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DenVaktare's Customs - Tool's title track is out! I'll get to work. Next event: 8/23/19 to 8/30/19

Tool Full Band

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#421 DenVaktare

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Posted August 11, 2018 - 07:45 PM

Hey guys! Here with "The Oracle" by Godsmack, a roughly 6 minute instrumental you're sure to have a blast with on all instruments! Expect an update next weekend with a custom venue and with the other guitar part charted to keys!


Thank you so much for "Lies of the Beautiful People". I really wanted to see this song in Rock Band and didn't know when I would have done it myself so I'm glad you did!


Thanks again!


You're very welcome, Banshee! Thanks much for the comment! :D  Awesome. I've got a few on my list like that as well so I'm happy I was able to deliver!

#422 DenVaktare

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Posted August 12, 2018 - 01:11 PM

Gooooooooood morning listeners! The day has finally arrived. It's Anniversary Rock Radio and I am your host, DJ DenVaktare! I'd like to thank again the 'Wonderful Week of Customs' team for sponsoring this event and for bringing us some new customs! What do you say we jump right in to event number two?


8:00 a.m. - I can tell you right now it's going to be a great day to be a Rob Zombie fan! Right off the bat it looks like we've got upgrades to two customs! "In the Age of the Consecrated Vampire, We All Get High" has received upgrades in the form of unpitched vocals! "What?" receives not only the same upgrade, but a Keys part as well! See you next hour! I hear some more Godsmack may or may not be gracing us with its presence...


9:00 a.m. - My suspicion was confirmed! Godsmack is here and it's "Saints and Sinners", another track from 2010's The Oracle. And much like the title track, it doesn't matter which instrument you play - you will have a blast! See you next hour!


10:00 a.m. - Upgrades for Sick Bubblegum come rushing in! A few drum fixes as well as unpitched vocals! See you next hour!


11:00 a.m. - Our final morning hour already, listeners? Time flies when you're rocking out. This hour we have "Brother" by Dark New Day. Some may recognize this tune from the Custom Mix Playlist on the Xbox 360 dashboard! This custom will be receiving awesome harmonies at a later date to come, so keep your eye on it! We'll see you next hour!


12:00 p.m. - I can think of no better way to start the afternoon off than with some "4 Walls" by Black Light Burns. You may have heard this track if you ever watched my all-time favorite T.V. show Burn Notice! I will prevent myself from making this post go on for pages and pages talking about Burn Notice. Send me a message about the show if you'd like a friend for life. This is one of the tracks that even got me into authoring in the first place! The Wes Borland fronted band delivers an excellent time with this one. Pick any instrument and I can assure you you'll have some fun. See you next hour!


1:00 p.m. - Rockers! I apparently have friends who want to participate in Pokemon GO's Community day given the current 113 degree heat index! I can guarantee we will not be there for the full 3 hours! Check back in later this afternoon for some more content! Brand new Zombie, Drowning Pool, Wolf Alice, and more! You'll have to rock with my oldies for now! See you soon! 


2:00 p.m. - **Out sweating/Pokemon-ing.


3:00 p.m. - **Out sweating/Pokemon-ing.


4:00 p.m. - Welcome back, rockers! We're restarting the afternoon by transforming... "Werewolf, Baby!" is now available to customs fans everywhere. But be careful! They can sense the rhythm in your blood... See you next hour!


5:00 p.m. - WOLF ALICE! Due to the very positive reception of the "Giant Peach" custom, I quickly went to town to chart the first track I had heard by the band; "Moaning Lisa Smile". It's repetitive but the melody is very catchy and I look forward to when I can bring you guys pitched harmonies! Those should be a lot of fun. See you next hour!


6:00 p.m. - *arf* *gobble* *chomp* Sorry folks, we'll be taking a quick commercial break to hear from our sponsors while I stuff my face! See you next hour!


7:00 p.m. - It's the day of upgrades here at Anniversary rock radio. I'm finding myself a lot more comfortable with vocals and am even branching into pitched territory! I promise it won't be another 4 year wait however! My entire catalog will be pitched before you know it! "Revelation, Revolution" unpitched upgrade is here! See you next hour.


