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Bsbloom Customs - Update: 8/1/20 Open Invitation

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#461 Funk Meister Freud

Funk Meister Freud
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Posted November 22, 2017 - 08:42 PM

That's some super sleuthin' there, glarms.  :cool:

Oh yeah, this one'll be 'hotter than a pepper sprout'!

If I appear to be a little "off center", pay it no mind.

It's just the nogrognophobia kicking in.................

I have this morbid, unreasonable fear that the rum's run dry! :D

#462 bsbloom

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Posted December 1, 2017 - 01:06 PM

Now, to my teaser.


Jackson was written by Billy Edd Wheeler and Jerry Lieber, in 1963.  The song is a duet between a husband and wife, whose marriage has lost its fire and spark.  He keeps threatening to pack up, and go into Jackson, while she laughs at that notion, and his over-blown ego.


Which Jackson?  There is one in Mississippi, and another in Tennessee.  Neither, or either, according to Wheeler,


I just liked the sharp consonant sound, as opposed to soft-sounding words like Nashville.


Two versions of the song were released again in 1967, one by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, which climbed as high as #14 on the charts.  The other (and much better version, in my opinion) was by Johnny Cash and June Carter.  It was a huge Country hit, rising as high as #2 on the Country charts.


At one point, the wife sings that the folks in Jackson will simply laugh at her man,



They'll lead you around town like a scalded hound with your tail tucked between your legs

All the while, she'll be there, in Jackson, watching his humiliation, laughing at him, hidden



behind my Jay-Pan Plan


This one drove me crazy.  I listened carefully to both versions, and both Nancy Sinatra and June Carter clearly sing out Jay-Pan Plan.  What is that?


The lyric sites have this, not as Plan, but Fan.  OK, Jay-Pan Fan.  Still no clue. 


Finally, after lots more research, I found the answer.  She will be hiding behind a little ornamental hand-held fan, an ornamental Japanese fan.  Aha! 


     Jay-Pan Plan


is Country twang for


     Japan fan.




Download:  http://customscreato.../jackson-r19155


Drums are by AJFOne23.



Late in his career, Johnny Cash embarked on a series of records, called the American recordings.  In these, he did stripped down covers of old songs, featuring the simplicity of his voice and his guitar.  Most tracks involve little other accompaniment, perhaps a second guitar, or a piano. 


We already have one of these in our database, Hurt, a C3 release from 2013:




Get it, if you don't already have a copy. 


Here are two more:




Download at:  http://customscreato...ml/_/one-r19153





Download:  http://customscreato...al-jesus-r19154


One is an old U2 tune, while Personal Jesus was originally done by Depeche Mode.


Great songs, both, and superb works by the legend, Johnny Cash.


I started out this month looking at Nancy Sinatra songs, with several in mind, but veered to Johnny Cash, when it came to Jackson.  So poor Nancy got slighted.  I'll finish off the month with one of her songs,




Download:  http://customscreato...gar-town-r19156


This is a pretty stupid song, but it is so damned catchy.  I hate myself for liking the song, but ...

#463 wingsoveramerica

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Posted December 1, 2017 - 01:21 PM

Thanks for the songs!

#464 Funk Meister Freud

Funk Meister Freud
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    Washington State

Posted December 1, 2017 - 11:22 PM

Thanks Bsbloom! The man in black gets some much needed RB3 love!

Hey, was Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots (Are Made for Walking)" available earlier today or was that just my imagination? What happened and will it be available at a later date?

Asking for my wife, because Housequake loves that song.

If I appear to be a little "off center", pay it no mind.

It's just the nogrognophobia kicking in.................

I have this morbid, unreasonable fear that the rum's run dry! :D

#465 bsbloom

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Posted December 2, 2017 - 12:38 AM

Tell Housequake it is on the way.  I did a version, but, as it turns out, someone else had already finished one for the C3thon.  It will appear soon.

#466 Farottone


    The Lean Mean Customs Charting Machine

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Posted December 2, 2017 - 01:07 AM

Tell Housequake it is on the way.  I did a version, but, as it turns out, someone else had already finished one for the C3thon.  It will appear soon.


Let me thank you publicly for holding off on this release, we really appreciate it a lot. :)

#467 Funk Meister Freud

Funk Meister Freud
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Posted December 2, 2017 - 01:41 AM

Geez guys....apologies for inadverdently letting the cat outta the bag. I had no idea....

Good news is, at least I know I'm not senile (yet) and we have "Boots" coming! Thanks! :D

If I appear to be a little "off center", pay it no mind.

It's just the nogrognophobia kicking in.................

I have this morbid, unreasonable fear that the rum's run dry! :D

#468 bsbloom

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Posted January 6, 2018 - 06:39 PM

Happy New Year.


I had four customs ready to upload, but can't get things to work.  My computer crashed, and I lost (temporarily, I hope), all my data.  Tried to copy the cons from my xbox back to my laptop, and upload.  Unfortunately, one of them would not load, and a second had absolutely horrible sounding audio in the Visualizer preview. 


