a handful of DLC s.. to find this website was really encouraging.

For me, my hobby is authoring. Having become reasonably familiar with Reaper and all its nuances and with the abundance of help from forum addicts like myself.... I get a kick out of authoring tracks (admittedly, some way of the C3 standards ). The fact that I can publish these , and people comment their appreciation. That really satisfies to know that others get a kick out of my efforts too (which really makes up for the hours spent authoring until my eyes are out on stalks...)

Without C3 of course, none of this would have been at all possible. So a big thank you, one and all to rekindling my creative streak.
Rock on!

"They say that people live and learn , some people only live and live ..."

My C3 Customs showcase

#28 Colonel 32dll

Colonel 32dll
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Posted June 19, 2015 - 12:22 AM

I found out about the ability to create customs just before the official DLC stopped. I was less interested in finding other customs (though I did find and DL a LOT) and more interested in actually making my own. By the time C3 came to be, I was busy in my own world creating my own customs. I didn't share them at the time - I wasn't really aware of the forums or what was available within them. I DL'ed C3 customs via customscreators.com as they came out, but that was all. Once I realized what was going on in the forums (eight months later), I started sharing what I had created and suddenly (with some positive feedback from the community) I kinda became addicted to creating and releasing my own customs each week, foregoing almost all RB3 playtime. Lately I haven't had the time to work on customs or play RB at all - my current investment in the community is checking the forums every day. But to answer the question, yes, customs and C3 specifically has absolutely helped keep RB alive for me.

#29 FELP91

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Posted June 19, 2015 - 04:52 AM

Actually, the truth is that constant catalogue updates is the key to keep ANY songbased game alive.


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Posted June 19, 2015 - 05:17 AM

Do you have stories on how you kept playing the game and now plan to buy Rock Band 4 because of customs?

I think customs have helped keep the game alive for me. I really never had anyone to play the game with since my wife and friends arent into rock music. Back in late 2011 I got a message from TrojanNemo on youtube. He found the custom forgot about dre that was created by nonzero. I had posted a comment earlier that year because I couldnt figure out how the hell to get the song in the game since it was an rba file. He took a long shot and sent me a message asking if I had the rba file. Thats pretty much how I learned about customs. He helped keep me up to date with what was happening the custom scene on xbox360iso and then eventually c3. If he had never messaged me, I probably would have never found anything about customs and sold all my gear. You all have kept the game alive for me, even the guys submitting there own stuff on the forums. Since customs kept my interest in the game combined with Rock Band parties I now have I will definitly be buying Rock Band 4.

Have you bought additional DLC after discovering an artist through C3?

I haven't bought any dlc from discovering new artists through C3. I am pretty picky when it comes to artists so although I watch the c3 videos every Friday, if I dont know the song or the band, I'll pass on the song.

Even though you don't own a current generation console are you planning to keep playing Rock Band for as long as possible just because you found out about user generated content?

This is my first time owning both current gen consoles. For awhile I flipped back and forth about keeping my 360 just for the customs. I have had a few offers for the console and Rock Band gear that I have collected over time and decided with the announcement of Rock Band 4, it would be a perfect time to sell it and then reinvest that money back into Rock Band 4, new instruments, and dlc. With that being said, since I sold my stuff to a coworker, I will still be able to play Rock Band on the 360 whenever they have a party and keep that catalog up to date for any customs that release in the future.

#31 Alternity

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Posted June 19, 2015 - 06:48 AM

If it werent for C3 (or the custom scene, I guess), I think I would've stopped playing RB. The release of RB4 is useless to me, being a pro k/g/b player. C3 is my future on the RB side, unless HMX magically updates RB4 with pro keys at least, in which I have big doubts.

Anyways, keep up the great work!

#32 Domino

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Posted June 20, 2015 - 10:23 AM

I started with RB1 and then moved to RB3 (no RB2 in officially Australia), I have been playing all the time ever since. When DLC ended I was a little sad, then later I found customs via that other iso site and various other locations. THEN C3 ENTERS, Wow. The organisation here is great, I love the database, makes it easy to find songs; and the visualiser images is a great concept.

C3 for me has added the extra variety/genre of songs to rockband, like rhythm guitar, sax/bagpipes etc on keys. I will continue to play RB3 and customs, and thanks to C3 I'll try my hand at authoring a song. I also got another person to migrate from GH to RB because of customs, specifically because of the C3 database website, and with all the tools available makes it easy for them (novice computer/xbox user) to get songs onto their xbox.

I've been lurking here for a long time. I'd like to say a very big thanks to all those in C3, GHtoRB3, RBHP, and all the authors whether you're in C3 or not, I have probably played your customs, and I loved them.

I hope C3 and customs continue after RB4 is released.

#33 moc_os

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Posted June 20, 2015 - 06:51 PM

Yes. I look forward to every friday. Even when rb3 was well and alive there seem to be more interesting choices here. Because im on wii i wont be able to experience rb4 so this group has been essential to expanding the life of rb for me.

Ill be sad when you guys stop outputting songs.

#34 jaxcap

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Posted June 21, 2015 - 08:55 PM

I don't post here ever, really, but the whole reason my group of friends started playing Rock Band 3 was because of C3. Every week, we meet up and play Guitar Hero and Rock Band. We've been doing it for years. We used to play mostly Guitar Hero, but eventually we got Rock Band 2. It's a great game, we loved it and wanted to buy some DLC for it. We even made a list of all the songs we were going to buy, there were dozens. But unfortunately we found out that by the time we got RB2, the DLC store was already shut down on the Wii, so instead we decided to add some custom songs.

