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Found 3 results

  1. The songs that I like to play on Rock Band 3 are this: Don't Chase The Dead (WE ARE CHAOS Album). Solve Coagula (WE ARE CHAOS Album). Heaven Upside Down (Heaven Upside Down Album). Killing Strangers (The Pale Emperor Album). Thank you
  2. What's the best way to farm bandmate saves with just one person? I'm trying to get all the clothes unlocks and Seriously Saved is one of my last goals to get and as a solo player i don't really have a way to get this goal through regular game play, and even then you can only get 3 saves per other player. I figure the ideal song for solo farming this would be a short song where an instrument doesn't come in towards the end that you can set to play unmanned, so you can save up overdrive on the instrument youre playing to save the unmanned instrument 1 or 2 times before it ends. Anybody kno
  3. I'm new to this so I just have a quick question is there any way to add songs to the mad catz version if someone has already asked this maybe someone can link me?
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