Something seems off.  I guess I'll wait until things get fixed before posting.  So, only one, which I did on my laptop, after the crash. 




Download:  http://customscreato...d-a-word-r19624


I'll be back, but it may take a while.

#469 hotfuzz

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Posted January 22, 2018 - 12:35 AM

Many thanks for the Yes track. Sorry to hear about the laptop. I hope your New year has been improving since then.

#470 bsbloom

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Posted February 6, 2018 - 10:13 AM

Five customs for you for February (as well as a few guest appearances in Amour Month).


First up is a real classic, and one of my all-time favorites:




This song was started by Horace Ott about his ex, Gloria Caldwell, in the early 60's.  The song was finished by Bennie Benjamin, and Sol Marcus, who got the writing credit.  Ott could not get credit, under the old ASCAP rules, since he was not a member, but his ex-wife was a member, and she is listed as one of the song-writers.


The song was first released in 1964, recorded by the jazz great Nina Simone.


It has been covered many times, but the two biggies were the Animals' 1965 version, and the disco twist on it released in 1977 by Santa Esmeralda (also in our database).


I've always been a big fan of the Animals.  My first C3 credit came for House of the Rising Sun.  That was in the days when Newbies could submit a chart to a C3 panel, and, if lucky, get picked up by a mentor.  Nyx took my charts on, polished them, and did the daunting keys charts for House.


Don't Let Me be Misunderstood has been on my list of projects for a while, along with Sky Pilot.  I'll get to that one eventually.


By the way, there is another, fairly similar group from the same era - great male singer, phenomenal keyboard work, doing lots of covers.  I have several of their works planned for next month.  You can try guessing the band.


Download:  http://customscreato...-misunde-r19931


Next up is the third of our Blind Faith releases:




This is one of the best songs on their album, with several solos by Clapton, and some astonishing drumming.  The song is huge fun to play on every instrument. 


Pick it up here:  http://customscreato...ry-today-r19932


For my third release, I have another Yes song from the Time and a Word album.  I am slowly working my way through that masterpiece album. 




Download:  http://customscreato...raveller-r19935


This custom is loosely based on the G/D custom made by  AJFOne23, Missingn042128, and Sideshow which is in our database.


I've had that on my xbox for a long time, but was never really satisfied with it.  For starters, the tempo map was written for the drums, which don't enter for quite a while.  The beginning is out of sync a bit, but, if you only play drums, you won't notice.  There are also time signature changes in the song, at each bridge, not included in the original.  Again, not that important, until you start charting the vocals, and try to line up the verses to start at the beginning of measures. 


Anyway, I finally decided to make this one full band, and scrapped the old tempo map.  Except for a few sync issues, the drum chart is unchanged.  I added bass, keys, and  vocals, and rewrote much of the guitar chart.


The month finishes off with two instrumentals.  The Yes classic:




Download:  http://customscreato...the-clap-r19934


and the shredder's delight:




which you can pick up here:  http://customscreato...mphony-v-r19933



The Clap is, essentially, for guitar only.  There is a drum part, but only because Bruford plays a few bars at the end, where, in essence, he is clapping with his drum sticks.


Drums:  as easy as could be.  Guitar:  Ouch.  What a killer.  I am pretty good with my plastic instrument, but this one does me in.  That Howe fellow, I don't know how he hits all of those notes.


However, there is another Howe fellow, who hits notes that no one can master.  Symphony V is a wonderful, wonderful piece, but God is it hard to play.  Download it, set it on easy, and enjoy the music.  Or set it on expert, and prepare to die!

#471 AJFOne23

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Posted February 6, 2018 - 10:55 AM

OscarJ had nothing to do with Astral. It was one of my earliest customs which is why you found issues with it. Thanks for fixing it up. Please allow me to make a venue  :)

#472 bsbloom

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Posted February 6, 2018 - 11:34 AM

Thanks.  I'll remove his name.  I think it had venue work, which I carried over.  I'll send you my work.

#473 rezavakili

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Posted February 6, 2018 - 11:43 AM

Great release, love all your classic rock choices. Thank you.

#474 Jonztu

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Posted February 6, 2018 - 01:41 PM

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood was long overdue, thanks!

#475 FujiSkunk

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Posted February 19, 2018 - 07:08 PM

A belated thank you for all the prog and proggish!

#476 bsbloom

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Posted April 17, 2018 - 10:12 AM

A huge pack for you, from the incredibly popular cover group, Three Dog Night.


The band started around three singers, who had worked for other artists, including Brian Wilson (of the Beach Boys), and then formed their own trio, called Redwood.  These were Danny Hutton, Chuck Negron, and Cory Wells.  They took on some session musicians and formed a full band, which became Three Dog Night.  The name referred to the three lead singers, and to an old outback expression, about a night so painfully cold that you had to sleep with three dogs to keep comfortable.


