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Found 4 results

  1. ----in progress---- The Rover - Led Zeppelin Trampled Under Foot - Led Zeppelin Royal Orleans - Led Zeppelin ----in the future---- japan air - anamanaguchi helix nebula - anamanaguchi call on me - eric prydz my people - the presets reach for the stars - cash cash --songs already in the database I'm hoping to full band-- any dethklok songs hourglass - lamb of god --tempo mapped-- what a wicked gang are we - streetlight manifesto (if anyone wants to help finish this PM me) my kryptonite is pro keys, so if anybody can help me out in that department it would be much appreciated!
  2. Welcome to my topic! Here you'll find full band customs, with all difficulties. Don't forget to FOLLOW this topic for future updates and visit my CHANNEL for previews! My customs are uploaded for Rock Band 3 (X360) and Phase Shift (PC) You can also take a look at my Customs List for some more details If you download any song, please leave some feedback! (and a "like" on db) Newest Custom(s): "Go" Pearl Jam ( )Click HERE to Download Other Customs: "The Quest of Your Life" Evil-Dog (LISTEN) An instrumental song from Newgrounds Audio Portal Click HERE to Download "SWiTCH vs Evil-Dog Round 1
  3. Foo Fighters - Generator (album - There Is Nothing Left to Lose, 2000) Foo Fighters - Resolve (album - In Your Honor, 2005) The years go by and I don't see these songs in the database. This is sad and impressive.
  4. So I noticed that ALMOST the entirety of the first album is up, but the following songs are missing: "Oh, George" "Wattershed" Is there any reason for this, and if not, would anyone be willing to do these 2 tracks to finish up the album? (And possibly add "Winnebago"? I know it's a b-side from the era, but that song kills....)
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