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  1. Hi everyone, I'm IaSg14! After a year and a half of playing customs & about 11 months of charting customs, I've decided to finally join C3. However, as you've probably inferred from the title, I only chart for Clone Hero at the moment. You may have seen a few of my customs in the database under submissions from ataeaf (e.g. William Tell Overture (Live) - Glen Campbell, Madhouse (Original Version) - Anthrax...) with added drums and vocals but usually, my charts just contain the following: Expert Guitar Expert Bass Lyrics (Sometimes) Expert Keys Since I don't have the technical knowledge t
  2. Hey C3 community! First time posting on here so I apologize now if this isn't the preferred formatting, place to post, etc. Hopefully it will be fine. Just putting up a big list of songs from metal and rock bands I would love to see added to the customs library. I know some of the songs I'm listing are already in the library, but they are just as one or two instruments only and I'm looking for full band customs (guitar, bass, drums, vocals + harmonies, keys) so all my friends and I can rock out on an instrument. Obviously not all songs/artists will have all of these, but I'm looking for more
  3. Hi. These are my customs. My selection of customs include a variety of Alternative, Rock, Punk, and video game music. I aim for full band customs when I can, especially true for my newer customs. I have a Wii, so I offer Wii downloads and test those versions extensively. My releases, with newest on top. ______________________________________________________________________________________ September 29, 2020 Event Battle Vellumental Battle May 5, 2020 Theme of ZERO (from Mega Man X) Departure Gravity Trail on Powdery Snow Max Heat June 17, 2018
  4. Welcome to my custom songs thread! Latest addition (Sep/27): Shadow of the Moon - Blackmore's Night Alternatively, see all in the database! [spoiler=Dark Moor] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights] [spoiler=Interpol - Antics] [spoiler=Interpol - Interpol] [spoiler=Int
  5. Welcome to Echo's WIPs! ■ Released | ■ Completed | ■ In progress | ■ To be started Edit: 14/Oct/20 Light in the Black - Rainbow Heavy Metal Machine - Steel Teen Titans Theme Song - Puffy AmiYumi Malfeasance - Interpol Master Pretender - First Aid Kit Manual reduction and Pro Keys addition list (Edit 14/Oct/20) ■ Full | ■ Pro Keys only or no PK | ■ Reductions only | ■ To be worked on Dark Moor Lovers A Truth for Me R.E.M. Überlin Alligator_Aviator_Autopilot_Antimatter Nazareth
  6. Here Is My List Of Songs That I Haven't Seen In The Database But Would Love To Play On Full Difficulty. I Only Play Guitar So Full Band Wound't Matter To Me As Long There Is Guitar. If I See a Song On This List That's In The Database I Will Updated. Sevendust - Ugly Sevendust - Failure Sevendust - See and Believe Sevendust - Picture Perfect Sevendust - Unraveling Sevendust - Angel's Son Sevendust - Trust Sevendust - Praise Sevendust - Broken Down Nonpoint - Victim Nonpoint - The Truth Jane's Addiction - End To The Lies Jane's Addiction - Of Course Jane's Addiction - Price I Pay Jane's Addict
  7. After a long time, my WIP is updated. First you will find all the bands that I plan to make their songs and below will be the different projects that I have. Ordered from highest to lowest priority although I will always be willing to continue collaborating with all the authors who are interested in the plans I have. Aerosmith: Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)Full CircleHome TonightLick And A PromiseNine LivesSick As A DogTaste Of IndiaArctic Monkeys:2013Bigger Boys And Stolen SweetheartsBlack TreacleBrick By BrickCigarette Smoker FionaDespair In The Departure LoungeDiamonds Are Fore
  8. MRBURPER'S Customs! Thank-you and welcome to my customs thread! All of my customs will be posted here and in the database as well. I do my best to make my customs as good as they can be, so you can at the least you can expect legacy instruments, drum animations. however I will chart all the instruments to a song if I can (including harmonies). You're welcome to point out chart errors, song requests and the like. I also have a WIP thread that you can check-out which will give you an idea of what songs I'm working on (although that thread doesn't get updated very often). Customs (Singles):
  9. This would be excellent to play, especially on drums. This band is gaining a lot of traction lately and is a guilty pleasure of mine. Would love to be able to play some of their stuff!
