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  1. After a long time, my WIP is updated. First you will find all the bands that I plan to make their songs and below will be the different projects that I have. Ordered from highest to lowest priority although I will always be willing to continue collaborating with all the authors who are interested in the plans I have. Aerosmith: Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)Full CircleHome TonightLick And A PromiseNine LivesSick As A DogTaste Of IndiaArctic Monkeys:2013Bigger Boys And Stolen SweetheartsBlack TreacleBrick By BrickCigarette Smoker FionaDespair In The Departure LoungeDiamonds Are Fore
  2. Hello! I am getting a new pedal for my drums, but I don't know how to filter to only see the songs that support 2x bass pedal. Is there any way to do that?
  3. I'm curious what people would choose here, from on disc, DLC or customs... I don't have my own top 10 list created yet, but I will eventually after playing a lot more... I would say Black from PEARL JAM, and Funk #49 from James Gang would surely be on my list though.
  4. Well not necessarily a NEWBIE.. but there are some things I struggle with. Particularly sustaining rolls for a long time or switching between them consecutively. Are there any songs that are good to practice this on? Should I take actual drums lessons? Thanks for any tips guys!
  5. Hey can someone help me with the chained snare sections of a few songs? So does it matter if you hit them right cause they are chained? I feel like that's for buzz or closed drum rolls? I've seen some with different note or speeds of sections of hits. But for scoring sake can you do multiple hits until the chain ends? I think i've seen this more common with cymbal swells... Also any advice on mesh heads for rock band vs rubber/silicone?
  6. Anyone ever see a drum track for this song anywhere? Can't find it on this site. It sounds like it would be amazing to play.
  7. This post is simple enough, basically I would like to request full band customs for the following STARSET songs: -Die For You -Monster -Satellite -Frequency -Bringing It Down -It Has Begun -Point of No Return/Rise and Fall/Ambiance -Manifest -Echo -Where The Skies End -Telekinetic I'm looking forward to seeing the possible results of this post and wish you well in these uncertain times! Looking for: -keys -accurate guitar (not charting synth or violin, etc. to guitar) -drums/pro drums -vocals -bass Extras: -pro guitar/bass/keys support -2x bass pedal -harmonies
  8. Just some bands i love that have no custom songs on this site. Mostly metal - power trip - warbringer - municipal waste - times of grace - the voidz - hatebreed
  9. Hey all, new guy here! My band is working on a Killswitch Engage set and I play the drums so that's what I request of the below songs (obviously more parts is a plus). I figure I can use the charts as practice and for fun. I love KsE in general so if its easy to throw on a drum chart to any of the existing charts in the database, please let me know! These are the specific songs I request: Killswitch Engage - Life to Lifeless Killswitch Engage - Take This Oath Killswitch Engage - Save Me (Guitar already charted) Killswitch Engage - Wasted Sacrifice Killswitch Engage - Break The Silence (Gui
  10. Sons of Apollo is one of Mike Portnoy's newest projects. All very talented musicians. This band would make for good charts for every instrument. Would absolutely love to see some charts of these guys. Thanks!
  11. I recently got a Simmons sd600 electric drum set. Looking into setting it up for rockband 3, I noticed it has no midi output. It has a USB host port. Is there any kind converter I can get so that the midi controller works with the set? Thanks.
  12. The main two I'm looking for are "snake charmer" and "even if she falls" from the album Neighborhoods. Can't find them on this site anywhere and they sound like they have a great drum track. Thanks guys!
