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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Everyone, I'm posting to see if anyone has a completed (or close to complete) save file for RB3 on the 360 that they would be willing to share. I've looked everywhere online but can't seem to find one. My friends and I love messing around with the character creator in RB3 while we play but there's a ton of content locked behind either pro instruments that I don't own or crazy achievements that would take forever to unlock. You can export your save file using RBtoUSB in C3ConTools, it shows up under package name "Rock Band 3" and file name "band3". If you export that file you can copy
  2. Hello. Is it possible to download a song file from Xbox Marketplace? I ask because there are a lot of songs that are official DLC for Rock Band 4 that are impossible to get into Rock Band 3. Thanks in advance!
  3. I primarily used my Xbox 360 for Rock Band. Yes an expensive adventure. It has been several years since I have played my xbox 360. I started my xbox up, hoping to play Rock Band 3. Xbox won't let me do anything until I update. I took the thumb drive out (update4) and tried to see if it would work, no still wants me to update. If I update will I still be able to use my thumb drive with my Customs? Is there anything that is new that I will need to do? Thank You very much for the help. I did get an Xbox One, with the new RB4, and I was hoping to be able at some point be able to put my
  4. Hey! I am new to making/downloading custom songs. While using customcreators.com I found that barely any full band Green Day songs are available. So, I was wondering if someone could take the time to create some of my favorite songs: Redundant King for a Day Platypus (I Hate You) The Grouch Church On Sunday Misery Nightlife Wow! That's Loud Kill The DJ X-Kid Poprocks and Coke (Band) 2,000 Light Years Away Dominated Love Slave Going to Pasalacqua Outlaws Ordinary World Revolution Radio (Band) They aren't in any order. Thank you so much in advance! Edit: If someone could make an easy tutor
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