  10. hi, First of all i'm new in the community of c3 and i chart songs on Phase Shift but i can't convert them for rb3 because i have a couple of problems with reaper. with that said i would like to request songs that i would love playing it on Rock band 3. and i leaving this here to give some ideas. Man With A Mission - My Hero Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness - Island Radio L.I.F.T - a vampire.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nR9NWSuVk9Q Good Charlotte - Shadowboxer DAUGHTER - Burn It Down Dan Croll - From Nowhere Come Unstuck - The Ground Rules Cover Your Tracks - Good Enough Motion C
  11. This post is simple enough, basically I would like to request full band customs for the following STARSET songs: -Die For You -Monster -Satellite -Frequency -Bringing It Down -It Has Begun -Point of No Return/Rise and Fall/Ambiance -Manifest -Echo -Where The Skies End -Telekinetic I'm looking forward to seeing the possible results of this post and wish you well in these uncertain times! Looking for: -keys -accurate guitar (not charting synth or violin, etc. to guitar) -drums/pro drums -vocals -bass Extras: -pro guitar/bass/keys support -2x bass pedal -harmonies
  12. Hello, guttenmorgen, boinas ! As the title says, i need help with tempo mapping, i've made some charts on my own,mostly old videogames ( on feedback ) and i tried many times on charting this song in particular but to no avail :/ And now in the mist of this quarantine i've decided to try once again but looking for some help since a " normal " song never has the same tempo and gets quite difficult to me atlest D: Here is the song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV-WVYcgR7E If someone is already working on it tell me so i can lend a hand if needed or delete this post ! Para aquellos
  13. Just some bands i love that have no custom songs on this site. Mostly metal - power trip - warbringer - municipal waste - times of grace - the voidz - hatebreed
  14. Hi, Legendary that this site will keep Rock Band/Guitar Hero alive forever. Top job!!! If anyone wants to have a stab at these would be awesome. I play guitar alone or 2 player, not as a band. Sometimes the misses will sing. Im Getting old, I can master "medium", getting quite good on "hard", will never ever...… ever pass any song on expert. ARTIST - ALBUM - SONG Superheist - Ghosts of the Social Dead - Wolves In Your Headspace Superheist - Sidewinder - Shockwaves Superheist - Identical Remote Controlled Reactions - A Dignified Rage Sunk Loto - Society Anxiety - Vinegar Stroke Sun
  15. Yup, exactly what the title says, though a case could be made for Men at Work not being one hit wonders.... I'm hoping someone can do these 3 songs for guitar/bass/drums, hell, even pro drums. The songs are quite obscure but yet easy to find, and happen to be some of the best work each band put out; it could even be a pack with a theme! Men at Work - "No Sign of Yesterday" from the album Cargo. Almost 7 minutes long and an absolute epic; you wouldn't believe it's the same band. The Vapors - "Magnets" from the album Magnets. "Turning Japanese", this is not. Quite a dark song, another fai
  16. Brazilian Track Pack Customs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGbEiMCaJHo 05/26/2017: Marquinho DJ - Faz O Sampley 05/27/2017: Mc Kevinho - Olha A Explosao Hardneja Sertacore - Dormi Na Praça (Charted By onaonemeu From Fofix Forum) (Converted By augustodoidin) Raimundos - Mulher De Fases (Charted By onaonemeu From Fofix Forum) (Converted By augustodoidin) Skank - Vou Deixar (Charted By onaonemeu From Fofix Forum) (Converted By augustodoidin) Mamonas Assasinas - 1406 (Charted By JeffersonK3I From Fofix Forum) (Converted By augustodoidin) Tihuana - Tropa De El
  17. So between the Beatles rock band and the custom's we already have, we have a lot of Beatles stuff However, we are still missing some I will have a list of the songs that i would like to see bellow if you have any interest in doing any of these songs Please Reply Here is the list I'm A Loser Penny Lane Magical Mystery Tour Got To Get You Into My Life Good Day Sunshine Please Please Me Also Some Solo Beatles Stuff John Lennon: Watching The Wheels George Harrison: What Is Life All Those Years Ago My Sweet Lord Thanks for taking a look i will
  18. I see that there are a couple of GH conversions of great The Living End charts out there, but this amazing Australian band deserves more love. Some of their most classic and well known songs haven't been charted yet and I have no idea how they aren't more popular as their songs are pretty much the perfect recipe for Rock Band charts (Challenging, but not at the cost of fun). Hopefully this thread can encourage more of their songs, or at the very least help more people find out about this band. Here are a few of my favorites that I'd love to see come to RB3: (Music videos under song titles)
  19. Hey everyone, I've been a Rock Band fan for a few years and just discovered C3 last October. I am blown away by the effort everyone puts into these customs! While I know there are a lot of requests, I would love to see these songs as customs: Herman's Hermits - Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter Gerry and the Pacemakers - How Do You Do It? The Beatles - I Should Have Known Better Elvis Presley - Hound Dog Herman's Hermits - Dandy Chubby Checker - The Twist Peter and Gordon - World Without Love Gerry and The Pacemakers - I Like It Gary Lewis and The Playboys - Sure Gon
  20. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and to this community. I love this place and what everyone does here. I was listening to the song Lotus by Cage the Elephant earlier in my shower and I thought to myself, "man, this would be great fun to play on Rock Band". So here I am, formally requesting it! If anyone could make it, I'd love you forever! Check out the song here. The bass, in particular, is super rad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SMsnsOU0as Thanks! Fiasco
  21. New Greta Van Fleet: Pearl Jam: Red Hot Chili Peppers: Led Zeppelin: Greta Van Fleet:
  22. So I noticed that ALMOST the entirety of the first album is up, but the following songs are missing: "Oh, George" "Wattershed" Is there any reason for this, and if not, would anyone be willing to do these 2 tracks to finish up the album? (And possibly add "Winnebago"? I know it's a b-side from the era, but that song kills....)
  23. Song Requests for Rock Band 3: 1. Korn - A.D.I.D.A.S. 2. Incubus - Megalomaniac 3. Hoobastank - Running Away 4. The J. Geils Band - Must of Got Lost 5. Korn - Twist 6. Korn - Got the Life 7. Maroon 5 - Don't Wanna Know 8. Incubus - Talk Shows on Mute 9. Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night 10. Rod Stewart - Maggie May 11. Audioslave - Be Yourself 12. Rare Earth - Get Ready (Full Version) 13. Portugal. The Man - Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue 14. Queens of the Stone Age - If Only 15. The J. Geils Band - Give it to Me 16. Highly Suspect - Lydia 17. American Hi-Fi - Flavor of the Weak 18. Lostprophets
  24. Really looking to have any of Theory of a Deadmans songs done. it would be awesome if it was some off the older albums but anything works. i will love whoever would do this Keep Rockin'
  25. Anyone want to do some steel panther? I feel like they are pretty popular and there isn't enough of them. Keep Rockin'
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