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The truth beind FoF conversions

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#21 Kloporte

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Posted October 16, 2014 - 07:32 PM

I know, I don't plan on using these last two anyway :P But it'd have been good for me to have them when I just started doing converts.

#22 Nobby76

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Posted October 23, 2014 - 04:09 PM

Hey guys, new member here (this is actually my first post) I was/have been a member of the fof community from about a week after the first version of the game came out (back in 2006)
If its any consolation we had the exact same conversation over on the FOF forums, regarding quality..
Some people, especially new members if they couldnt find the song they was looking for, would chart it themselves.
But more often than not they didnt actually read up on how to make the songs "properly" so note placement and especially timing was often a big issue, a lot of the new guys just just wanted to be able to flail buttons while the music played.

The best advice i can give if you are thinking of converting an FOF song to RB custom, just check up on the user who created it, if they have a lot of songs, odds on they have had the practice and can produce a better note chart. Where as one hit wonder kids generally didnt care about quality, it was more " HEY i can play along to my fav music now"

Anyway Keep up the awesome work guys, from what i can see 99% of your charts piss over the quality of fof/ PS charts.

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