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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to my topic! Here you'll find full band customs, with all difficulties. Don't forget to FOLLOW this topic for future updates and visit my Youtube Channel for video previews! My customs are uploaded for Rock Band 3 (X360) and Phase Shift (PC) You can also take a look at my Customs Database for some more details If you download any song, please leave some feedback! (and a "like" on db) Newest Custom(s): "Bleeding Me" Metallica (PREVIEW) Click HERE to Download Other Customs: "The Quest of Your Life" Evil-Dog (LISTEN) An instrumental song from Newgrounds Audio
  2. Hey C3 community! First time posting on here so I apologize now if this isn't the preferred formatting, place to post, etc. Hopefully it will be fine. Just putting up a big list of songs from metal and rock bands I would love to see added to the customs library. I know some of the songs I'm listing are already in the library, but they are just as one or two instruments only and I'm looking for full band customs (guitar, bass, drums, vocals + harmonies, keys) so all my friends and I can rock out on an instrument. Obviously not all songs/artists will have all of these, but I'm looking for more
  3. We all know that Suicide & Redemption has two versions: J.H (For the James Hetfield version) and K.H (For the Kirk Hammett version) but I really would love a version which combines the two. Just have the full version of the song charted for all instruments. That would make me a very happy drummer and Metallica fan, since this is my second favorite instrumental (after Orion) and I can't just choose one of both versions; it's just too good of a song in its full length.
  4. Every time I try and play that was just your life it freezes my game. I have to push the power button on the console to restart. It plays the preview when choosing the song but trying to play....crash city! Any help? Anybody have this issue! Thanks.
  5. Someone should add some more Metallica songs, like One, Orion, and Devil's Dance. If any of these are floating around the internet, a link would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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