8:00 p.m. - Time for a brand new custom! This time I've got Drowning Pool and a track off of Sinner, "Reminded"! It's a great track that I hope everyone will have fun with! 


This concludes Anniversary Radio for the day! This DJ has to take care of some things outside that were ravaged by the heat wave, and some other responsibilities! I still have a few items and a track that went unreleased, so please check back in tomorrow! I'll try get them to you guys! Have a great evening. This is your DJ DenVaktare, signing off.

#423 drossvirex

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Posted August 24, 2018 - 10:20 PM

Good work man! So many songs 😀

#424 DenVaktare

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Posted November 1, 2018 - 02:33 AM

Happy Halloween everyone! 


I bring with it a brand new Rob Zombie track for you to play, as well as upgrades to four other Zombie tracks! 


Try not to eat as much candy as I have... Someone please send help...

#425 Bansheeflyer



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Posted November 1, 2018 - 06:22 AM

Sweet! More Zombie! Thank you and Happy Halloween!

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#426 DenVaktare

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Posted May 7, 2019 - 08:24 PM

Hey everyone. Here with pitched vocals for "The Pot"! Please give me feedback!


Long time, no talk! Have you heard the brand new Tool songs? I couldn't believe it when I received a notification this morning. 


Also, I purchased an AT2020 condenser mic, and am very happy with it so far. You can expect an increase in quality to lip-syncing in the venue. 


I wanted to tell you my plans for the future. I'll likely be retiring from this awesome world of customs after we get the new Tool album charted and put into the database, unless some things change. But before that happens, there's still plenty of work to be done!


*Need to finish an awesome collab with Mr.Burpler that will be done shortly and will excite many Tool fans.


*I've got quite a few new Tool tracks around the 90% mark, you can expect those after the aforementioned.  


*Adding pitched vocals to all existing Tool customs. (Jambi, Right in Two, Intolerance, Stinkfist, and H. are all very close to done.)


*A few more Chevelle customs to release. 


*A few more miscellaneous customs/collabs to release.


*Lastly, a promising OLP collaboration.


I've set a hard due date of 1/1/2020. If I do not finish everything I want to finish it will either be handed off to someone should they want my files, or made public so others can decide if they want to finish any incomplete files. I'll definitely still be around doing various maintainence and possible venue edits. 


***Those looking to collab on Tool's new album:

I have laid a rough map for Descending and insterted the parts I had already charted.


I am in the process of laying a map for Invincible. I had already charted one of the main guitar riffs from various new Tool snippets.


My plan is doing enough work to these tracks that I can copy paste to the studio, fix them up, and get them out a few days after the new album drops. 

#427 BornGamerRob

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Posted May 8, 2019 - 04:41 AM

Hey there! Where you been?? Glad to see you back. I've missed your unique delivery of customs and always looked forward to reading through your threads. Looking forward to more of the Tool tracks (actually, again, my g/f really looks forward to them...they're just to torture me for drum playing mostly).

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#428 DenVaktare

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Posted August 7, 2019 - 12:11 PM

Gues what?! Brand new studio music!  :D  :D


Fear Inoculum:



Next event is 8/23/19: Wonderful Week of Customs.


It'll carry us to well... you know. 

#429 MrBurpler

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Posted August 7, 2019 - 01:25 PM

This is so weird, Like... NEW music?!!??!??!?? NEW!

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#430 drossvirex

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Posted August 8, 2019 - 08:26 PM

Gues what?! Brand new studio music!  :D  :D


Fear Inoculum:



Next event is 8/23/19: Wonderful Week of Customs.


It'll carry us to well... you know. 

I can't get enough of this new song. The next event? BTW, I think it's awesome you are tracking the new album, I'm so stoked about that. Thanks!

#431 DenVaktare

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Posted August 15, 2019 - 10:21 PM

This is so weird, Like... NEW music?!!??!??!?? NEW!

Still convinced this is some alternate reality... 


I can't get enough of this new song. The next event? BTW, I think it's awesome you are tracking the new album, I'm so stoked about that. Thanks!

I know right?! My next batch of releases is what I meant by the next event. And thank you so much! That really means alot. I'm hoping I can finally do Tool some justice.

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