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DenVaktare's Customs - 5/10/20 - Birthday Rock Radio (TooL Edition) - Tool: Disposition - Broadcast Interrupted!

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https://www.dropbox.com/s/9h0td73pd24xg6w/DVMBCullingVoicesv1_rb3con?dl=0   The above is 2x drums and does not have its venue. But that's what makes it a teaser.

Thanks for the Staind. They were a pretty decent band before It's Been Awhile made them a ballad act.

You are welcome! Haha, I hear you. I enjoyed that their latest album had a few songs that returned to that "heavy" ness.


I'll grab the Toadies song while I am waiting patiently for Tool :D

Haha excellent! Won't be a long wait! =D


Are you just using a stereo track for Discipline to save space?


There are multitrack stems available for everything off The Slip. I messed around with them during the RBN beta.


(Also, the drum fills seems to be off by a note in that.)


Space is never an issue. Ignorance on my part is, though. Thank you very much for bringing those to my attention. In the overhaul, I will use them! That excites me!


And yes, I have already made a note of that, but I'm really glad you brought it up! It's nice to have a confirmation. I appreciate the feedback, and the information.


I want these customs perfect!

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Hey guys! Just wanted to say that my next 3-pack should make its appearance this weekend. I've also got something big in the works. Tool fans will be happy. (I've been inspired by C3's upcoming Genesis project. Though mine will obviously pale in comparison! :D I mean Genesis?! Those guys are crazy.... crazy awesome!)


Any chance of you doing Mudshovel?


Not claiming it at the moment, but if no-one has gotten to it by the time I do my overhaul, then yes sir! I'd like to do two more songs off of "Dysfunction" with Mudshovel being one of them!


Toadies & Strokes - very nice!!!


Thank you as always clumsy! :D I definitely dig those two songs! And who doesn't love Toadies?!

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Hey guys! Just wanted to say that my next 3-pack should make its appearance this weekend!


Ugh! Life/school/stuff getting in the way of precious customs! I'm releasing 1 of the 3 on Friday for sure. I'd release it today but I've been a dummy all week and I want to play test it before it hits the masses!


So you make a crazy amount of Tool songs?


Haha certainly not on the scale of the C3 gentlemen, but it should quench any thirst for Tool! That's the goal anyways. It's all tempo mapped, so I'm excited in that regard! Now if could just figure out what in the hell Danny's doing half the time, we'll be ok...

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Hey guys! Puscifer update! Also, I fixed all the URLs, no more left-clicking and "Open in New Window." Sorry about that! You should have said, "Hey stupid!"



Thanks. This made my day. I can't stop laughing [FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY]


How ironic, because this made my day! :D Haha, I'm so glad you can relate to the pain! Friggin' machine, that guy.


Hi!! Sorry I took so long to tell you: your last customs were AWESOME!


Woah! No way am I worthy of an all caps AWESOME! Too much honor! Thanks, Lyrrah! :) I'll be fixing the kinks soon!


Do you also plan on doing some APC?


thanks again for doing Tool <3


I sure do! "The Package" will be coming any day now, and I am working on another song by them now!


You are very welcome! :D And you should be quite happy with the Tool project I am slowly but surely picking away at!

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  • 2 months later...

Hey guys! Sorry for the long absence. Very glad the semester is over. It hit me pretty hard!


Real quick - Today was supposed to be an 8 track release, but I have to travel for the holidays and am walking out the door as we speak! The following songs are 100% done on guitar, bass, and drums, but magma decided to be a pain for me this morning! I will try have them compiled for the weekend. Sorry they aren't today! :(


A Perfect Circle: Blue

A Perfect Circle: The Package

A Perfect Circle: 3 Libras

Disturbed: Monster

System of a Down: Lonely Day


So please check back this weekend/start of next week(I have to finish something for someone that should have been finished a long time ago, it shouldn't take long, but it will take top priority)!


Furthermore, the Tool project is coming along nicely and I will be releasing songs as I finish them instead of as a giant pack. (My schedule is nuts.) If you want an advanced copy of Rosetta Stoned (Guitar Only), Hush (Drums only), or Hooker with a Penis (Bass only), PM me!


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Eve! :D

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Hey guys! Updated with Blue, along with unpitched vocals for Jambi and Stinkifist. I'll be updating this page all day with fixes and the other songs I had mentioned (including the Single Pedal version of Blue.) If you see "v2" right before the _rb3con in the link, that indicates fixes and the link is live so feel free to download!






  • -An issue where the audio was waaaaaayyy too friggin' loud, thereby causing low-quality sound.
    -An issue where the Drum Fills were off by a note.
    -The Guitar was slightly reworked (adding a few missed noted, changing the pitch of a few chords, and eliminating a few unnecessary doublets). Beta left-hand animations were also added.
    -Bass hand animations also added.
    -Drums had a few notes added/changed.
    -Unpitched Vocals, along with vocal animations, were added.



  • -An issue where the audio was too loud.
    -An issue where the Drum Fills were off by a note.
    -Drums had many notes added.
    -Beta left-hand animations for both Guitar and Bass.
    -Unpitched Vocals, along with vocal animations, were added.



  • -An issue where one measure of the Drum part near the end of the second chorus was off by an entire 1/16th.
    -An issue where the audio was too loud.
    -An issue where the Drum Fills were off by a note.


Machu Picchu:

  • -An issue where the Drum Fills were off by a note.



  • -An issue where the audio was too loud.
    -An issue where the Drum Fills were off by a note.


Summer of the Strange:

  • -An issue where the Drum Fills were off by a note.



  • -An issue where the Drum Fills were off by a note.


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Oh man! Did you seriously just put out a custom of Taper Jean Girl? Didn't know anyone knew that song - fantastic!


Haha, it excites me that you do! :) And I know right?! I don't why people don't! It's an excellent song!


More Disturbed!! This is the greatest community ever. You guys are awesome. Merry Xmas to all


The community is incredible! Hope you had a Merry Christmas yourself! Check back later today for Monster!


I'm really excited for all this Tool and APC. Thanks so much! Jambi and Stinkfist were a big hit with my local RB group. I'm especially looking forward to the vocals overhaul, so I can sing along with them (it's just not the same without the mic enabled in-game).


Awesome! :D You are very welcome! I am going to try and release unpitched vocals for all future customs (until the overhaul, which wll pitch them, of course) so that you won't have to run into this issue again, because it does suck having to sit out! And I really do hate leaving out you vocalists! :(


Thanks for that. I will do the same now.


I just don't want to leave you guys high and dry for 3 months again >.<;. I'm looking very forward to your projects, Bob! :D

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Man! You guys are too kind! And you're very welcome! =D I'm really glad you share my affinity for rocking out to Tool!


I am so damn excited to do Stinkfist!

Well this excites me, so thank you! :D


Unpitched vocals helps

I hope they are alright! I'm taking baby steps into vocals, and I'm hoping that if I can get the timing of the lyrics down right, I can really just ease into the overhaul. Then it would be a matter of determining pitch and dealing with slides! A lot of the leg work will be done!


Hi i can't find the single bass version of blue anyways, can you add a link please

Can't find what's not there! Totally my fault on that! I've been having computer issues. Reaper kept "unexpectedly" quitting after every 2 notes I charted. But it wasn't a Reaper issue (as other programs behaved similarly), it was a my laptop issue! Got everything fixed now! Link is up. :D

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