  13. tl;dr: Are Rocksmith customs tempo maps as strict or completely different than what is used for Rock Band? Hello everyone, I am brand new to charting customs but have been playing Rock Band since 2008. I spent most of yesterday watching the recommended tutorial videos and guides and getting all the programs needed for various things and I started charting vocals on a Dance Gavin Dance song. I found a thread detailing how to transfer over Rocksmith custom charts that have vocals charted as talking with could get a decent start on a chart so I didn't have to start from scratch. I ex
  14. If someone could chart drums for quantum flux for Northlane that would be amazing! Ive always wanted to have it on rb, but have no idea how to chart properly myself
  15. ATTENTION! This was an old track pack I've made for Phase Shift. I wanted to be this on RB3 but I didn't have no clue how to make RB3 customs before. Here's the preview for all the old versions of my charts. This had plenty of mistakes before, tempo badly mapped, non-existent drum hits, bass inaccurately charted... and BLA BLA BLA... Now I'm mostly an experimented charter today as now I fixed everything. That's not all... Some have Rhythm guitar (on keys) and 2x Bass Pedal!!! You can find more BUCKETHEAD customs from me on the Database!!! Video Previews will be added
  16. Hey guys! I want to make this song custom, this is a cool song in my opinion and I want to do this. But I want to collab with someone! Who offers to make the BPM and drums, I offer to do the bass and vocals. Here's the song, if anyone is interested, message me!
  17. I know one of the versions of the Halo theme were made as a DLC for Guitar Hero which can no longer be found/downloaded, I'm wondering if anyone is in the works of making a converted chart of the GH version or if they're making their own for Rock Band.
  18. Hey Everyone! I am new here, and new to the charting scene, and my first chart was a doozy for sure. What I'd like is some feedback to see if there is any way I can improve the chart and make it the next big challenge that everyone wants to FC. Things like: -If it's accurate -If it's fair -If it's fun -If it's challenging enough/too challenging -If it captures the spirit of the band I also made custom made the lights and video effects and animations for the chart, so any feedback on those would be nice too. Anyway, here is the chart! Enjoy! http://customscreators.com/index.php?/page/i
  19. I just noticed there is no thousand foot krutch customs which makes me sad they are such an awesome band!! If someone could chart drums that would be great! Just to name a few songs War of Change Running with giants Let the sparks fly Fly on the wall Move
  20. Hola! Have uploaded a load of drum-only charts. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. REAPER files are in my WIP thread so let me know if you're interested in completing any of the missing instruments. Enjoy! Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link
  21. I want to chart Pro Drums for a few songs, and I'd like to be able to see what it looks like in the preview window. The different options I have for modes are "Guitar/Bass" or "Drum" but nothing else. Another annoying thing is that the whole preview window is tinted blue, making the colors different. I've been just dealing with the color, but now that I want to chart Pro Drums, I gotta fix this thing. Anyone know what's up?
  22. I just got the pro cymbals for my rock band drums, and I have a few custom songs I've created that I wanted to make pro. I just have one problem that I'm running into: Some of the hi hat notes in my songs are 16th notes with snare hits on 1 and 3. For these beats, on Regular Expert, I have to make the hi hat notes red and the snares yellow (to make it comfortable to play). But when I make the Pro chart, how do I make the red hi hat pad notes yellow cymbal notes? For example: "Move Along" by All American Rejects has all of the hi hat notes as red pad hits on Regular Expert. But on Expert Pr
  23. So for the Red Hot Chili Pepper's "Fire", the drummer plays a Chinese Cymbal and a Crash cymbal at the same time, I read this http://customscreators.com/index.php?/topic/14725-using-actual-drum-fx-instead-of-reasynth/?hl=%2Bchina+%2Bcymbal#entry1000011129 Farottonesaid that chinese and crashes are charted as green. If both cymbals are marked as the green cymbal, do I only chart one or chart one another cymbal color? (blue or yellow)
  24. I would really love to see more full band protest the hero songs. these are some songs i would like Blindfolds aside the divine suicide of k. heretics and killers palms read dunsel hair-trigger Moonlight clarity mist yellow teeth drumhead trial if anyone could make any of these that would be awesome. thanks!
  25. One of the most interesting and fun albums to play drums to is without a doubt "When Dream and Day Unite" by Dream Theater. Some of Portnoy's earliest material, his talent and creativity really shines here, as with "Images and Words" and "Awake". Currently there is only guitar for the following songs: A Fortune in Lies Status Seeker The Killing Hand Afterlife Only A Matter of Time I do have drums for "Light Fuse and Get Away" even though it's not in the database here. I don't remember where I found it or who authored it. So far, the 3 drum tracks I have played from this album are some o
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