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Coming, Very Soon.

Sia - Chandelier Removed.

Can I maybe request some Justin Bieber songs? Maybe Baby?

Current Progress 11/18 Singles

"Change Your Life"

"Black Magic"

"Secret Love Song"


"Shout Out to My Ex"



"No More Sad Songs"

Other Songs:

"Turn Your Face"**

"Weird People"**

Work in Progress:

"How Ya Doin'?"
"Little Me"
"Word Up!"
"Love Me Like You"

"Reggaetón Lento (Remix)"***

** Song released on C3 but is a Non Single.
*** Non-album single

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Not to be rude, but if you do a one-instrument custom you should at least have reductions done for it, even if just CAT reductions. Also since it's a unknown/obscure song, a link to it or a preview video of the chart would be appreciated.


Done it Also havnt setup CAT yet will do lower.

No events or Animations Unless Stated!


You mean "no practice sections or crowd clap events" I sincerely hope, or else the song won't work ingame :P

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No events (apart from Basic Pass) or Animations Unless Stated!


Just a quick note: animations is actually *really* a one click operation with CAT, if and whenever you get around to install it. It won't produce polished drums animations but it will give very good animations for drums and it will place the play markers where needed.

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You really should get the metadata right for your songs though. For Become The Catalyst, enter the album name so the songs sort correctly when browsing your setlist and also have the correct genre and year (Metal and 2006 in this case). Use the album art database (http://www.keepitfishy.com/albumart/?dir=c3) and use the same album art file used in Six or The Air That I Breathe to make them visually match ingame if you haven't already as well.

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Most of these are very rough, With no Album art, Album name, Wrong Year, Genre etc.

My plan is to upload the Files and then once all i have is on here, one by one upgrade.


(and as i said in top post Pictures are Placholders for the Song to give an idea what it is, my plan is to have fixes out)


IMO, that sounds like a bad idea. It would be much better to take the extra 5 minutes now when compiling in Magma than to have to start re-uploading stuff later unless you have actually added something more to the song in the meantime. Metadata is so basic it should be correct-ish from Version 1 in most cases.

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Tails4eva, you probably don't know this, but the problem with releasing songs with the wrong metadata is that any fixes will need a different song ID, otherwise anybody who has downloaded the song and added in game won't see the fixes, because all metadata has already been added to the cache and it won't be refreshed unless the song has a new ID. Either follow NL's tip to have the metadata correct right away or remember to change the song ID before reuploading, otherwise all your fixes won't apply to already installed versions.

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