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Eric Calderon

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#1 Fl0oz

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Posted January 16, 2014 - 10:51 PM

I would love it if someone did some songs off or want charting some songs by him.
Most of the songs sound like they would be very fun to play and hard too, specifically ; Somebody That I Used To Know, Trololo Meets Metal, CaramellDansen

I know Skrillex and Call Me Maybe are available and seriously thank <3 but need more Erock's songs i can help you for this :S

Actually i trying to convert 3 songs:

- Kalmah Solo Medley
- Hatecrew deathroll Solo Medley
- Free Bird On Steroids

For this songs i have All charts and audio (MIDI and WAV) need just convert this.. ^^'

I don't know how thanks to you if someone chart one song on this list or Another tuff by 311ERock. I can add him in my Sub Box on Youtube and make lot of publicity or as you want x)
I can be your Playtester and helop you with random things .. x)

Thanks so much for read this :)

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