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I failed to acknowledge my 5 year charting anniversary last year so I might as well do something this year. And why not update something from my earliest days.


LATEST UPDATE 8/9 - 6 year Anniversary UPDATE: Chicago - Beginnings


GUITAR: rubydanger



UPDATED 8/9/2020: Guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and venue all brought up to my modern standards :)

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LATEST UPDATE 10/31 - Halloween 3 pack (Metallica, Death, Judas Priest) 2x version GUITAR: EchoOfMystery GUITAR: EchoOfMystery 2x version GUITAR: EchoOfMyste

Well these definitely aren't the original mixes so I thought it was best to use the 2002 artwork. When I do get around to"These Boots" it will be the original mix because there are no stupid lyric ble

Thank you to Cheesecake Militia for making preview videos for all the Chris Cornell related tunes that I've released so far. All the links in the database and my thread have been updated with them but

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LATEST UPDATE 8/11 - Weyes Blood - Seven Words


GUITAR: EchoOfMystery

STANDARD KEYS: Bansheeflyer

As the enchanting Weyes Blood, Natalie Mering has marked cherished moments of human transition with her consistently mind-bending psychedelic folk. Upon the release of ‘Front Row Seat To Earth‘, the second Weyes Blood full-length, Mering is approaching a chapter of incandescent awakening – again marking the timeless elements of her beguiling landscape yet on this occasion with an eye to the future rather than the reminiscent past.
‘Seven Words‘ is a masterful collection of poetic melancholy and soul-expressing purity. The rich tradition in Mering’s voice has never been clearer, bursting from within the subtle sparsity of the arrangement. The cinematic pace softens the blow of the most human of realisations – the awareness of falling out of love.
Mering beautifully takes account of one of life’s wrenching tasks, the procession of learning to live without the person you once loved. The noticeably short use of verse the embodiment of numbness and disorientation – matched with the sensual lucidity of the composition to create the perception of anguish in confusion. With ‘Seven Words’, Mering is the fractured spirit of starting afresh – in magnificent standard.
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LATEST UPDATE 8/13 - Roger Daltrey - Under a Raging Moon


GUITAR/BASS: bsbloom

“Under A Raging Moon”, released in September 1985, amounted to a homecoming in more ways than one. Daltrey faced both his legacy and his lingering regard for the Who head on, with the album including a song in tribute to his fallen bandmate Keith Moon. The idea of addressing Moon's sudden passing made sense. But Daltrey ultimately did something on a much grander scale, fashioning a sweeping title track that included a galaxy of star drummers: Roger Taylor, Cozy Powell, Stewart Copeland, Zak Starkey, Carl Palmer and others.
"It's about a Who show," Daltrey told the Associated Press. "It was the producer's idea to put seven drummers on the end. It seemed like an outrageous Kit Lambert [the Who's original producer] stroke from the old days, so I said, 'Let's go with it.' It has come out exactly how I wanted it, with that lovely live feeling about it. Almost all of the things that happened in a Who show are in one song, even down to little things like it almost goes a bit out of a sync toward the end."
drummers in order of performance:
Martin Chambers
Roger Taylor
Cozy Powell
Stewart Copeland
Zak Starkey
Carl Palmer
Mark Brzezicki
Mark Brzezicki and Zak Starkey – outro
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I am curious, why did you go with the Buffalo version over the Sheik Yerbouti version?


Because I prefer it to that one. Vinnie Colaiuta on drums destroys Terry Bozio anyday IMO. I also did "Broken Hearts are for Assholes" from Buffalo 80 for the same reasons.

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LATEST UPDATE 8/20 - Grateful Dead - Unbroken Chain


GUITAR/BASS: bsbloom


“Unbroken Chain” with words by Bobby Petersen and music by bassist Phil Lesh stands as one of most musically complex pieces they performed, and the fact that it was never, until 1995, performed live in concert by the Grateful Dead puts it into a unique category. The roar that went up from the audience when they broke it out at the Spectrum in Philadelphia on March 19 of that year virtually drowned out the first minute of the performance. It stayed in the live repertoire during that final tour, and was played in the penultimate spot in the second set of their last show on July 9, 1995.
But the studio version on Mars Hotel always blows me away. The mysterious studio sounds that resemble jet planes taking off or water dripping, the incredible Garcia solo, the rapid changes in mood and the twists and turns of tempo and structure all combine for a wild ride. And Bobby Petersen’s lyric is right up there with some of Hunter’s best, for me.
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LATEST UPDATE 8/21 - Frank Zappa - Outside Now




GUITAR: nsw1-6/SteveHasAMustache


UPDATED 8/21/2020: So once upon a time in early 2016 I was a Zappa newbie diving headfirst in the catalog. I started charting drums on a lot of songs never thinking they would become full band. My charting skills were not up to par for the intense difficulty on some songs so I edited them heavily. Over 4 years later I decided the time was now to restore this and 3 other Joe's Garage tracks to their full glory. The final minute of the outro has been restored. Bass, drums, and guitar are all up to code.

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LATEST UPDATE 8/26 - The Cardigans - Travelling with Charley



GUITAR: SuperRiderTH


All of this sixties nostalgia of the Cardigans sophomore album culminates in it's most creative gem, “Travelling With Charley.” I love this particular record because it shows such self-awareness. The band knows that their stuff sounds like TV theme songs from the 1960s, so they quite literally made a theme song for an imaginary TV detective show from the 1960s. The show is about a hapless “detective darling” who “never finds a trace,” and every episode ends when “someone else has solved the case.” It’s a brilliant song, and it shows that the group doesn’t take itself too seriously — they’re in on the “joke” too. It’s this kind of risk taking that endears a group like The Cardigans to its audience. So often, our favorite artists are afraid to show us that they’re actually having fun. And what’s Life without fun?

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LATEST UPDATE 9/9 - Grateful Dead - Help on the Way - Slipknot


GUITAR: EchoOfMystery


Help on the Way is a true "one of a kind" song that no other rock song sounds like. That's a pretty impressive feat.
It's a modal minor song (as is the following Slipknot!) that uses lengthy complicated patterns that are probably partially inspired by modern (at the time) jazz songs like Freedom Jazz Dance written by Eddie Harris.
While the song does have some great and original music what makes it amazing are the simple and catchy verses and chorus. And as great as the chords and vocal melody are, Hunter's lyrics are even better:
Paradise waits
on the crest of a wave, her angels in flame
She has no pain
Like a child, she is pure, she is not to blame
Great imagery. It's difficult to put my finger on a specific theme or story in these lyrics but the words are beautifully mysterious and left up to interpretation.
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I had a full slate of releases for this week ready but my C3Universe is acting up and won't let me upload so in the meantime I might as well make the announcement for my 2020 month long extravaganza. Coming this October................ behold Pearl Jamathon!



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