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Flappy C3: The Game - How to Play & Customize

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Posted February 16, 2014 - 02:43 AM


Given the absurd popularity of Flappy Bird the game (Google it if you're the one person who doesn't know what that is), I was curious as to whether I could create my own with my limited knowledge. Five hours later, Flappy C3 was done!

It's based on my experience playing the original Flappy Bird, so it plays almost exactly like it, but there are some differences. Mainly, I only spent 5 hours creating this from scratch. No tutorial, no template, no copy/pasting from another person's game. This was from the ground up, including graphics, five hours. So it's not exactly a perfectly polished experience :P

Playing it is easy, just click around, avoiding hitting anything coming at you. Since this was created for C3, it's all RB/customs themed. Your background is a note highway (including the C3-powered Rhythm Guitar purple section), and you're helping the C3 logo avoid the oncoming instrument icons!

Want to take a screenshot? Press F12 at any point in the game.
Feel free to share your screenshots in this thread!

Since I'm a sucker for customization, Flappy C3 allows you to customize almost everything. From the way it looks to the way it plays, so you can essentially create your own Flappy Bird clone in a couple of minutes!
Want to learn how? Read on below.
How to customize Flappy C3

To use these, make sure you back up the files in /res/flappy and then replace those files with the ones included in the skin.
I would recommend creating a subfolder called skins or something in case other members share their skins and you have multiples.

Flappy C3 (default) - Created by TrojanNemo - Download

Angry C3 - Created by TrojanNemo - Download

Super C3 Bros. - Created by TrojanNemo - Download



Download game here:



Download source code here:




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Posted August 1, 2020 - 04:49 PM

Time to resurrect a 6 year old post. Wow. I had forgotten that I coded this thing into C3 CON Tools then removed it. I still had the source code so I compiled it and listed it in case anyone is bored and wants to play around with this relic.

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