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Found 4 results

  1. As the title suggests, I'm having issues with non pitched screaming vocals. My issue is when I make long sustained unpitched notes, once I save on eof and open it back up its all reverted back to the minimum length. Of course I first tried not reopening the file in eof in case reopening the file had something to do with it but no, when I saved it and instantly converted it to a con file and tried to use it on the 360 its still the minimum length for the unpitched notes where i had made long holds of say 8 or 16 bars etc. This doesn't effect pitched but i don't really feel like pitched notes
  2. I have made a couple of songs with Editor on Fire and I would like to post them on the 'Customs' forums but I don't know how to convert them...
  3. So Im a novice at charting songs, been attempting to for quite some time with very little results, as obviously youve never seen a song from me yet. I use all the tools given by C3, BUT the main issue lies from where Im charting the songs. I use at the moment EOF, I was told EOF was for beginners, but its very hard to get used to because its so painstakingly tedious. Been trying it since I started. But theres also Reaper which Ive been told is a better charting program & more accurate, but its for more experienced charters. Is there an inbetween or is that most likely it? Which is th
  4. Just a quick question to see if there is a way to get a con file of a song to be edited on in EoF. Thank you
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