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Found 15 results

  1. There seems to be a general problem at the root of many customs not working when converted to PS3 format: multiple stems/tracks in use for drums. Basically if the custom has additional drum tracks for the kick or the snare, it will then freeze the game on PS3. Otherwise, customs which are multitrack but where the drums has only the kit track (mono or stereo) do not suffer from this problem. I don't know what is the real cause for this problem, but it's been speculated that it might be some audio bug in Magma. The PS3 conversion functionality in C3 CON Tools should not be the culprit. I've
  2. The other day I downloaded "Somewhere Down the Crazy River" by Robbie Robertson and installed it on my PS3. However, when I played it, everything started to go out of sync at around the 1 minute mark. I contacted the author and told him what was happening, He promptly play tested it again and went through the project files, and found that it worked fine on his Xbox. I then downloaded the song again, reinstalled it, but the exact same problem showed up. So here's what I'm wondering: 1. Are any other PS3 users encountering similar problems when playing this song? 2. Why is this happening?
  3. Got a .dta file that refuses to go over 1279, out of 2678 converted files in my songs to merge folder. It was just creating backups of songs (using same settings each time when converting in batches of 100 which - sucks BTW you would think just letting it run overnight would be fine, but when did that lost out on like 500 songs, but gained 3000 in duplicates). Screw that! As it is wayyy over the 2952 limit, and to remove each duplicate would take forever, dying at my desk is not the way I want to go. Attempted fix: Trying a blank .dta file in merged, with no songs, and all the songs in son
  4. Hi! I recently bought myself a drum kit (an Alexis DMLite) and I've heard you can use these with Rock Band? Is this a thing? I'm having trouble finding anything online. There seems to be a Mad Catz device but when I try to find it it's sold out everywhere? I'm currently playing on a Guitar Hero drum kit and it's painfully annoying to use with Rock Band.
  5. It's been a while since I did this and it looks like things have changed. The main sticky'd thread is years long, and my I remember the aback and forth on trying to find how to do this. I recall there even being a comment that it caused a re-write of some documented instructions. Now that I see that thread has an update: When it comes to converting files for PS3, it simply says: I haven't found any obvious thread on this forum on how to do this. I downloaded a bunch of songs from the customs database and I'd like to migrate them to my already modded PS3. If I have to convert the fi
  6. Hey all, I tried searching through the forums and changing the song titles and have not had any luck. There are a few cases where two songs have duplicate names and only one of them will show up / load in the setlist. I am sure this is because they have duplicate names but when editing the song dta on ps3, I still can only get one of them to load. It seems that they alternate between which ones are playable. Could it be a song ID issue? For example: Green Day - Holiday Weezer - Holiday Both of these alternate in which shows up in the setlist. I feel like this is a really easy fi
  7. Awesome work! with the ability to play customs songs. 2 mics and tons of booze and GF and I are very, very happy. But, before I even attempt to start doing my own customs and pay it back , there are some serious problems that I need some help with, and will try to compose as clear as possible (PS I am not a serious guy so I try to at least come off funny). 1. Am over the 3000 limit, but have no idea how this is so (working backward here). Quickpack editor shows 5033 songs, which has multiple instances of the same song (What?). Now, that is coming from 2,777 songs from my merged folder of w
  8. Hello, i've been fighing with my ps3 for a few days now, i really don't know what to do anymore. I've had around 420 customs that worked well on my console, and i haven't noticed any problems with it. Recently, i tried to add new 300 song (all from c3 Database) but they just give my console a solid freeze when loading (separately, without previous 420). I've split those 300 songs into the 3 packs of 100 songs each, to check if it's some bad song's fault. When loading separately, they all work without any trouble. The only problem is whole pack of 720 songs or whole pack of the new 300. I've
  9. I've had 1700-1800 songs working fine and I'm adding around 350 songs. The customs are mixed, some came from C3, and the other half was from DLC ripped from Xbox 360, converted into PS3. The thing is, I might have downloaded some duplicate DLC songs that I already had, would that be the cause of the problem? Or would the problem be the customs from C3? I think it's a songs.dta problem as well, I used the old one with 1700-1800 songs again and it worked, but when I used the new songs.dta with +350 songs it's freezing after pressing Play Now/Get Started Any suggestions and help would be a
  10. So im trying to get my customs over to rockband 3 on my ps3 i have installed ps3hen and have everything working i just cant locate the folder for the life of me :<. Thanks, Jwfeniello
  11. Sorry for the dramatic subject heading, but I have a pressing problem that I need help with. Last week I posted a comment in this same forum asking whether or not the Yamaha DTX582K e-kit could be used on a PS3 to play RB3. Several of you were kind enough to confirm that, yes, the DTX582K was compatible, so long as I had the right hardware/software --- a USB to midi cable cable and a program for the PC called MIDI-OX. A few days ago I decided to take the plunge and actually buy the DTX582K. I then tracked down the USB to midi cable adapter and MIDI-Ox, and, using a video tutorial provided by
  12. So I was told that in order to have Customs I would need to jailbreak my PS3 so the files would be put into a certain folder but couldn't I just take the HDD out and transfer it right onto the HDD without jailbreaking my PS3?
  13. Hi everyone, I'm having a little bit of trouble up in here. The "merge songs" options on Tools for the PS3 Converter is grey out and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I want a single song.dta file and doing it manually is a pain in the ass. Can someone please help me?
  14. Hello! i have problems with the installation of customs songs. I installed the RAP file acorrding with the tuto, but when i put the songs, never showing en the game. When i installed the RAP, appareance a songs.dta file in the folder of PS3? What modify the RAP file? I tried severy tiemes, i didnt solve u_u. Plz help.
  15. Hi, I'm trying to set up a community page were we PS3 users can share our ID's so we can play Customs Online, I have never played Customs on a 360 but I know that it is way less complicated to play them Online on PS3 than on Xbox, most of them work & actually have Leaderboard Entries, I was told by one of my friends that some of them don't work so I will run a list of all of them that work here on this thread, Post here the ones you have tested (or PM me) and try to describe any problem you might have with them Online (stuff like lag, song skipping, crashes, console freezes) so that the au
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