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Found 13 results

  1. Inspired by the various other band-centered projects that other users have started, I decided to embark on my own journey through a band's discography. Why Radiohead? My thought process was essentially this: "well, Radiohead is pretty much my favorite band, and they're also probably the biggest currently-active band in the world right now, so... I guess my choice should be pretty obvious." (I mean, Modest Mouse was close. Maybe I'll do them later...) Okay, that's enough fluff. Radiohead is a band that has received huge amounts acclaim throughout their 20+ year career. Their debut, while cont
  2. I've compiled a sheet of songs featured in Rock Band that use a cover, live, or re-recorded version of their song that have not yet gotten a custom for original versions and I would really like to see people make customs. ***NOTE: THIS SHEET DOES NOT CONTAIN RBN SONGS THAT HAVE YET TO BE RELEASED IN RB4. I AM CONSIDERING MAKING A SEPARATE LIST FOR THAT SOME OTHER DAY*** https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DTVA4LzMKt3n_FN9mXVti7UBd2pfLLvymdKEYYgE0P0/edit?usp=sharing A collaborative effort would be appreciated, not just one person doing all of the work. I prefer all of the customs t
  3. These are some sheets I made for collaborative projects that I think would be great. I think the album projects are highly ambitious but the other two are plausible. For the albums projects, I am counting official songs and customs. The criteria for the albums projects are official DLC/in-game songs and customs that pertain to the recording for said album. If a song/custom uses a different recording than the one featured in the album, it isn't counted. For customs to be included, they must at least be legacy instruments (G/B/D/V) and posted in the database. The lack of reductions don't affec
  4. "Vow" "Queer" (Already in database) "Only Happy When It Rains" (Already in database) "Stupid Girl" (Already in RockBand's DLC) "Milk" "#1 Crush" [Nellee Hooper Remix] (Already in database) "Push It" "I Think I'm Paranoid" (Already in RockBand's DLC) "Special" (Already in database) "When I Grow Up" (Already in database) "You Look So Fine" "The World Is Not Enough" (Already in database) "Cherry Lips" (Already in database) "Shut Your Mouth" "Why Do You Love Me" (Already in RockBand's DLC) "Bleed Like Me" "Tell Me Where It Hurts" "It's All Over But The Crying" Bonus
  5. I wouldn't really call it a project, I'm not aiming for all gorillaz songs in rock band or anything. But I do have a spreadsheet of customs from C3, Harmonix, Me, BattlePenguin, and so on. If you would like to collab on any Gorillaz song, PM me and I'd love to work on it! Also if you knew how to author that's a BIG bonus. Anyways, so the spreadsheet has every single song in it, plus the progress of any song currently being worked on is on. It's pretty easy to tell what's going on, and it's open to anyone! Current songs being worked on: Momentz, Submission, Garage Palace, Sleeping Powder, and
  6. Hi, If anyone can do any customs by A Small Victory from the album El Camino would be greatly appreciated, The singer songwriter ( Mark Walker ) is my nephew and it would be cool to play the songs on Rockband 3. Thanks for any help !
  7. I’ve been working on AFI customs for a while, and with today’s release completing Sing the Sorrow, it felt appropriate to shift all of these over to a new thread instead of my old customs thread. My goal with this project is to keep doing what I've been doing: make customs of AFI’s entire discography, and eventually the various side projects related to AFI (Dreamcar, Son of Sam, Blaqk Audio, Hunter’s Revenge) if there’s any interest. Every custom will be full band, prokeys/keys optional (depending on if I can figure out the part myself or find a collaborator who can figure them out), with cus
  8. If any one is interested in anything to do with this project, just ask! My YouTube Channel: Request a Green Day Song: https://goo.gl/forms/VflMWHOViUmHDWtp2 Live-stream Link: Updated Spreadsheet:
  9. Welcome to the Mario Kart 8 Original Soundtrack Full Album Project! Anyone who has any authoring experience can help out with this project! If you want to help, please contact me! Song Requirements: -Full band (Pro Keys not required) -Manually-authored reductions -Overdrive and drum fills -Character Animations -Custom venue Special Notices All projects have been cacelled. Thanks to all listed in the credits. [spoiler=Finished Songs (search in database)] Disc 1 Mario Kart Stadium Water Park Mario Circuit Toad Harbor Sunshine Airport Dolphin Shoals (Above Ground) Bowser's Cast
  10. Anybody on here interested in working on a Sevendust Discography? I don't know if anybody else would be interested in such a thing, but if you are, comment with what songs you'd want to chart, I want to get more Sevendust into Rock Band, & as of right now there's only 2 full band tracks from Sevendust in Rock Band, Dead Set & Decay. There's a serious lack of Sevendust & looking at the sheer potential for them in Rock Band, to me it's a shame.
  11. Monstercat. An EDM label that started as two guys in Vancouver with a YouTube channel for their friends to share and promote their music turned into one of the biggest channels on YouTube, currently (as of July 12th, 2017) garnering over 6.2 million subscribers from all over the world. They have released over 1,300 songs through the label, and have released over 30 compilation albums. Here's a spreadsheet of all the songs we'll be doing. Keep in mind it's not done yet (primarily on whether not each song has vocals), so if you see anything out of the ordinary, it will be fixed!
  12. They call me Mr. Knowitall... Hey there! I've been willing to complete a full album from Primus for a while now. The thing is, I know I won't commit to it if I don't write about it somewhere. I picked Sailing the Seas of Cheese first, and started authoring a few things here and there. Hopefully some people could participate to this project and help me with vocals/guitar/bass/playtesting/whatever you want. I will probably tackle the tempo mapping and the drum parts in priority but a bit of reviewing for my charts wouldn't hurt. I won't re-chart what has already been done, but I will contac
  13. You can check out our Green Day project below. We are having a vote of which songs should be compiled (guitar only) first. This is to keep people busy while full band is being charted. Please pick your top three Here are all the songs available: Revolution Radio: Somewhere Now (Revamped) Bang Bang Revolution Radio Say Goodbye Outlaws Bouncing off The Wall Youngblood Too Dumb To Die Troubled Times Forever Now Ordinary World American Idiot Bonus Tracks: Favorite Son Too Much Too Soon Nimrod: Platypus (I Hate You) Redundant Kerplunk!: No One Knows International Superhits!: Poprocks
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