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ArmeniusLOD's Customs

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#1 veritasisacerbus

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Posted January 28, 2014 - 10:27 PM

I probably should post this in "song requests" but I think this might work better
http://rockband.scor... ... ne&start=0

Can anyone do a huge favor and convert his "Death Blooms" custom for RB3 I'd highly appreciate it
I've tried it myself but I can't seem to get it up and running.
it's full band and here's a video of it.

Here's the error I get

Project Compiler: Entering Phase 1 of 5...
Metadata Compiler: Starting...
Metadata Compiler: Done.
Project Compiler: Entering Phase 2 of 5...
MIDI Compiler: Starting...
ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (BEAT): BEAT track stops at [120] before end event at [122]
ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (VENUE): verse event at [1] is not allowed
MIDI Compiler: Done.
ERROR: Project Compiler: Midi compiler failed.
RBA Build ended at 6:04 PM.

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