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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I am having trouble with DLC on RB3 (xbox).My DLC songs (about 73) were working fine until I added about three more songs from my computer. Then about 2/3 of my library stopped appearing (both in game and in the Xbox storage menu).I know they haven't been deleted because they all show up on my PC.I've tried searching on Google but no one else seems to have this problem.
  2. I recently installed some new songs on my rockband 3, but now I have the error "fatal crash intercepted" could someone help me... Does anyone know what update I should have, since they tell me that this could be the error ...please ... thanks... Does anyone know what update I should have, since they tell me that this could be the error ...
  3. Hi I'm new to the whole Rock Band 3 Custom scene, so I tried to upgrading a song (adding some missing notes, forcing some strums for rhythm and upgrading it to Pro guitar and bass) with Editor On Fire (EoF) For a start I extracted the .con file and JUST touched the .mid updating the guitar and bass charts, then using CON Tools I cleaned the MiDi with MIDI Cleaner and created the .con with CON Creator, I was able to load the whole thing into RB3 but when I play the song (select and instrument and difficulty) the song starts and the band is warming up then the guitar/bass icon appears and the ba
  4. Hey guys, some people had this trouble on three of my customs, some harmonies lyrics doesn't appear on the game and they have the respective lyrics. Who can help me to figure out the problem?
  5. Hey, I recently got another bass pedal for my rock band drum kit, and I plugged it in, and it seems to work great, but none of the custom songs that I downloaded that said they would have double bass are showing double bass. I've tried switching pedals, restarting my Xbox 360, playing on pro drums with my cymbals (even though I prefer not to use them) and nothing has worked. I'm just curious if I'm doing something wrong that is preventing me from being able to play double bass. P.S. I don't have the rock band 3 drum kit but I have the kit from the Beatles rock band and it still has the black p
  6. Hello again people. So I extracted some songs I purchased from my XBOX 360. Whenever I put the mogg into audacity or reaper, all I get is loud static. The reason I am using the MOGG is to add keys to some Green Day songs that didn't have them, I wont upload them here though. If I could get some help with this problem, that would be great. Thanks.
  7. Please use this thread to report any issues with your posts or PMs following the IPB migration. Do NOT post feature/change requests in this thread -- use the other thread for that. NOTE: This is only for issues you can't fix yourself. If your posts are just formatted a little oddly, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but you can fix that by editing. Only report an issue here if you can't solve it yourself.
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