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Simple Plan - Untitled (How could this happen to me?)

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Posted November 26, 2013 - 08:52 PM

Okay. A guy known as Maupy2 over on the "Frets on Fire" forums had did a chart of this song, though only Guitar + Keys (2 tracks in total) for me. After spending about 30 more minutes on it myself, got it accepted by C3 Magma and made a rb3con file of it and tested it in gameplay. The chart works great and all!

And I've been wanting to share it but Mediafire's uploader is failing to load for me (Probably cause Mediafire was recently updated. I can tell)... So was wondering, if anybody wants to put the rb3con file up somewhere then I should be able to email it safely, though only if somebody wants to. I also am keeping all the files that I used to make the con for anybody who wants to finish the song and get the Vocals charted. (I don't have time to do it myself personally and don't have the patience as charting annoys the heck out of me). Please note I will NOT share WAV files... Just the MIDI chart, album picture, and maybe even the Reaper file if asked.

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