While we were searching for custom songs for RB2, we found C3. At first we were disappointed because all the customs were for RB3, but then we realized we could just switch to RB3 instead. Since then we've downloaded so many songs from the database and the forums. Some songs we couldn't find, so we used the tutorials on the forum to chart them ourselves. C3 is awesome, the game is so much more fun when all the songs are ones you actually like.

(Also the RB3 DLC store still worked so we were able to get the DLC we wanted after all :) )

Unfortunately we're probably not going to be able to play RB4 because all of our instruments are for the Wii (not sure if they'll work with the XBox/PS), but we're still going to keep playing RB3 even after there aren't any new C3 songs.

#35 Gep

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Posted June 24, 2015 - 02:56 AM

We were late adopters of RB3 after playing it at a friends house.
Got it, then discovered customs.
Now we have the most robust catalog in our circles thanks to the fine folks here and all the hard work they do! :cool:
Emphatic YES to your question.

#36 hobbzee77

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Posted June 24, 2015 - 03:52 PM

firstly let me say my RB life pre c3 was a happy one, i was a Ps3 user with pretty much the entire Harmonix DLC bought and paid for and played constantly on all instruments.
However, having played the same songs on drums so often, i became obsessed with high scores & record attempts, to the point of lunacy!!! all the while constantly searching the web for ways to get new songs onto my ps3, but to no avail.
then one day after getting sick of my searches always ending with "only for xbox360" , i decided to follow the white rabbit as if i owned one of these magical 360 devices and clicked on, curious as to how the other half lived & exactly what i was missing out on...
that was the day C3 not only improved the playing field, but changed the whole frickin game entirely as far as i'm concerned!
i signed up and spent the entire Friday evening finding some of my all time favourite songs and reading awesome comments & chat between awesome RB enthusiasts, so excited for the daylight to arrive bringing with it Saturday morning retail hours!
so within 15 or so hours of joining this community, i had gone and bought an x360 and the first guitars & drums i came across (still not managed to get a darn Logitech guitar for 360 tho, despite having won an ebay auction for one *thanks very much Ebay & australia post! i didnt want a refund, i wanted a red LogiGit to match my 2 Black ones!!!*)
Anyway, i've since introduced this amazing site to others & we're now frantically trying to get authoring sussed before you shut down for your very well deserved hiatus, coz we play C3 customs and Other Community Customs constantly.
BTW most of the people i play with are working musos who gig/tour constantly, so being able to have a cupla drinks & have fun together in the loungeroom on songs other than our own originals that we all have to play constantly (ad nauseum!) has really put some fun back into our home lives
So Thankyou so much Farottone, pksage, TrojanNemo, Nyxyx..., espher, sideshow, nunchuck & all of the other authors who spend sooooo much time and effort to give us all stuff to rock out to. You can all feel free to ask me to test any drum charts, any artist, anytime , anywhere.
You Guys Rock

#37 Naemuti

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Posted July 1, 2015 - 03:45 AM

Rock Band customs without a doubt saved me from getting entirely burnt out of RB3. After playing every single song umpteen times I just started picking up the game less and less and less, sometimes going months without playing it. Because of C3 I've been able to play some of my absolute favorite songs ever, stuff I never thought I'd see in the game in a million years. Yes' Gates of Delirium? Dream Theater's A Change of Seasons? The entire Act II by The Protomen? Dreams comes true to play in the game all made possible by the awesome dedicated people here. So yeah, C3's customs really did a ton to rejuvenate my interest in RB and I want to very emphatically thank everyone here who's contributed something to the community.

#38 psiven

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Posted July 1, 2015 - 03:21 PM

C3 customs brought me back from years of absence and across platforms to play Rock Band again. I had to stop myself from buying more DLC at one point, and got back into it in RB3 when they announced the end of DLC. But it didn't last very long as the variety was not increased that much. I was always sad that PS3 support just wasn't the same and avoided the customs scene because it didn't apply to me.

I was very impressed when I came across C3 this year and found the massive catalogue available. So much so that I went out and bought an Xbox from some kid in the boonies who seemed confused that I would want one (it was clearly sidelined by his XB1). Not long after that I found myself with a fancy electronic drum set rocking along to bands I never imagined would be in the game, and spending every spare moment thinking of new songs to add and setting to work on making it a reality.

I now have quite an impressive library, to the point where I have to prune it frequently to stay under the song cap. Yet even more impressive is the list of "to do" songs I still hope to add someday, with the only limit being time. C3 made all of that happen and empowered me to keep it up indefinitely, the step HMX could never take. But I have to imagine they are proud.

#39 zepmauricio

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Posted July 3, 2015 - 03:23 AM

And of course RB4 will be awesome but RB3 already rocks, and no matter what farattone and all you guys are gods of music and C3 will be always in my heart and im sure you will continue because music is life so C3 is life but even more than that :derp: thanks

Keep Rockin!

#40 ComaWhiteCPW

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Posted July 6, 2015 - 02:24 AM

Thank you to the official contributors as well as the authors in the other customs section. I enjoy browsing and adding to my collection. Definetly kept the experience alive. RB4 will be fun as it will be a new challenge in terms of goals, achievements, and skill, but C3 has kept the game and experience alive for me and my friends who wanna have full band karaoke and could care less about the in game accomplishments. So thanks again!!

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