These were singers, and, with their new additions, great musicians, but not songwriters.  They normally did covers of old songs, or covers of obscure material, or covers of songs that did well in other countries.  Occasionally, they bought songs from writers, written specifically for their group.  All three lead singers were amazing mimics, and they could totally capture the nuances and phrasing of a female singer, like Laura Nyro, on one piece, and then sound exactly like Otis Redding on another. 


The band was wildly successful for about a decade, selling something like 40 million albums, recording 21 Billboard Top Forty hits, including three number one songs.


They still tour and perform today, though only Hutton, and guitarist Michael Allsup are around from the early days.


Here are the customs:




Download: http://d.c3universe....f41063.98579524



Tenderness was written by Campbell, Connelly, and Woods, in the early 1930's.  Bing Crosby was one of the first to record this, and had a hit in 1933 with Tenderness.  Otis Redding did a smash hit recording of this in 1966, and TDN released their take on this on their first album.  Their version, and the Redding hit, sound very similar, particularly in the vocals, by Cory Wells.  The backing is stronger, and I really love the wonderful ascending guitar theme.  I get chills every time I hear that, or play it.


This was my first TDN chart, finished two months ago, and I have probably played this one fifty times.  It is a great song, maybe the best of these customs.


Drums and tempo map are by AJFOne23.


The next three come from their second album:




Download: http://d.c3universe....d1ec05.48143837


This was written and performed by Laura Nyro in 1967.  Her version, and TDN are quite similar, and, once again, the lead singer is Wells.




Download:  http://d.c3universe....dfdd43.59309920


This pretty ballad was written by MacDermot, Rado, and Ragni, for the rock opera Hair.  Negron takes the lead singing duties.




Download:  http://d.c3universe....661cf9.70744797


Again, drums and tempo map are by AJFOne23.


This one was written specifically for TDN, by Bonner and Gordon.  It starts out with a Cinderella type theme, slow music, talking about dressing up for the big ball.  Then it shifts into pop anthem mode - indeed, "Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music" is often heard today at rallies and sporting events. 


The lead singing shifts from one to another, all three members took turns leading this one.  You may never have heard of this band, but you will recognize this song. 


And, even more so, you will recognize this one:




Download:  http://d.c3universe....b888b2.98975106


Drums, tempo also from AJ.


Another anthem song, written specifically for the band, by Hoyt Axton.  His first version started out, "Jeremiah was a prophet" , but, no one in the band liked that.  Someone changed prophet to bullfrog, and the song was born.  Negron is on lead for this one.


Like Celebrate, this one is used today at lots of events.  In fact, in Denver, this one blasts over the loudspeakers whenever the Broncos wrap up a home game win.  Broncos win, Broncos win, and we have joy to all the fishes in the deep blue sea.




Download:  http://d.c3universe....924160.25090054


This one was written by Arkin and Robinson in 1954, and first released by the folk legend, Pete Seeger, in 1956.  Three Dog's version was a huge hit, one of their number one songs.  Hutton has the lead for this one.


In 1954, we had "separate, but equal" schools.  In 2018, we still shoot and kill people of a certain color at traffic stops.  Has anything changed?


Finally, my other real favorite from this collection:




Download:  http://d.c3universe....5bee03.55177480


This was written, and recorded, by Leo Sayer, in 1973, and did quite well on the UK charts.  Sayer threw in a 45 second introduction of circus music, the piece, Entrance of the Gladiators, by Julius Fucik.  Then the actual song kicked in. 


Unlike the other covers by TDN, they made major changes to this one.  First off, they threw in a calliope to play the Fucik circus music.  Then they repeated that theme throughout the song.  The theme is gorgeous, and, from our Rock Band perspective, huge fun to play.  It should, of course, be charted to keyboards, with no guitar at all there, but, as a guitar player, I wanted to play along.  So, I charted the calliope theme to both guitar and keyboard.


That might offend some purists, and, for you,




Same song, and charts, but with the guitar idle during the circus sections. 


The other big change came to the lyrics.  Sayer wrote, and sang, "I won't let the show go on."  TDN changed this to the ironic "I must let the show go on."  I think this is a great improvement.  Sayer thought not, and was quite pissed at the change.


Negron has the lead. 


Great song.  Get it!  This, and Tenderness are jewels, and perfect for Rock Band.






#477 Spindoctor

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Posted April 17, 2018 - 10:30 AM

Spectacular  :rock:


Thanks to all involved & for sharing with us!!

Links to all songs are in the Customs database.


Rock with the Doc at c3Universe


"Music can change the world because it can change people"  


#478 ws54

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Posted April 17, 2018 - 12:30 PM

Quite an accomplishment! These will go along very well with some songs I am working on. Thanks for all of your work.

#479 MrPrezident


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Posted April 17, 2018 - 02:01 PM

Fantastic pack, thanks

FORUM THREAD  /  MY CUSTOMS -  featuring all the best animal customs:  A Flock of Seagulls, Eagles of Death Metal, Sheepdogs, Turtles, Mouse Rat and Wolfmother.   

#480 AJFOne23

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Posted April 17, 2018 - 03:03 PM

Joy to the Bloom! Joy! Joy!

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