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Chicago Chronicles 4/16 - FINALE - Liberation

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Oh yeah!! Signing up to play test guitar :)


Guitar is the hardest thing to come by so far. Everyone working on this project has skills with keys mostly. I've done bass for some of the more simple tunes but still it's lacking overall for the project. If anyone want to lend a hand in that department let me know. I have isolated multichannel files for the guitar, keys, and other stuff if that'll help.

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I just want to say I love that ya'll are doing this. The first two Chicago albums are a couple of my alltime favorites.

I'd help out if I knew anything about the process....


Thanks again! :excited:


You're welcome. I couldn't do it without my contributors lending a hand here and there. I'm still looking for help particularly with reductions. Only the Beginning...... only just the start :D

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This is going to be awesome when it is done! Great songs. Really looking forward to Hard To Say I'm Sorry and You're The Inspiration, as well as Saturday In The Park.


Thanks for doing this! :)


Glad you're looking forward to it. It's been a lot of work with lots more to come but it'll be worth it once people start playing.


Synced and added drums for A Hit by Varese, Dialogue, Just You 'N Me, Jenny, and Call on Me.

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