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  1. Hi everybody, welcome to my thread, I'll post my customs here ~ Some info about my customs : * Legacy full band chart (G/B/D/V) * E/M/H autogenerated * Manual HO/PO * Drums animation * Manual Venue * Practice sections * Mostly metal with female vocal Sorted by artist, (alphabetical order) : - The 69 Eyes - Dazzle Vision - Delain Edenbridge - Eluveitie - Epica
  2. Hi all, I'm new here, and new to the customs scene really. Been playing RB since the launch of the first though. I'm having an issue with custom tracks, though. On every custom track I have played (something like 50 different ones, from different creators), I get chart/track lag where the chart seems to move slower than it should. Sometimes it almost seems like when there's a lull in the track and the chart is empty, it noticably speeds back up. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what could be the culprit here? I've tried two completely different consoles, albeit using the same fl
  3. Welcome to my customs log! Here you will find a complete list of all the charts I've done, along with a custom visual for each song. [spoiler=Nine Inch Nails] [spoiler=The Fragile (1999)] [spoiler=With Teeth (2005)] [spoiler=Year Zero (2007)] [spoiler=Ghosts I-IV (2008)] [spoiler=The Slip (2008)] [spoiler=Hesitation Marks (2013)] [spoiler=Not The Actual Events (2016)] [spoiler=Bad Witch (2018)] [spoiler=Unsorted/Singles] [spoiler=Blink-182] [spoiler=Nine (2019)] [spoiler=Unsorted/Singles] [spoiler=Simple Creatures] [spoil
  4. I want to create around 100 songs but first I'd like to know how long does it take to create one song for rock band 3? Including vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drums, pro keys, and pro drums.
  5. These are some sheets I made for collaborative projects that I think would be great. I think the album projects are highly ambitious but the other two are plausible. For the albums projects, I am counting official songs and customs. The criteria for the albums projects are official DLC/in-game songs and customs that pertain to the recording for said album. If a song/custom uses a different recording than the one featured in the album, it isn't counted. For customs to be included, they must at least be legacy instruments (G/B/D/V) and posted in the database. The lack of reductions don't affec
  6. Hey all, I tried searching through the forums and changing the song titles and have not had any luck. There are a few cases where two songs have duplicate names and only one of them will show up / load in the setlist. I am sure this is because they have duplicate names but when editing the song dta on ps3, I still can only get one of them to load. It seems that they alternate between which ones are playable. Could it be a song ID issue? For example: Green Day - Holiday Weezer - Holiday Both of these alternate in which shows up in the setlist. I feel like this is a really easy fi
  7. Hello, I downloaded some custom songs from this page today. When I put these on my XBOX 360, I've seen that some songs have a much too long name or a pixelated album cover. (Some song names are so long that you can not read them anymore) Is there a way to rename downloaded songs and change the cover so that the name and the cover are displayed in the game as well (RockBand3 XBOX 360)? Thank you in advance for all the information.
  8. I've had 1700-1800 songs working fine and I'm adding around 350 songs. The customs are mixed, some came from C3, and the other half was from DLC ripped from Xbox 360, converted into PS3. The thing is, I might have downloaded some duplicate DLC songs that I already had, would that be the cause of the problem? Or would the problem be the customs from C3? I think it's a songs.dta problem as well, I used the old one with 1700-1800 songs again and it worked, but when I used the new songs.dta with +350 songs it's freezing after pressing Play Now/Get Started Any suggestions and help would be a
  9. NOTE: I DO CAMERA WORK NOW! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello! I'm happy to announce the Stage Kit Optimization Project, or as I call it, SKOP! But Hamiltron, what is The Stage Kit Optimization Project? (It's pronounced SKOP) Glad you asked! SKOP is an effort to add venues to songs that lack them. But what makes it an optimization for Stage Kits, you ask? Well songs without custom venues or auto generated ones often display a blue light for the duration of the song. For use stage kit users it is boring. While it is not really
  10. I was trying to author a song using Magma and it prompted me to put in an author ID. I got the id and put it inside the application and it said it was invalid. Can someone help me solve this?
