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cPlayer - The Rock Band Customs Player v2.4.0 [9/9/15]

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#141 samjjones

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Posted September 23, 2016 - 12:15 AM

From the "better late than never" files...


I finally got around to downloading and trying this piece of software.


Holyfuckingshit...this application is pretty damned awesome!


You really outdid yourself, Nemo.  Not only are the controls extremely intuitive, but the various modes and displays are really well thought out and practical.  I probably shouldn't be surprised, but yeah...it's great.  You deserve more love for this one.  Very well done.

#142 TrojanNemo


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Posted September 23, 2016 - 12:41 AM

Thanks. It's my favorite piece of software so far. It's one I use often to listen to songs, specially cool new customs that I download even though I don't really play anymore.

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#143 TrojanNemo


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Posted March 21, 2017 - 03:25 AM

I'm officially ending support for the program. It's been obvious, but putting the fine point on it.


Read more here:


#144 Jerry1gman

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Posted January 22, 2018 - 10:24 PM

And here's a thing. If no big bugs are found, I want to think I'm done with this until at least next year. With one exception. I want to add stage kit support...and I need your help.

See, I know how to read the song files. I know how to operate the stage kit. But what's missing is very important. How do I combine these two? Do you know how HMX uses the venue track to operate the stage kit? I don't mean "it reads it and it uses it to guide the stage kit" - I know that. I mean, when do they decide to turn on red led 3? When do they decide to turn on the strobe or fog?

So, can one of you very smart and creative people help me out with this? I need a write up of a way to make this happen. No code, just what in the chart should do what on the stage kit.

If one of you wonderful peeps does this, I will add it to cPlayer.

Then you'll have a music player than can handle thousands of customs at once, that can do karaoke in 4K resolution AND will liven up your party with stage kit goodness. This could easily be the next reason for your house party alone :v:

So, who's up to the challenge?


It's never too late to share, I experimented with some of the lighting cues and noted the results

Word Doc https://drive.google...pc5AYRipMNmKDLd

Image https://drive.google...aBp9wZcQ5ap7P-P

#145 dragontology

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Posted June 28, 2019 - 09:54 PM

Just wanted to say thanks for this, this is really cool. I think the karaoke mode alone makes this worth having. What would I do if my Xbox 360 dies? Maybe I could pick up another one at a pawn shop, but with this, I can play the customs on the PC as karaoke tracks and at least have that. I was never a good rhythm gamer. I sucked at Guitar Hero. When I play Rockband, I only sing. I can play bass up to hard up to about tier 4 and expert up to tier 1 or sometimes 2, guitar a bit lower, and I really don't have the endurance to do drums at any level. But I can do vocals and I can pass just about anything on expert and do fairly well on anything on hard. My skills are nothing to brag about, except maybe to children. But I love music, and something that will play music in a different way like this is at least interesting.


Also, I can put this on a flash drive with a handful of customs, and take it anywhere. So that's neat, too.

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