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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to my topic! Here you'll find full band customs, with all difficulties. Don't forget to FOLLOW this topic for future updates and visit my Youtube Channel for video previews! My customs are uploaded for Rock Band 3 (X360) and Phase Shift (PC) You can also take a look at my Customs Database for some more details If you download any song, please leave some feedback! (and a "like" on db) Newest Custom(s): "Bleeding Me" Metallica (PREVIEW) Click HERE to Download Other Customs: "The Quest of Your Life" Evil-Dog (LISTEN) An instrumental song from Newgrounds Audio
  2. LINKIN PARK In Pieces <--- PLEASE SOMEONE DO THIS ONE Heavy Good Goodbye Battle Symphony Invisible REMY ZERO Save Me (from Smallville op*)​OASIS Stop Crying Your Heart Out​MCFLY Love is EasyLove is on the RadioShine a LightRoom on the 3rd FloorLiesStar Girl​JOJI Slow Dancing in the Dark​THE BLACK EYED PEAS Where is the Love?
  3. I think it'd be awesome to get any songs, charted full band from One More Light. My family and I are huge LP fans and do weekly RB nights so adding songs like "Talking To Myself", "Heavy", and "Sharp Edges", for example, would be awesome! Any of the songs from the album work, though, if possible, for full band so we can all enjoy.
  4. Hello! I am a huge Linkin Park fan and have spent a lot of time making full band customs of all my favourite songs. All songs include harmonies, pro keys, and pro drums. I have many songs in varying stages of completeness, so over the next while I will be posting quite a few more. Feel free to request any Linkin Park song you like, and I will see what I can do. Also, I love to hear feedback on my customs, so feel free to post any comments or suggestions as well.
  5. There are 4 songs from Linkin park that are just missing the vocals, someone with good soul can complete them? Here they are:Easier to Run Pushing Me Away Don't Stay Nobody's ListeningThanks! I'll be waiting for answers!
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