  11. Hey guys!first of all sorry if this isn't the place to make this topic but i'm desperate to get these missing songs that are in the database but the links are broken . I'm looking for the full band custom of: HAKEN- The Architecht HAKEN - Cockroach king. I've seen the playthrough and is a MUST in my chart.so if u can help me i'll be so grateful.again,sorry if this is not the place of this topic
  12. If anyone charts this mainly the drums and guitar for Xbox 360... You'll be my favorite person
  13. Has anyone on here listened to the new album yet? Happy to see it do so well on the charts! & a lot of good songs, & a few that would be fun on rockband such as: Street Song Break the News Ball and Chain I Don't Wanna Get Wise All this music must Fade
  14. Hi, I'm yabarnian, and these are my customs. It's about time I make a customs post! Songs are ordered by date released in the database, from newest to oldest. Keep coming here, 'cause I'll be releasing more songs! Click the images to go to the database page and download the songs. To see what I'm working on, you can look at my WiP thread. // Español // Hola, soy yabarnian, y estos son mis customs. Ya era hora de que hiciera un post de customs! Las canciones estan ordenadas por fecha de publicación en la base de datos, de la más nueva a la más antigua. Sigan viniendo aquí, porque estaré
  15. created my very first custom and looking for reviews and opinions. http://www.mediafire.com/file/vcxic6quo3yh0z6/senoritaautogenerated_rb3con/file song is Senorita by Camila Cabello ft. Shawn Mendes
  16. This is where I will be posting my customs from now on Here Today by The Beach Boys Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys Forever by John Stamos/ Beach Boys Do It Again by The Beach Boys Porpoise Song by The Monkees Daydream Believer by The Monkees Shades of Gray by The Monkees California Dreaming by The Mamas and The Papas Dedicated to the One I Love by the Mamas and the Papas Little Saint Nick by The Beach Boys Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey by Paul & Linda McCartney Strangers in the Night by Frank Sinatra Early in the Morning by Vanity Fare Going to California by Led Zeppelin No More Mr. Nice G
  17. Hey guys. I'm new to this site and I've been very interested in custom songs for Rock Band. I like to put some songs here that I would like to see on this site. If I knew how to make custom songs, I would've made it by myself, but I do not know how unfortunately... Here's my list. Little Guitars by Van Halen I'm Waiting for the Man by The Velvet Underground Thank You (Falenttime Be Mice Elf Agin) by Sly & The Family Stone The Devil's Chasing Me by Reverend Horton Heat Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley Bridge of Sighs by Robin Trower (She's) Sexy + 17 by Stray Cats S.O.S. by Earl Greyhound
  18. Hello. I'm having some friends coming over to play Rockband next week and I want to know how to load my paid DLC songs and my customs at the same time so I won't have to switch memories in order to play certain songs. I have an USB stick with my real Gamertag and my paid DLC, along with the RB1 export. And I have another USB stick with my fake profile, TU4 and my customs. I once managed to load all the songs at the same time, I even got RBHP working on RB2DLC along with customs and RB3DLC. Now, I plugged in both sticks, deleted TU5 from the "official" stick, loaded the game with my custom pr
  19. Hi, I'm in need of help from someone with a lot of experience authoring Rock Band songs. I've been using this website for a while now for custom songs, and have been working to start authoring, but I haven't had time to finish a project yet. My friends and I are signed up to play Rock Band for the school talent show, and we thought it would be an awesome idea to mash-up all of our favorite songs. We've come up with a list of songs, timestamps, and transitions, but we need help actually getting all of the tracks into one song and have it sound good / be playable. Any help or even just advi
  20. I've recently been playing an avenged sevenfold song on drums with a friend and i have to play the non 2x bass version so he can play, and i have to play the non 2x version as well. I was wondering if, since both the 2x version and the non 2x version have the same audio, i could take the 2x version track and use it in reaper and put it in as an expert+ difficulty so we can both still play together but i can do 2x bass. I converted both con files to work with phase shift and i looked at the tracks, but they are in .ogg format. Is there anyway I could make this idea work?
  21. Espero alguien pueda hacer estas canciones para Rock band 3 Petición de canciones en español Caifanes-Afuera Los Fabulosos Cadillacs-Matador Maná-Vivir sin Aire Héroes del Silencio-Entre Dos Tierras
  22. Hello Creators! I have a custom song commission to request. Coheed and Cambria just recently released their new album The Unheavenly Creatues, and I was wondering if anyone could chart some of the songs. Its got some good tracks on the album.
  23. Hey guys! I want to make this song custom, this is a cool song in my opinion and I want to do this. But I want to collab with someone! Who offers to make the BPM and drums, I offer to do the bass and vocals. Here's the song, if anyone is interested, message me!
  24. Anyone wants to help me to chart Steamed Hams on full band and harmonies? I got partial multitracks for the song. PM me if interested! I guess if someone can help to tempo mapping? Thanks. Any interest? Let me know.
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