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Found 12 results

  1. 1:40 to 3:05 Spanish Castle Magic is played & can be heard with distinct copycat cover vocals that are trying to mimic Hendrix vocals. The story is that the Hendrix estate or those that own rights to Hendrixs music decided the vocals werent good enough & requested they take them out of the final version. The instrumental does a damn good job of replicating the song to the best of their abilities but I wish they kept the vocals to make the song authentic to the original source. My whole life I went not knowing the official song had vocals, I just thought it were an instrumental piece ha
  2. I just seethat C3 just added Clone Hero charts list besides Rock Band and Phase Shift. So i need some feedback from you guys so i can add some songs in the Songs Databases So Here's my charts that's finished https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1H0VTossx7YSH43uCNkZnU5fvwGTPIe2z?usp=sharing And some of my W.I.P charts Bring Me The Horizon - Teardrops Guns N' Roses - Don't Cry (Both Original and Alternate) FlyingKitty - Coffin Dance GTA SA Ungu - Waktu Yang Dinanti NOAH - Wanitaku Full Band (Except vocal since CH does notsupport vocal yet) J- Rocks - Ceria (Japanese Version) Include
  3. Hello everyone! I've finally gotten around to updating this main page! Welcome to the home for my full band customs! All of my songs will have all legacy instruments charted, along with manual reductions. The only things that won't be included in my customs unless someone offers to do them, would be pro keys, harmonies, and venues. Other than that, all my songs will include everything else. I will include a list of all songs I have authored on this front page shortly. I hope you enjoy my customs. If you have any questions, comments, criticisms, or concerns, feel free to reply in this
  4. Rules Songs I cannot request (only applies to 1 and 2) 1: Songs with full instruments that are already worked on and near completion. (I can still do the song if the user is not doing all the instruments.) 2: Songs already in the custom tabs whether DLC for Rock Band or customs made by other users. (Live versions or covers may be an exception depending on how they sound. Songs with incomplete instruments are also an exception.) 3: Whenever I upload a song to the customs tab, no matter what, I will ALWAYS chart every instruments unless the song does not provide those instruments. I will n
  5. Alright, so it's been a while since I last updated this list and made some customs. Now that I'm back, I'm going to try my best to update on you guys what I'm working on along with how much work is being done. To make things more organized, I've seperated songs in new different categories. Albums will not follow this rule as they are stored in a seperate album section. 1: Songs in consideration. 2: Songs production cancelled. 3: Songs in progress along with a completion bar. [Percentages are not always exact, just a rough estimate.] 4: Songs finished and in the database, but not 100% complete.
  6. This is quite easy & not so easy. On 1 hand of course theres a few you might not have liked, but a lot you probably did on each tracklist. Im going to name off my 1 most least favorite track from each Guitar Hero & Rock Band game (excluding Guitar Hero Live, Handhelds & Track Packs). Here we go! GH - Heart Full of Black Great song but doesnt really fit with the rest of the tracks in the game. Although its one of my favorite I first heard through GH1. GH 2 - Tattooed Love Boys The song has always kind of pissed me off. GH RT80s - Because Its Midnight Same deal as Heart Full of Bla
  7. Just want to get everybody's opinion on which controller they prefer. I've been watching a lot of Clone Hero players and I noticed they play with Guitar Hero controllers so I wanted to see if that's because they're better to play with.
  8. Hello peeps, I had recently been playing GH2 the other day, and was actually wondering if there was like. A way for someone to obtain the master tracks from the discs? I remember using GHExplorer back in the day to attempt putting songs on the ps2.Would that have anything to do with it? (Realizing maybe GHE may not be available anymore lol) Only reason I ask is that there is a particular song on GH2s song list I wanted to attempt to chart. Also, I've seen numerous GH to RB converted songs and was curious as to how one would even get the multitracks,, Any help would greatly be appreciated
  9. Just played Guitar Hero Arcade at Dave & Busters. Its... not bad, just GH3 with bells & whistles. Its got a decent setlist & some neat bonus songs like Boston Peace of Mind, Avenged Sevenfold Almost Easy & Joe Satriani Surfing With the Alien. The main issue I had with the game was the calibration was a bit wonky & the controller was also having issues with the strumming. Overall I did have fun, but it didnt feel like the most optimized version, I much rather sit at home & play GH or RB.
  10. I know one of the versions of the Halo theme were made as a DLC for Guitar Hero which can no longer be found/downloaded, I'm wondering if anyone is in the works of making a converted chart of the GH version or if they're making their own for Rock Band.
  11. Okay, so Ive been on a debate with friends trying to decide which of the 2 popular Guitar Hero Dragonforce challenge songs are the harder of the 2. Dragonforce - Through the Fire & Flames. Or Dragonforce - Fury of the Storm. Now theres a few variables going into it. Which version of Through the Fire & Flames? Well, theres the OG Guitar Hero 3 chart, which many people still think is one of the hardest songs to complete unless you know the specific techniques. Or The Smash Hits re-chart with the special tap notes which people say is the easier of the 2 due to the game engine of Sma
  12. I'd like to point out that whatever I'm about to say is just my opinion. You don't have to agree to it and I actually like to see any disagreements and other people's views on charting guitar and bass. I will stress this, I am still a beginner when it comes to charting so there's a chance I may be wrong when it comes to this topic. If there's any confusion or if I might've gotten something wrong, don't be afraid to address it. I MIGHT have another topic discussing Vocals and Drums, but I'll save that for another time. Right now, I would like to go through the "Authoring Rules" of the Guitar an
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