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It's only been 1 month since I got XBL Gold and so I'm frequently playing RB3 and GH WoR online. But well I came up with 2 ideas.


1/ First one was to get in touch with fellow C3 community so that people coming to this website could find other people to play online with. Sort of a gamertag "database" or call it how you like. Even if we can't play custom songs online on Xbox, this would be an easy way to always to discover our community members and also play with people who certainly own a lot of official DLCs. Yeah because sometimes I spend a lot of time to find mates owning other songs than the ones from RB3 disc...


2) Second idea came to my mind when I noticed that there are so many achievements that have to be done online in old GH games (and that I personnally do not own). But of course, nobody plays those old games online anymore so it's impossible to get them now. Then I thought that here most people might have bought like every GH and RB games (I personnally do) and maybe some of you people have the same trouble as I have, or at least would not mind spending some hours playing an old GH game to help people like me get a particular achievement. Or just "retro"-play for fun.


Anyway, hope some people will be interested as I am in adding friends to play online (RB3, GHWoR or older GH/RB games). Online appointments could also be made easily using PM in this forum, it's a bit quicker than writing a message with the xbox controller and could be more convenient for some of us.


So well, starting by me :


- My gamertag: Korewahondes

- My platform: Xbox 360 (it's obvious if you've read this post but some of us also play on Wii and PS3, so this topic could be useful for them too)

- Interested in playing EVERY GH & RB game online for fun

- I still need online achievements in various GH games (let's say all of them: GHA, GH3, GHWT...), I need the "beat 1 million points in a song" achievement in RB2 and I was never able to finish the RB1 band carrier with my friends IRL (even if this work is still in progress nowadays but certainly won't be over soon).

- When am I online? Evenings of weekdays, some Saturdays (French time)


Hoping not to be the only in this case and to have at least a few answers. :)

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Also, maybe there is a means to play RB3 custom songs online but I don't know it.



I was under the impression that it's possible if you're on a wii?

Dunno about Wii, but this context was definitely Xbox:

It's only been 1 month since I got XBL Gold and so I'm frequently playing RB3 and GH WoR online.
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