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Found 4 results

  1. MRBURPER'S Customs! Thank-you and welcome to my customs thread! All of my customs will be posted here and in the database as well. I do my best to make my customs as good as they can be, so you can at the least you can expect legacy instruments, drum animations. however I will chart all the instruments to a song if I can (including harmonies). You're welcome to point out chart errors, song requests and the like. I also have a WIP thread that you can check-out which will give you an idea of what songs I'm working on (although that thread doesn't get updated very often). Customs (Singles):
  2. i take way too long to make customs on my own so I would like to know if anyone is willing to collab with me on these songs I will do the drums as i play them A LOT in real life, i use rb3 to play along with my real drum set. Im fine with doing the tempo map as well but i really prefer that i didn't cuz im lazy and thats what takes forever but if you don't want to i will. also i'm fine with doing guitar or bass if there's tabs for it. But i will not do vocals or pro guitar/bass as i dont know how. MOST WANTED: - Anything by Gojira - Anything by Primus - Anything by Hum - Anything by Centaur
  3. 2112 is a multi part song performed by Rush that we all know & love. There were 2 versions made of 2112. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock & Rock Band 3 The question is, which version do YOU think is most superior? For me, Id honestly say I prefer the 2112 chart & naration from GH:WOR, it was one of the main selling points & one of the things that kept me coming back to GH:WOR. Unfortunately the RB3 chart to me is unfairly difficult as I can pass GH chart. The naration in GH is also a wonderful addition to storymode as well. Curious to know what you guys will say.
  4. Hello all, Ladies and gentlemen, I give you all...the Rush Rockband Resolution (or R3 as I like to call it for short ). I'll be making posts for all the tracks and albums as I release them. You may notice some "gaps" or missing tracks from each album. There's a very good reason for this: a number of other authors have already laid claim to a number of Rush songs and albums, so in order to respect their wishes (they all know who they are, so I'm not going to name names), I'll be saving those tracks for their rightful claimers. However, that still leaves all the remaining tracks from
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