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Bsbloom Customs - Update: 9/26/20 Soul Sacrifice

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Ten customs for August. These run quite a gamut, a couple of current songs, two from the 1950's, and even one written in 1801. Composers run from Beethoven to Vivaldi. Yes, classic buffs, that Beethoven (but sorry, classic buffs, it ain't that Vivaldi). Three songs were charted for guitar only - the rest are full band.


Let's start with all the goodies from Beethoven:


OK, maybe that last wasn't really written by Beethoven. Still, it is hard for me to resist any really bad pun.


Anyway, Chuck Berry is due for an appearance in Rock Band. Unfortunately, I an not much of a fan of his music, nor his, "Please, God, won't someone teach me how to play a fourth chord" style of writing. There is only one Chuck Berry song that I really love, which is, of course,



Downloads for the three Beethoven metal covers are here:




The two Berry tunes are here:




The other songs this month are requests. For Rockin Rindy, we have some more Satriani, live.


Download is here:



This is a great song. Thanks for suggesting it.


Finally, FarCry2112 asked for Angel Vivaldi. Here are four of his songs:



Downloads are all here:




Sea of Heartbreak is my favorite AV song - check it out. It is truly amazing. The last song, Carols of Hell, is a fluff piece, but quite a lot of fun. It is available only as a YouTube video here:



Be sure to look for the Holiday Greetings taped to his butt.


Speaking of YouTube, Moonlight Sonata, by Dr. Viossy, is also from a YouTube video, and his guitar skills are truly amazing. Give it a look - you won't believe your eyes, or ears:


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Bsbloom, I just got through pillaging the rest of your thread, and I must say you have great taste in tunes and great dedication, especially to do customs over 10 and even 20 minutes!


If you ever decide to make "Lucky Man" full-band, look me up. I'd be happy to help out.

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I played "Johnny B. Goode" on hard guitar, and couldn't even make it through the song. Extremely difficult.


Personally found this not too bad apart from the solo.


I found Roll Over Beethoven a lot more difficult - way too many notes with fast chord changes for hard. Shame - these would be great at parties.

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For this month, all classic rock customs, picking on bands that have little or no Rock Band exposure.


For starters, what is mostly an update, Lucky Man by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. This was one of my very first charts, adding guitar to a drums only FOF cut by Oscarj08. I love the song, but my chart was not very good, and I have wanted to fix it up for some time. This new version is full band, with the guitar track completely rewritten, and the synthesizer charted for Pro Keys.



Download is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/77igse3hfi173h4/LuckyManv4FB_rb3con


The next band is an old one that achieved newfound fame thanks to Rock Band II, yet, oddly enough, has never appeared yet in any Rock Band song, or C3 release. The band is The Outlaws. Everyone here has played through Green Grass and High Tides, but that song is actually a cover, an "As made famous by". Actual songs by The Outlaws are nowhere to be found. That ends here - yippee-ki-yay!



Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fulc9sf2n93wcl3/GhostRiders


The third group for this month is Ten Years After. This was one of many middling bands asked to fill in at a festival held in a small upstate New York town, Woodstock. At some point during their set, their guitarist/singer broke out an old blues tune from their Undead album, I'm Going Home, and blew the audience away. Suddenly these nobodies were famous, and remained a top-tier band until they split up a few years later.


Here is that pivotal Woodstock moment:


During their run, they had only one true mega-hit, I'd Love to Change the World. You may not have heard this song before from Ten Years After, but many other groups have covered it since, so the song is likely familiar. Check it out here:



Here are the two big songs from Ten Years After:



Change the World was originally done, for guitar only, by Ivanmq1, on Frets on Fire. I rewrote much of that chart, and added the rest.


Both downloads are here:



The last group is Iron Butterfly, with a song that needs no introduction.



Drums are by Blitzbob. Download is here:



So, break out the bongs and tie-dyes. Bang away on some RB drums, or some plain old air drums, and trip away.

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