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Found 16 results

  1. Inspired by the various other band-centered projects that other users have started, I decided to embark on my own journey through a band's discography. Why Radiohead? My thought process was essentially this: "well, Radiohead is pretty much my favorite band, and they're also probably the biggest currently-active band in the world right now, so... I guess my choice should be pretty obvious." (I mean, Modest Mouse was close. Maybe I'll do them later...) Okay, that's enough fluff. Radiohead is a band that has received huge amounts acclaim throughout their 20+ year career. Their debut, while cont
  2. Hey guys!! So with C3 ending official releases you would think that the authors would leave this all to one side, WELL GUESS AGAIN!! I personally have decided to carry on my works cause it's just too much fun to give up. If you're wondering what I'm working on next, check out my WIP thread!! You can find it here: http://customscreators.com/index.php?/topic/15393-greenpanda12s-organized-chaos-of-charts/ So without further ado, here are my customs: 5/10/15: http://pksage.com/ccc/IPS/index.php?/page/index.html/_/golden-r6021
  3. These are some sheets I made for collaborative projects that I think would be great. I think the album projects are highly ambitious but the other two are plausible. For the albums projects, I am counting official songs and customs. The criteria for the albums projects are official DLC/in-game songs and customs that pertain to the recording for said album. If a song/custom uses a different recording than the one featured in the album, it isn't counted. For customs to be included, they must at least be legacy instruments (G/B/D/V) and posted in the database. The lack of reductions don't affec
  4. When I create a custom song which includes the pro guitar and bass midi tracks (this is my first try at pro), I export the multi-track midi from Reaper and then i open it in magma, and magma immediately automatically ticks the boxes for Pro Guitar and Pro Bass. After i convert the file to a custom and transfer it to my xbox, the song is added to my collection, but it says that pro guitar and pro bass do not exist when i try to select either pro instrument. But everythng else works fine. Did I miss a necessary part of the process when trying to include the pro guitars to the song? I know noth
  5. Charted this song to Guitar Hero and Rock Band 1 and played it on both with no problems 2 months ago, but I have been trying to port this to RB2 (without any ability to playtest it on there, not even with my Wii) or just make a CON file for people to play and to submit it here, but I keep getting multiple errors trying to. Stuff like channels not being exported right when I used Reaper, issues with hitting vocal notes (even for RB1), requiring channels for instruments not in the song (said it's required), and now something random about time signatures for a blank instrument channel: "ERROR:
  6. Hey guys just bought C3 aircross and have fault error on dispaly any ideas how to fix them ? And what could be wrong ?
  7. Here it is!! The moment you've all been waiting for!! Myself and Ultimate_MANG0 are proud to release the entirety of Paramore's Self-Titled Album!! We have worked on this for just over a year now but we are so pleased to say it's finished!! Other than that, I hope you all enjoy the customs we produce now and in the future and even the ones we've done in the past!! And thanks again to all the Admins, Authors and the Community for keeping this place alive after all these years!! Well we've done it again!! We are proud to release the entirety of Paramore's Riot! Album!! This didn't take
  8. Hey! You may recognize me from the numerous songs I've released through C3. I took a break for a while, but the end of weekly releases certainly isn't the end of charting for me. I've got plenty more planned for the future, and don't plan on stopping any time soon. I actually enjoy authoring all the parts about as much as actually playing it in-game, so even if my instruments shit the bed, I'll probably keep going. So what kinds of songs can you expect from me? Well, you can go back and look at my C3 releases. There's probably going to be a bunch of stuff similar to that. But really, there's
  9. Hello. Have servers been down or something? I haven't able to upload a custom today. I can upload the file to the CP 100% and the page reloads, but the custom doesn't appear. Plus, I don't get that "custom uploaded successfully" message. Could this be a javascript problem as well? Thank you.
  10. Hello all! I have just joined after silently watching from afar. If you're looking for any twitch streamers, my boyfriend and I stream Rockband 3 a bunch He's a great drummer and I am his singer http://www.twitch.tv/pprincessjasmin xx
  11. Hey everyone. I was streaming a lot RB3 customs the past year and wanted to let you guys know my channel if you ever looked for a new channel to follow when it comes to that kind of stuff. 720p/60FPS/new microphone, everything set for it. I'd love to also review your customs if you're a charter, playtest them (or your WIP's), play requests (currently 2100 songs), show some gameplay and just talk or just chill and enjoy the music. I'm checking the database daily and I'm having tons of fun to play them across all genres. (Expert Guitar/Bass only.) https://www.twitch.tv/moepwut I will
  12. Could some hero put these songs on guitar and bass for me? The Amity Affliction - This Could Be Heartbreak.The amity Afflitcion - O.M.G.I.M.Y.The Amity Affliction - Fight My RegretThe Amity Affliction - Tearing Me Apart Tremonti - Dust The Amity Affliction - This Could Be Heartbreak. The amity Afflitcion - O.M.G.I.M.Y. The Amity Affliction - Fight My Regret The Amity Affliction - Tearing Me Apart And Tremonti - Dust
  13. Hello. I'm looking for a Phase Shift database other than this one or phase shift green day customs. Thanks!
  14. Hi there, This thread will be my customs new home now and I'll try to deliver fresh songs on a regular basis. Obviously, the songs will conform to C3 standards as far as features go (i.e. full band/all difficulties with proper reductions/respect of HMX guidelines), but those'll be less polished, since the hidden part of the iceberg that made C3 what it was, the playtesters and sanitycheckers, won't give me advices and offer fixes on a regular basis. Feel free to suggest constructive criticism/report bugs here or by PM. I do not take requests. On a side note, since I'm often sometimes laz
  15. Probably should have posted this waaaaay earlier but better late than never. Me and a few friends of mine have been working on gathering FC proofs for every C3 release on guitar. Over the course of almost 3 years, we have whittled down the list of unFC'ed C3 songs on guitar down to 7 (not including 2x, rhythm, karaoke, or radio edits). Here's a link to an external forum that covers this in more detail. Spreadsheet of 2013 Releases Documentation (3 Songs Remaining) Spreadsheet of 2014 Releases Documentation [1/2] (1 Songs Remaining) Spreadsheet of 2014 Releases Documentation [2/2] (2 So
  16. Hello I have a question, and i admit im a lot worried because i was downloading wii customs from C3. So, Whenever I open the link from C3 database: http://db.customscreators.com/ It redirections me to the new c3 site... i hope the database will be back soon...
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