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Found 17 results

  1. Welcome to my custom songs thread! Latest addition (Sep/27): Shadow of the Moon - Blackmore's Night Alternatively, see all in the database! [spoiler=Dark Moor] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights] [spoiler=Interpol - Antics] [spoiler=Interpol - Interpol] [spoiler=Int
  2. Welcome to Echo's WIPs! ■ Released | ■ Completed | ■ In progress | ■ To be started Edit: 14/Oct/20 Light in the Black - Rainbow Heavy Metal Machine - Steel Teen Titans Theme Song - Puffy AmiYumi Malfeasance - Interpol Master Pretender - First Aid Kit Manual reduction and Pro Keys addition list (Edit 14/Oct/20) ■ Full | ■ Pro Keys only or no PK | ■ Reductions only | ■ To be worked on Dark Moor Lovers A Truth for Me R.E.M. Überlin Alligator_Aviator_Autopilot_Antimatter Nazareth
  3. Im new here and this is a list of some songs i would like to be added Another one- Mac de Marco Sunflower- Rex Orange County Bossa no sé- Cuco Softly- Clairo Flashing lights- Kanye west Corduroy dreams- rex orange conty Come down- Anderson .Paak Good news- Mac Miller Small Worlds- Mac Miller these walls-Kendrick Lamar Ryd- Steve Lacy Dark Red- Steve Lacy Some - steve lacy Somethin' Stupid- Frank sinatra or robbie williams' version Sober- Childish Gambino future days- pearl jam oh sheit it's X - Thundercat I.F.L.Y - Bazzi Everything she wants- Wham Cha
  4. I really like this band, their songs are awesome... https://youtu.be/gsweYWCtvgU
  5. 7/17/20 - Chocolate Matter by Sweet Trip 1/21/20 - Heading for the Door by Duster 7/22/19 - dog cuddles by dad sports 12/23/18 - Memories by Midnight Haze Big thanks to SynthStreaks for making the venue. The genre in Rock Band will show up as Dream Pop. It has worked for me, but if it gives any of you problems, inform me and I will change it back to Indie Rock. Thanks! 5/31/18 - AKIRA by DEAFCULT Special thanks to Slashno for fixing up the drums chart. 5/24/18 - Dragging by Gleemer Past Releases
  6. Howdy! Hope everyone is doing well, please check out my latest release by Codeine. ~Click the pic to grab the link~ Codeine - D [Apr 30th 2020] Caribou - You and I [Apr 13th 2020] Ought - The Weather Song [Dec 12th 2019] Beach House - Space Song [Oct 9th 2019] About me: I joined the forums in late summer 2019, after somehow missing out on an amazing improvement to the game that we all love. I have a background of charting for Frets on Fire and have mixed plentiful music with the greatest program of all time Reaper. I'm always open for feedback and suggestions for improvin
  7. Hi, I would want to request some songs, first I'd like to have the full version of One More Light by Linkin Park, which is on the database but with guitar only, and these others: The Killers/Brandon Flowers: Phoenix: Young Veins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdvlf6rJC7I Inmigrantes: Zoé: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaVk5ypkRzw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyfyPe8uJEY Molotov: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfmY9Wlxx0o And here are my anime request (spanish version of some openings/endings) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3GjQKOGOs4 http
  8. Fig

    Arcade Fire

    A lot of great Arcade Fire songs are out there that would definitely fit well into RB3, a few that come to mind in particular are: Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) (THIS ONE IN PARTICULAR) Wake Up No Cars Go and certainly many more. If anyone agrees be sure to +1!
  9. Inspired by the various other band-centered projects that other users have started, I decided to embark on my own journey through a band's discography. Why Radiohead? My thought process was essentially this: "well, Radiohead is pretty much my favorite band, and they're also probably the biggest currently-active band in the world right now, so... I guess my choice should be pretty obvious." (I mean, Modest Mouse was close. Maybe I'll do them later...) Okay, that's enough fluff. Radiohead is a band that has received huge amounts acclaim throughout their 20+ year career. Their debut, while cont
  10. Don't know if there's any fans of these guys here on this forum but it would be really awesome to see some of their songs charted, I think they could be a ton of fun, probably especially fun on vocals.
  11. Okay, so I love this forum and there are some songs (or a lot). I am getting into customs on Guitar Hero and Rock Band. You guys are very talented and very VERY patient (I know because I try to chart songs and I have no patience). Full band would be cool but if you guys. Legend; Band name bold faced Album; name of album where songs come from. song names listed in no particular order, italicized if an (x) is in front of the name of the album then do whole album A Day to Remember; Album; Bad Vibrations - 2016 Naivety Justified We Got This In Florida Album; Common Courtesy - 2013 Best
  12. There are some alternative/indie rock songs that would make a great additions (lots of great keyboard parts too). Is anyone else a fan of recent alternative rock? I want to learn to contribute soon too. I just found out about customs and I'm trying to catch up. I have a musical background (keyboard, guitar, drums, bass) and have played in bands that play rock, jazz, metal, and prog. I am also familiar with recording softwares like reaper. The only thing that holds me back right now is I'm working on my master's degree and sometimes I get busy with school work. I'm gonna start working on this
  13. So I'm not sure if anyone on this forum is a fan of the band Crying but I think most of their stuff would be pretty fun in Rock Band on all instruments, particularly some songs from Beyond The Fleeting Gales like the ones I linked above. Not sure if this has absolutely no audience aside from me here though.
  14. Hey there! I just started using this website and I'm loving it! I do have an odd request if anyone can help me out. Quick backstory I played some shows with a local metal band called Subpoena from Philly quite some time ago. They were an awesome band and did get signed to infidel records but after a few member shake ups they called it quits. We jokingly talked about how cool it would have been if they made it into Rock Band, but we never thought anything of it. But, now that I found out about customs creators the dream may still be alive. I have three (maybe four) songs of theirs that wo
  15. I'd love do get more songs from these bands/singers: Florence + the Machine Imagine Dragons Bastille Sia Of Monsters and Men Paramore Fall Out Boy Hozier Panic! at the Disco If someone have any links, plz send them!
  16. Hi there Anyone working on AM customs or looking for good songs of them to do? I already got most of their songs posted here, but would really like to have Crying Lightning, My Propeller, Dangerous Animals, Library Pictures, Perhaps Vampires Is a Bit Strong But..., When the Sun Goes Down, Still Take You Home, especially on drums. Crying Lightning more than any other. Sorry for any grammar mistake, I'm brazilian.
  17. Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and to rock band customs in general. I love what you guys are doing and am very impressed by the work put out on the database. The quality is identical to the real thing! I want to learn how to author songs in the near future but for now I had some requests of some bands that have some amazing and fun songs that I'd like to see you guys create. I made sure that none of these songs are featured in your database or the RBN's. I have short bios for the bands and song titles that I would love to see. The songs have links to the song so you can listen to them!
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