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Found 6 results

  1. Has anyone on here listened to the new album yet? Happy to see it do so well on the charts! & a lot of good songs, & a few that would be fun on rockband such as: Street Song Break the News Ball and Chain I Don't Wanna Get Wise All this music must Fade
  2. Hi everbody i'm not sure if this is the right place but do you know if its possible to convert drumania simfiles to rb/ps notes? I know there is a tool to convert dtx2midi but sadly its not working proberly. I really like to play these songs with rb instead of drumania. Do you guys know a proper working way or do i still have to do it manually? For those who like to test the tool: https://github.com/akiomik/dtx2midi sorry for the bad english. I'm not a native speaker
  3. I have made a couple of songs with Editor on Fire and I would like to post them on the 'Customs' forums but I don't know how to convert them...
  4. Good Afternoon, I miss other languages songs and I wish to request you guys to make some of my favorite Italian Band. Sonohra.. it fits perfectly in rock band... Specially mic harmonies. the list: L'amore - Sonohra Sono io - Sonohra Salvami - Sonohra Baby - Sonohra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_ozbMaKlGY Thank You So Much! Felipe
  5. Hey. I have some Guitar hero charts that I want to convert to rock band. I have been roaming around the forums for a few days, trying and find a tutorial on how to convert a chart file to a rba/con file. So, what I am asking is if someone could please give me a quick tutorial on how to convert the files. Thank you!
  6. Hey there. I know there is another post on this that got bumped but I have been searching around the internet and haven't found any real guides on how to do so. In this other post I got an idea of what is going on under the hood but I would like trying to get it to work practically. I have the MIDI charts of the trainers from RB3 but I can't get them to work even after putting the notes in the correct region and giving them the correct velocities. I think my problem lies in the channels as I don't know which channel means which type. I mean I have been able to find a list but I don't know
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