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The Obligatory "Please Be Cool" Announcement (please read)

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Posted April 24, 2014 - 03:50 PM

Hi, guys. It's pksage. How are you? I am fine. The weather is very nice.

Every web forum in the history of ever has had tension among members of the community. Some have a lot of problems, which evolve into "drama", and some are relatively chill. C3 has been one of the good ones, I think. The members of this community are chill guys and girls who are here to extend the shelf life of Rock Band 3 with fun custom songs. We (the admin team) would like to keep it that way.

This announcement isn't in response to any one particular thing, but is rather a proactive measure to help prevent tension in the community from evolving into proper drama. The C3 forums are supposed to be a welcoming, friendly environment, and most of you are doing great. This announcement is for people who are doing slightly less great.

Be cool to each other. Rock Band is a video game, and its purpose is to let people have fun. By making content for it, we are creating fun. If you're encountering more frustration than fun on these forums -- whether as an author or a player -- something is wrong. Hopefully you are not the problem. If you think you might be, take a step back and figure out if participation in these forums is right for you.

Some other notes:
  • An official set of forum rules has been posted, which really should have happened a long time ago. They are mostly common sense, and may be updated in the next few days as we hammer them out. To read them, click the big "FORUM RULES" link in the top bar of any page, or you can click right here.
  • There is a report button, a little triangle with an exclamation point, in the upper right of every post. If you think a given post or thread violates any of our rules, please use it instead of replying or making your own thread.
  • TrojanNemo, one of the founding admins and creator of all of our amazing tools (including Magma C3 and C3 CON Tools), retired from authoring a while ago, and has now decided to leave the C3 community altogether. This is not a "dirty laundry" announcement; Nemo chose to leave of his own accord, and has a very demanding career ahead of him in real life. This does not represent a schism in the administration team or any other change that compromises C3 as an organization. We just wanted everyone to know, because transparency is good.
  • On a vaguely related note, there are no plans to end weekly DLC any time in the near future. If we ever decide to stop doing our thing, we will let you know in advance, and there will be a fixed termination date. But, again, that's not in the cards right now.
Be excellent to each other. With your help, we can continue being an awesome Internet community.


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